Temporary Hair Colours: Pros & Cons

Temporary Hair Colors: Pros & Cons

Have you ever had the same breakfast every day for a whole month? We’re hoping it’s a no. Why not? Because it gets boring. How can a person possibly have corn flakes every day? It’s in human nature to seek change. Versatility is in our blood. An easy, quick and quirky change a lot of us quickly think of is a new hair color. The reasons to get a new hair color ranges from wanting to look unachievably hot after a horrible break-up to wanting a change of look because you don’t feel yourself.

This year, every single hair color under the sun will find its rightful owner. Soft balayage, brilliantly bright highlights, subtle lowlights, exotic money pieces, beautiful ombre hair color, funky global hair colors and more are going to flood this season according to our trend radar. Go for jaw-dropping hair color transformations that fit your aesthetic!

jaw-dropping hair colour

Hair colors are of different kinds and based on the nature of durability, they’re categorized broadly into four, permanent hair color, semi-permanent hair color, demi-permanent hair color and temporary hair colors. Temporary hair colors do not penetrate the roots of your hair follicles. You can retain your natural hair color and lose the pigment with much ease. On special occasions such as Halloween, Diwali, Holi, and other festivals or parties, temporary hair colors are the best go-to option. You’ll find plenty of hair colors for men and hair colors for women in uncountable and unconventional shades under temporary hair colors.

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On that note, why not check out the temporary hair color make up from Colorisma? They're 2 min hair colors coming in fabulous matte and metallic shades! 


Temporary hair colors

• Temporary, commitment - free. Wash off with your next wash.
• Unlimited looks for any mood.
• 2 -minutes DIY color application.
• No bleach, no dye, no damage.

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Quoting Paulo Coelho’s words, “when you want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” The fairy godmother blessed us with temporary hair colors probably noticing our want for colorful transformations. With temporary hair colors, you can apply, flaunt and wash off gorgeous colors any day you wish! Do you want to know more about these instant hair colors? Keep scrolling!

Pros: the part we both love

Pros: the part we both love

  1. Easy peasy application: You do not need a developer or a mixing bowl to apply temporary hair colors. They can be applied directly to hair strands at home in your own time.
  2. Kiss goodbye in a day: We live in a world that runs behind everything commitment-free. Why should hair colors take a back seat? Temporary hair colors can be washed off in a day, too.
  3. No chance of damage: As temporary hair colors just layer hair strands from the outside and do not demand hair lightening at all, they do not result in long-term damage.
  4. Doesn’t waste time: Time is super precious to each one of us. The fact that the application and removal of temporary hair colors are not time-consuming at all is a relief.
  5. No expensive color maintenance: While permanent hair coloring demands a lot of care, attention, and money, temporary hair colors don’t! You wear it and wave it goodbye whenever.
  6. Open doors to experiments: With these colors, you can experiment with your hair and give life to a new avatar every other day. Also, if you wish to commit to a color, you can try it out and find out if that color is the one for you.
  7. The magic of volume: Instant hair colors add a layer of color to your hair strands, which tends to make them appear more voluminous and thick. How cool, right?
  8. No unpleasant fragrance: Unlike other hair color choices, these hair colors do not contain ammonia, which brings in an extremely unpleasant chemical odour in the color.

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Cons: the not-so-exciting part of it

Cons: the not-so-exciting part of it

  1. Dye again and again and again: Unlike permanent hair colors, you got to color your hair again and again with these hair colors, because you lose the color after a single wash. You might get tired of re-coloring hair frequently.
  2. Color on clothes: Water wears off a temporary color. When you step out with colored hair in the rain, chances are the color begins to bleed and spread to your clothes.
  3. Messy application: While applying color on the strands, the color might plop on the floor and leave stains on clothes. However, they can be removed without much effort. They’re not as big a nightmare as permanent hair colors.
  4. Color your fingers: Who doesn’t play with their hair? The color might stain your fingers each time you touch your hair.
  5. Might not work on dark hair: Temporary hair colors may not work on rich black hair if they’re not pre-lightened. The Colorisma range of colors does not require you to bleach your hair though. It shows up on hair with dark pigments easily.
dark pigments

There’re two sides to a coin. It’s important to know the positives and negatives of what you’re signing up for. While Temporary hair colors may be the best hair color option for some, some may not find it appealing. The decision is yours to make! You can either stick to the safe natural hair colors (remember the safe brown hair colors of the 90s? Dark brown hair color, light brown hair color, chocolate brown hair color or more of the same family.) or pick colors that you never usually go for (punky blue hair color, classy blonde hair color, elegant burgundy hair color, bold red hair color, poppy purple hair color, unusual grey hair color or more!) Remember to make a decision that makes you smile the widest and don’t forget to have fun.

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