Celebrities Who’d Convince You To Rock Hair Colours Like A Boss!

Celebrities Who’d Convince You To Rock Hair Colors Like A Boss!

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We live in times where the saying, “Less is more” doesn’t hold any relevance anymore. More is more and that is the mantra for hair coloring as well! Why always play safe? Remember, fashion is a lot of things, but never safe. Experiment, explore, and have a ball playing with vibrant, bold, and bright colors. Get highlights, lowlights, balayage, ombre hair color or one global hair color. Because if not now, when?

Think about the number of moods we have in a day! How cool would it be to change our natural hair color according to these frequently changing moods? Enough of sticking to chocolate brown hair color, dark brown hair color, and light brown hair color! Go for a dramatic summary pink, an edgy blue hair color, a fire-y red hair color, classy blonde hair color, burgundy hair color or any of the best hair colors out there!

Evidently, there has been a noticeable spike in the number of people experimenting with rich and fun hair colors. From runways to red carpets to the dance floors in the nightclubs near you, you’d find people sporting popping funky hair colors, which are taking the fashion world by storm. People are reinventing themselves every other day sporting otherworldly colors! For those who don’t fancy long-term commitments, temporary hair colors are truly a blessing! On that note, why not check out the temporary hair color make up from Colorisma? They're 2 min hair colors coming in fabulous matte and metallic shades! 

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Temporary hair colors

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Celebrities bridge the gap between the world of fashion and us. Let’s take a look at our celebrities who have gone all out with bold and beautiful permanent hair colors and blown our minds while they were at it!

1. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner’s whole life screams go big or go home! The stunner never fails to impress her fans with her fashion statements. We’re not surprised that her choice of hair colors is also gorgeous beyond words!

Kylie Jenner                Kylie Jenner 
Kylie Jenner                Kylie Jenner       
Source: @kyliejenner

2. Nicki Minaj

The sensational singer is well known for her sass which is clearly reflected in her style! You can only go wow looking at her pull-off shades of green, pink, and red with admirable ease!
Nicki Minaj                Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj

Source: @nickiminaj

3. Adah Sharma

While talking about celebrities and hair colors, how can we possibly not mention our very own Bollywood celebs? The adorable Adah Sharma left us spellbound with her multi-colored locks! The multi-colored mash-up doesn’t exactly scream chic, which only adds to the beauty of the fascinating look. Sporting this style using permanent hair colors, might be a little risky though.

Adah Sharma

We absolutely love the quirky purple and the blue, too!

Adah Sharma           Adah Sharma

Source: @adah_ki_adah

4. Prateek Babbar

Why should girls have all the fun? Prateek Babbar didn’t hold himself back from adorning a bold red hair color, blue hair color, and showstopper platinum hair color! These looks are giving us serious summer goals, don’t you think?

Prateek Babbar            

Prateek Babbar

Source: @ _prat

In our heads, we have distinctly characterized the hair colors for men and hair colors for women, but this hunk busts both!

5. Zayn Malik

The global heartthrob, Zayn Malik carrying pink and purple hair color is the best thing you’d see today. Not like, he has to do something for the entire world to go bonkers for him! Our advice to the men out there, watch and learn.
Zayn Malik            Zayn Malik
Source: @ zayn

6. Nora Fatehi

Sometimes with her dance moves, some other times with her fashion game and funky hair color choices, Nora Fatehi has fascinated us time and again. Just look at her breath-taking looks!

Nora Fatehi        Nora Fatehi
Nora Fatehi

Source: @norafatehi

You must be lying if you don’t agree that it’s tempting you to ditch your natural hair color for a permanent hair color in the range of bright pink, purple or red!

7. Katy Perry

The phenomenal pop singer, Katy Perry, didn’t shy away from showing off her quirky side with sensational orange, pink, and purple hair color!

Katy Perry                  Katy Perry   
Katy Perry

Source: @katyperry

The swoon-worthy orange color is giving us major hair goals for all the right reasons! Inspiring anybody who’s expecting to never forget to experiment and have fun, it’s as if, the singer was born to amaze us! Love how she’s shattering the stereotype of how a typical mother should look!

We all have that one permanent hair color we badly want to try but shy away from every single time. A lot of questions and doubts cloud our minds, what if it doesn’t look good on me, how will my parents take it (Obviously, the chances of an Indian parent disowning you is directly proportional to the number of times you disappoint them. Getting crazy hair color shades being one of them!), what if others make fun of me, and more! It’s easy to say don’t worry and just go for it, but we all know that’s not how the story goes. That’s when temporary hair color at home comes into the picture! Enjoy the madness of hair colors without the fear of commitment! So, when are you getting your dream hair color?

temporary hair colours

While we are on the topic of temporary hair colors, here we are answering the most frequent doubts you guys have regarding its application.

Can you color your hair temporarily?

Answer: Yes, of course!

How long does a temporary hair color last?

Answer: Unlike permanent hair colors, you can lose your temporary hair color in one thorough wash with shampoo. Sometimes you might have to shampoo twice, depending on the nature of your hair.

Can you temporarily dye grey hair?

Answer: You can cover your grey hair strands using temporary hair color for a fun makeover without causing any harm.

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