Can Hair Colour Cause Split End?: Getting To The Root Of The Issue

Can Hair Color Cause Split End?: Getting To The Root Of The Issue

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If you wash your hair every day with harsh shampoos using hot water early in the morning, you’re one among the million victims of hair damage who’re blind to the bad hair care routines for decades. There’s nobody who has not experienced hair damage. Living in a largely hustling world we’re caught in routines that are often more convenient than beneficial to us in the long run. Who has the time to air dry their hair? People grab hair dryers and get it over with in a jiffy. Who would wait for a good hair day to party? Straighteners, stylers, and curlers have taken a front seat, meanwhile, hair health is being compromised. Damage can take a lot of forms, such as hair loss, hair breakage, split ends, etc.

The dilemma of split ends: How & Why

Split ends

Split ends, as the name suggests, refer to a situation when your dry and brittle hair splits into two or more parts in the tips and break your heart into two or more pieces. Trichoptilosis is the medical term for split ends. It roughly means the splitting of hair strands. None of us is completely immune to split ends as it can happen to any type of hair. There’re different kinds of split ends too! Some of them are Y split, single strand knots and taper split ends.

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Focusing on the half glass full part, getting rid of split ends isn’t that hard an issue. Regular trims every 6 to 8 weeks are usually enough in most cases. But that isn’t the issue we should be worrying about. Finding out the reason for its causes should be our primary focus. There’re several causes such as brushing your hair a little too harsh on a daily basis, unlimited usage of heating tools one after the other, drying your wet delicate hair strands with a harsh towel right after a shower, tying your hair with a rubber band you found lying around in the house, etc. The question is hair coloring one of them?

Is hair coloring a cause for terrifying split ends?

Is hair colouring a cause for terrifying split ends

Most of you would have heard people and a zillion online sources warning about the split ends caused by hair colors. Yes, when you subject your hair to harsh chemicals, you’re willingly laying the path to the undesirable world of split ends. While using permanent hair color, be it a bold badass blue hair color, a popping purple hair color, a bold red hair color or a sophisticated blonde hair color, you got to bleach your hair and the process of bleaching is undoubtedly damaging. Bleaching penetrates into the hair shaft, strips the protective layer and weakens individual hair strands for the hair color to get deposited. As the chemicals in permanent hair colors remove the pigment you naturally own, it also restructures hair making it dry and lifeless, with the full potential to end up as split ends.

But let us remind you, not every hair color is permanent. There exist different kinds of hair colors out there! For instance, temporary hair colors open up a world of harmless vibrant hair colors. Temporary hair colors are fun, commitment-free and damage-free. You can experiment with the hottest hair color trends of the season - soft balayage, glossy highlights, exotic money pieces, subtle lowlights, a brilliant global hair color, ombre hair colors and more!

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On that note, why not check out the temporary hair color make up from Colorisma? They're 2 min hair colors coming in fabulous matte and metallic shades! 


Temporary hair colors

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You can apply the best hair color in your mind and take it off as and when you wish without any worry of long-term damage. What a lot of people do not know about temporary hair colors is that they do not alter the original color of your hair. They simply coat the hair strands from the outermost surface, which is why they do not restructure the nature of your hair. So, this time when you get your hair colored, ditch the safe brown hair colors - light brown hair color, dark brown hair color, chocolate brown hair color, and truly go all the way!

Light brown hair colour

From now on, when someone blindly lectures you about maintaining your natural hair color, how damaging hair colors can be and claims they’re the culprit for split ends, enlighten them with the idea of temporary hair coloring. And oh yes, don’t forget to have fun with colors! You’ll be mind blown by the range of temporary hair colors offered in the market ranging from hair colors for men to hair colors for women.




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