Reasons of hair loss

Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss is something that concerns us all, mostly once we are past our 20s. There are two types of hair fall, one which is genetic and cannot be helped, and the other which is linked to various environmental or health factors. This type of hair fall is termed telogen effluvium; the temporary increase of hair shedding, which can be due to stress, illness or sensitivity to certain hair products. By addressing the root issues, these causes of hair loss can be fixed.

Your health and diet are key in preventing hair fall of this kind. If your diet does not include enough protein, iron and essential vitamins, your hair will not get the nutrients it needs to grow. While it is common for individuals to lose around 100 strands daily, it is important that these grow back. If not, you will be left with thinning hair and patches of baldness. Stress and hormones are other causes of hair loss in women. The use of certain hair products or over-styling your hair can also be a cause for hair fall. See the infographic below for other causes of hair loss.

Hair loss (Infographic)


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