Coco-Glucoside For Skin And Hair Care

Coco-Glucoside- A natural surfactant

Most of us are aware of the beneficial properties of Coconut oil. Coconut Oil is considered to be a beauty ingredient with immense benefits for our skin and hair. Because of its antibacterial, antifungal properties, Coconut Oil has proved to be very effective in treating various skin and scalp infections. Its anti-inflammatory property helps to soothe the dry, irritated and inflamed skin and scalp. The antioxidant property of Coconut oil is beneficial in fighting free radicals which are known to have a damaging effect on the cells and tissues of our skin, hair.

Due to these incredible properties, Coconut Oil has been extensively used in a wide range of skincare, hair care and personal care products. Many natural and organic skincare and hair care products are also using Coconut Oil as their key ingredient. The surfactants that are used in these natural skincare and haircare products are derived from Coconut Oil. One such natural surfactant which we are going to discuss today is Coco-Glucoside. Keep reading to know more about Coco-Glucoside and how is it beneficial for your hair.

What Is Coco-Glucoside? 

Coco-Glucoside is a natural non-ionic surfactant which is derived from Coconut Oil and fruit sugars.  It is a golden yellow, viscous liquid which enhances the foaming ability of the formulation in your favourite skincare and hair care products. This natural surfactant is biodegradable and acts as an excellent conditioner and emulsifier. Unlike lauryl sulphates and Laureth sulphates, Coco-Glucoside contains no harmful toxic substances and it extremely mild on your skin. It is also known for its cleansing properties due to which Coco Glucoside is used as a natural facial cleanser that gently cleanses your skin without drying it. It is completely non-irritating and non-allergic to the skin and hence can be used effectively even on sensitive skin.

Is Coco-Glucoside Natural? 

Coco-Glucoside is considered to be a completely natural surfactant that is used in many skincare and haircare products. It is biodegradable as it is derived from coconut oil and glucose which are derived from fruits, corn, wheat, potato etc.

This natural surfactant is considered to be environment friendly as its manufacturing process involves only natural and renewable resources. And to add to that, no toxic substance is formed as a by-product or as a residue during the manufacturing process. The surfactant thus procured is very mild. It is known to gently condition your skin and hair making it soft, smooth. Due to its exceptionally mild property, Coco-Glucoside is used in a wide range of baby bath products.

Benefits Of Coco-Glucoside In Hair Care Products 

This biodegradable natural surfactant is packed with incredible properties which are beneficial to your skin and hair. You can find Coco-Glucoside in the list of ingredients of almost all the organic skincare and haircare products. This is because it is derived from natural and renewable resources and is non-toxic, non-allergic and non-irritating on the skin and scalp. It gently moisturizes your scalp without drying it out.  As Coco Glucoside is derived from coconut oil, its characteristics are similar to that of coconut oil. Let us see some of the beneficial properties of Coco-Glucoside, which make it a favourite key ingredient in almost all the organic beauty products.

  1. It is known for its foaming ability, which forms a rich, luxurious and stable foam, making it a key ingredient in shampoos and premium bath products.
  2. It has moisturizing and moisture-retaining properties due to which it maintains a healthy scalp condition.
  3. It helps prevent dry and itchy scalp, thereby preventing dandruff.
  4. Coco-Glucoside in hair care products has a conditioning action on your hair, which makes it soft and more manageable.
  5. This natural surfactant is ultra-mild on the skin and can be safely used in baby bath products.
  6. Its cleansing property helps to keep your strands, scalp - clean and healthy by helping water, oil, dirt to mix together which gets washed away while rinsing.
  7. Its emulsifying property breaks the oil and dissolves the oil and residue which makes it easier to get rid of dirt and grime while washing, leaving your strands fresh and clean.
  8. It helps to increase the viscosity of the products maintaining a thick consistency of the haircare formulation.
  9. It is an environment-friendly natural surfactant which does not produce any toxic by-product during the manufacturing process.
  10. It is compatible with all other surfactants due to which it can be added as a co-surfactant in the formulation without undergoing any change in its foaming and cleansing ability, its performance and stability.

 These incredible properties of Coco-Glucoside make it an ideal choice for use in many natural skincare, haircare and personal care products. You can see this ingredient popping up frequently in many shampoos, conditioners, gels, serums, wipes, soaps, creams and lotion.

 Uses Of Coco-Glucoside 

 Uses Of Coco-Glucoside

Coco-Glucoside is a non-ionic surfactant which is known for being exceptionally mild on the skin. This biodegradable surfactant is derived from coconut oil and glucose which is extracted from fruit sugars, corn starch, wheat etc. Thus, it is considered to be completely safe for topical application, hence Coco Glucoside is used in a wide range of beauty and cosmetic products.

  1. It is known for its excellent foaming ability, forming thick and luxurious lather due to which it is used in many organic shampoos, bath soaps, body washes and shower gels.
  2. Due to its emollient properties, Coco-Glucoside is used in many conditioners, face wash, cleansing milk and acne treatment creams and ointments.
  3. Its emulsifying property allows water and the residue on your scalp and hair to mix with the shampoo or cleaning solution. It helps in getting rid of grime and dirt while washing your hair. Therefore, it is effectively used in soaps, shampoos and cleaning products.
  4. Coco-Glucoside is known for its cleansing property, as it gently cleans your scalp without irritating it and hence used in shampoos, liquid hand washes, body washes, facial cleansers, wipes, baby bath products, shower gels and household cleaning products.
  5. The moisture-retaining property of Coco-Glucoside helps to keep your scalp and hair moisturized, thereby making the hair soft and smooth. It helps to prevent frizz and makes your hair more manageable.
  6. Coco-Glucoside is used in most of the skincare, haircare and personal care products to increase the shelf life of those products. If stored properly, it is known to increase the shelf life of the formulation for up to 2 years.

Due to its beneficial properties, Coco-Glucoside is used extensively in a wide range of natural, organic beauty and cosmetic products, personal hygiene and cleaning products. Because of its non-toxic, non-irritating and non-allergic nature, this natural surfactant has slowly and steadily paved its way into the world of herbal and organic beauty product industry.

Side Effects Of Coco-Glucoside

Coco-Glucoside is one of the very few nonionic surfactants which is derived from natural resources. It is free from toxins and is generally considered to be mild on your skin. It is for external use only.  As it is non-irritating and non-allergic, Coco-Glucoside is used extensively in baby bath products and can be effectively used by people with sensitive skin. If you are using Coco-Glucoside for the first time, then it is imperative to perform a patch test and check for any allergic reaction. No allergic reactions have been reported because of Cocoyl Glucoside, but Coco-Glucoside products may not be suitable for people who are allergic to coconut oil. When used in higher concentration, even mild surfactants such as Cocoyl Glucoside can have a negative effect on your skin and body such as dizziness, drowsiness, headaches and hypotension. If you experience any allergic reaction on your skin or any side effect on your body, then immediately discontinue its use and seek the advice of a medical health practitioner. Coco-Glucoside is 100% natural and environment friendly as it does not produce any toxic substances during the manufacturing process. Hence, Coco-Glucoside is generally considered to be safe for topical application, with no major side effects.

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Take Away

Coco-Glucoside is a natural, non-ionic surfactant which is known to be mild and gentle on your skin. Its enhanced foaming and cleansing abilities make it a key ingredient in many skincare and hair care products. It also acts as a conditioner and an emulsifier due to which your skin becomes softer and your hair vibrant, shinier, bouncier. It can effectively be used on all skin and hair types.

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