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Bergamot Essential Oil- Benefits, Usage & more

What Is Bergamot Oil?

Bergamot Oil is derived from the rind of Bergamot Orange fruit. Bergamot Orange which is scientifically known Citrus bergamia, is almost the same size as that of regular orange, but has lemon-like colour and is pear-shaped. The juice of Bergamot is more bitter than a grapefruit but sweeter as compared to lemons, hence commonly known as ‘Sweet Lemon’. Its name is derived from ‘Bergamum’ a town in Lombardy, Italy where this fruit is widely produced. Though it is a tropical plant, now it is also grown in Europe. This tree is similar to that of Lemon Tree with long oval leaves, which can reach up to a maximum of 10 feet in height. Bergamot Oil is cold pressed Essential Oil i.e this oil is extracted via cold compression method. Bergamot Essential Oil has enchanting and refreshing citrus scent due to which it is commonly used in Aromatherapy. Bergamot Oil is a clear, volatile liquid, sometimes with a greenish or yellowish green tinge. Almost 95% of this Essential Oil is made up of volatile components.

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Beneficial Properties In Bergamot Oil?

Bergamot Essential Oil has numerous health benefits. Bergamot Oil has analgesic, anti-depressant, diuretic, tonic, deodorant and antiseptic properties due to which it is beneficial for the overall health of your body. Let us discuss some common beneficial properties of Bergamot Oil

1. Antiseptic

Bergamot Essential Oil has antiseptic properties as it contains certain compounds which have antiseptic properties. It inhibits the growth of microbes such as bacteria, fungi and virus. Thus helpful in preventing skin and scalp infections. It helps in curing dandruff, eczema, rashes and itchy skin, minor cuts and wounds. It helps prevent infection of colon, intestines, urinary tract and kidney.

2. Antibacterial

Bergamot Essential Oil has antibacterial properties because of the presence of chemical compound Linalool. Linalool is responsible for treating several bacterial infections including bacterial infection which causes foodborne diseases.

3. Antidepressant

Bergamot Essential Oil is commonly used in aromatherapy due to its citrus scent which is rejuvenating and relaxing to mind and body. When Bergamot Oil is inhaled with water vapour it reduces anxiety and fatigue. Studies reveal that Bergamot is an excellent antidepressant as it signals the brain to release dopamine and serotonin.

4. Antibiotic

Bergamot Essential Oil possesses strong antibiotic properties, which helps to prevent the spread of allergens in the blood causing respiratory diseases. For this reason, Bergamot Oil is very effective in treating common cold and cough. To get relief from respiratory disorders – inhale this essential oil directly or rub 2-3 drops of Bergamot Oil on throat and chest for instant relief.

Bergamot Oil Benefits

1. Reduce Acne/Scar


Bergamot Oil has both beauty as well as health benefits. It is used effectively to treat scars/acne.

How To Use

Mix Bergamot Essential Oil with a carrier oil like Olive Oil or Jojoba Oil and apply on your face. Sit for 20 minutes and wash off.

Why It Works

Bergamot Oil has a distinctive property of clearing all undesirable marks on your skin. It helps to reduce dark spots and helps to maintain an even skin tone.

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2. Cure Chest Congestion

How To Use

Bergamot Oil can be inhaled directly or rub it gently on chest and nose. Alternatively, you can add few drops of Bergamot Oil in tea.

Why It Works

Bergamot Oil helps to relieve chest congestion and another respiratory disease. Bergamot Oil acts as an expectorant which helps to loosen up phlegm from the respiratory tract and remove mucus from the body. Seasonal cold accompanied by a cough can be treated by inhaling Bergamot Oil through vapors.

3. Relieves Pain

Relieves Pain

How To Use

Mix Bergamot Essential Oil and Coconut Oil in equal quantities and apply on the affected area.

Why It Works

Bergamot Oil’s analgesic property is mainly due to its ability to promote secretions which help reduce nerve sensitivity. This helps in reducing pain in the affected area as well as stress and anxiety. Bergamot Oil can be applied topically to get relief from pain like acute headaches, chronic arthritis, muscle pain and joint pain.

4. Cure Sleep Problem

How To Use

If you are facing problem of sleeplessness, then try it. Diffuse few drops of Bergamot Oil in your home or more specifically in your bedroom.

Why It Works

Bergamot Oil helps to relax your mind and body as it improves blood circulation, nerve function and has a mild sedative effect.

5. Reduce Headache

Reduce Headache

How To Use

Inhale Bergamot Oil mixed with eucalyptus oil or gently rub Bergamot Oil on your forehead to get relief from headaches.

Why It Works

Bergamot Oil contains 2 main chemical components namely Linalool and Linalyl Acetate .These 2 components are known to have analgesic or pain relieving properties.

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6. Natural Deodorant

How To Use

Mix few drops of Bergamot Essential Oil and Lavender Essential Oil with water in a spray bottle and this mixture can be used as deodorant

Why It Works

Both Bergamot Oil and Lavender oil have an enchanting aroma. Bergamot Oil controls the unpleasant odor of sweat by inhibiting the growth of bacteria .

7. Relieves Anxiety


How To Use

Diffuse Bergamot Oil in your home or else add few drops of Bergamot Oil in tea.

Why It Works

Bergamot Essential Oil contains flavonoids which stimulate the secretion of serotonin and dopamine, which help to reduce stress and anxiety. It improves blood circulation and has a mild sedative effect which helps the body and mind to relax.

8. Reduce Fever

How To Use

Inhale this essential oil or you can rub a small amount on your forehead, chest and back of neck to get immediate relief.

Why It Works

Bergamot Oil has antipyretic properties which helps it in bringing down temperature. Its antibiotic property helps to fight bacterial or viral infection which cause fever. Bergamot Oil helps to increase body’s metabolic rate, which results in sweating. Fever comes down when sweat on the body evaporates, it brings down the temperature.

9. Skin Care

Skin Care

How To Use

Mix few drops of Bergamot Oil with water and use as face wash which is very beneficial for oily skin.

Why It Works

Bergamot Oil is very effective in treating scars and acne because of it antimicrobial property. It also effectively treats skin pigmentation, lightening dark spots by promoting even distribution of melanin. It effectively removes excess oil from skin making it soft and radiant.

10. Hormonal Balance

How To Use

Mix few drops of Bergamot Oil in tea.

Why It Works

Bergamot Oil helps regulate the production of hormones by endocrine glands. It regulates the production of insulin by pancreatic cells and reproductive hormones by ovaries. Regular intake of this essential oil has shown reduction in hormone related problems in women during menstruation and menopause. It is also helpful in controlling blood sugar level

11. Improve Digestion

 Improve Digestion

How To Use

Add few drops of Bergamot Essential Oil to Coconut Oil and rub it on your stomach gently. Alternatively, add a few drops of Bergamot Oil in water or tea and drink this mixture.

Why It Works

Bergamot Oil improves digestive system by stimulating the secretion of digestive enzymes, including bile which helps in digestion and better absorption of nutrients. It also helps to increase metabolism rate. The vermiculation of gastrointestinal tract is accelerated and pace of movement of food in intestine is increased. Thus reducing the time food remain in colon and effectively prevents colon cancer.

12. Improves Blood Circulation

How To Use

Add few drops of Bergamot Oil to tea.

Why It Works

Bergamot Essential oil is known to regulate high blood pressure due to presence of chemical compounds alpha-pinene and limonene, which are known to reduce stress, anxiety and is stimulating in nature, hereby increasing blood circulation.

13. Protect From Infections

 Protect From Infections

How To Use

Add few drops of Bergamot Essential oil to 1 cup of water and wash the affected part with it and then take 2-3 drops of this oil and apply it on the wound.

Why It Works

Bergamot Oil is known for its antimicrobial properties, which helps to fight off infections caused by bacteria, fungi and virus. This essential oil is very beneficial for treating minor cuts or wounds. It acts as a mild analgesic, so can be safely used on children. Few drops of this oil can help prevent major infections like tetanus. The phytochemicals present in it repairs the damaged skin tissue.

14. Sedative

How To Use

Diffuse Bergamot Oil in your home or else add few drops of Bergamot Oil in tea.

Why It Works

The flavonoids present in Bergamot Oil helps to soothe the nerve cells, thus help in reducing nervous tension, stress and anxiety. These flavonoids act as relaxants which further help in curing ailments like high blood pressure, anxiety and insomnia.

15 . Remove Bad Odor

Bad Odor

How To Use

Add few drops of Bergamot oil to 1/2 glass of water and rinse your mouth with it OR add 2 drops of Bergamot oil to your regular toothpaste while brushing.

Why It Works

Bergamot Oil has an antibacterial property due to which it kills the harmful bacteria and helps prevent bad odour. This oil has got a fresh and citrus aroma which helps eradicate bad odour.

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Safety Precautions

Bergamot Essential Oil like any other essential oil has its own side effects, hence needs to be used with caution
  • As this oil is in the concentrated form, it should be used with precaution and under expert supervision only.
  • Bergamot Oil is highly photosensitive in nature due to presence of Bergaptene, a chemical compound which becomes toxic when exposed to sunlight. Bergamot Oil should always be stored in cool and dark place.
  • Exposure to sunlight should be avoided after topical application.
  • High dose of bergamot oil should be avoided as it can have adverse effects.
  • Always to a patch test before applying Bergamot Oil to check for allergies or sensitivity.
  • Always mix with an appropriate carrier oil like coconut oil/olive oil, if you are sensitive to Bergamot Oil.

DIY Spray Recipe Using Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot Essential Oil is known for its mood lifting properties, so why not explore its benefits and make an easy recipe using Bergamot Essential Oil which will keep you fresh and energized all day.

Citrus Burst Spray Mist


  • 1 spray bottle
  • 6 drops of Lemon Essential Oil
  • 6 drops of Bergamot Essential Oil
  • 6 drops of Wild Orange Essential Oil
  • 6 drops of Grapefruit Essential Oil
  • 6 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
  • 1 teaspoon of Epsom Salt
  • Distilled Water

How To Prepare

  1. Place a thin layer of Epsom salt at the bottom of spray bottle.
  2. Mix all the essential oil in the bottle and shake well so that oil mix well.
  3. Then fill the bottle with distilled water and close it tightly.
  4. Now this spray is ready to be used.




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