Best Temporary Hair Colour That Washes Out

Best Temporary Hair Colour That Washes Out

Do you want to change your hair colour but are not sure which one looks better? Or maybe you just wish to experiment with your hair colour without causing too much damage to its texture? Then, temporary hair colours are your best friend. In this blog, we will find out about temporary hair colours that wash out fast without causing much trouble to your hair like a permanent hair colour probably would! But first, let's just understand what temporary hair colours are and how long they last.

What Are Temporary Hair Colours?

Temporary Hair Colours

Temporary hair colours are those hair colours that form a coating on the outermost layer of your hair for a day or two. These are the type of hair colours you should go for, if you wish to stand out at a party or presumably a special occasion but don't want the colour to stay in your hair for too long. While permanent hair colours demand long term commitment, temporary hair colours are entirely commitment free, which makes it more exciting.

Why choose Temporary Hair Colours?

Temporary hair colours are super easy as well as fast to use, as compared to permanent hair colours, all the while saving you the cost and time of going to a salon for an expensive appointment. They give you a new look without changing your natural hair colour! Another plus point? These wash out real quick!

The wide range of temporary hair colours offered in the market in the categories of hair colours for men and hair colours for women is mind boggling. Also, these hair colours come handy when you're not sure which one suits you the best. So, even if anything goes wrong, you can easily fix it!

How Long Do Temporary Hair Colours Last?

How Long Do Temporary Hair Colours Last

Temporary hair colours usually wash out within one or two washes with a shampoo, depending on the type and amount of temporary hair colour used. Stylists suggest using Clarifying shampoos to wash out the applied hair colour

Now that we know what temporary hair colours are, let's get to know the best types of temporary hair colors that wash out fast!

Best Types Of Temporary Hair Colors That Wash Out Fast

Temporary hair colours are of several types and shades - bold red hair colour, badass blue hair colour, classy blonde hair colour, peppy purple hair colour, enough to get you confused as to which one to use! So here are the best types of temporary hair colour products for different types of hair.

1. Hair Sticks

Hair Sticks

When it comes to ease in applying hair colour, hair sticks own the title. They're as easy to use as applying lipstick! What's better, is that these require a minimum of two to eight washes to completely wash off. These come in plenty of pastel shades, so if you wish to keep your hair tone in the same colour family with just a different pop color, go for hair sticks!

2. Hair Glaze

Hair Glaze

Hair glaze is what you'd use when you wish to colour only the surface of your hair and not get a global hair colour. It usually lasts up to a maximum of five washes, so if you wish to colour your hair with a shiny, polished finish, choose hair glaze!

3. Temporary Hair Color Sprays

Temporary Hair Color Sprays

Have a special event to attend but your gray hair peeking out won't let you? Then thank god temporary hair color sprays exist! These easy-to-use hairsprays have two benefits- 1) they cover up your grays, and 2) they require low maintenance! Plus point? These can be washed out within two to four washes! Amazing, right?!

4. Color Conditioners

Color Conditioners

As the name suggests, color conditioners do an excellent job at both coloring your hair as well as maintaining its liveliness! These can give your hair a new look with the best hair colour of your choice, all the while keeping it as vibrant as ever!

5. Temporary hair colour creams

Temporary hair colour creams

This is the dream. This is the next big thing, guys! Temporary hair colouring has been taken to the next level by these fascinating and creamy hair colours that come in tubes. The convenience of carrying these tubes, the ease of squeezing the colour out and dabbing the beauty on your strands to flaunt highlights, lowlights or soft balayages, everything about it is fun.

Now that you have got to know about different types of temporary hair colours offered in the Indian market at present, let’s address a question asked by many.


Since hair colours have this reputation of causing damage, people tend to assume temporary hair colours will also behave the same way. But, as it turns out, no! Temporary hair colours are not harmful, as

  1. They're ammonia-free and
  2. They don't change your natural hair colour but merely give it a touch-up!
Natural hair colour

So, the next time you think of doing something groovy with your hair without making a permanent commitment, go for temporary hair colours!




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