Does Hair Colour Make You Look Younger?

Does Hair Colour Make You Look Younger?

Did you know that hair colour can make you look younger? Well, it’s only true! Hair colours can make you look years younger! You can choose vibrant and chic temporary hair colours - a badass blue hair colour, a bold red hair colour, a quirky blonde hair colour or an out-of-the-world purple hair colour.

Your choice could be the safe browns in permanent hair colours, a light brown hair colour, a dark brown hair colour, a chocolate brown hair colour and more! The world of hair colours has opened a wide range of hair colour choices for you to make. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your ultimate goal. If your goal is to look ten times younger than your age, the choices are to be made accordingly.

If you’re keen to know more, read on! In this blog, we have explained how and which hair colours can instantly make you look a lot younger than you are!

What Hair Colour Shade Makes You Look Younger- Lighter or Darker?

What Hair Colour Shade Makes You Look Younger- Lighter or Darker?

If you didn’t know it before, hear it now- Lighter hair colours CAN make you look younger. (Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourselves!) Lighter hair colours, as well as warm highlights of lighter shades, add dimension to your hair, making you look way younger! Bring back sweet 16 with the best hair colour of your choice - from the temporary hair colour or permanent hair colour range! But, what shades should you colour your hair to look younger? Don’t worry, for we got your back!

8 Hair Colours That Can Make You Look Younger (Guaranteed!)

1. Golden Highlights

Golden Highlights

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If you have dark hair, then these golden highlights will instantly make you look years younger. Imagine brilliant gold highlights paired with rich black hair! It’s trendy, classy and sophisticated all at once.

2. Subtle Warm Balayage

Subtle Warm Balayage

These light-to-dark brown shades in a balayage suit Indian hair elegantly. It’s not too out there, yet makes a mark. This kind of style in permanent hair colour or even a temporary hair colour would do wonders to your overall look.

3. Gold and Honey in the bottom

Gold and Honey in the bottom

Try opting for gold and honey hair colour on the bottom half of your dark hair. It gives a beautiful youthful vibe. You can carry it pretty effortlessly, too.

4. Eye catchy Caramel

Eye catchy Caramel

This rich shade of caramel on brown or black hair is perfect for a chirpy look. If you have long hair, this style will go with your hair like how tea goes with samosa.

5. The evergreen black hair

The evergreen black hair

Soft black hair never fails to steal the glamour. This rich shade can stun anybody now and for probably many years to come. We’re sure you’re familiar with the traditional Indian obsession with lengthy rich black hair.

6. Blonde hair

Blonde hair

The perfect combination of brown and blonde, this beautiful shade will make you look super cool. Wavy hair is the best kind of hair that’ll go perfectly with this hair colour.

7. Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde

If you’re a blonde, this is the perfect shade you can get. These pretty strawberry peek-a-boo highlights never cease to amuse us!

8. Popping Copper

 Popping Copper

Dark hair with copper streaks will create a fierce, metallic look for you. And will it make you look younger? Without a doubt.

Hair Colour Mistakes That Can Make You Look Older

Hair Colour Mistakes That Can Make You Look Older

If switching your natural hair colour for hair colours can make you look younger, then there are hair colours that can make you look older as well! You have to make sure you play with the hair colours right. Therefore, if you want to look younger by changing your hair colour, note the following points!

1. Don’t choose a colour that’s too dark!

We do not suggest you go for a dark shade for a global hair colour or even lowlights. This will make your fine line and wrinkles look more distinguishable. Instead, go for a lighter shade or a shade that’s not too dark, like chestnut or auburn.

2. Don’t go for monochromatic dyes without streaks.

Monochromatic dyes like black can make you look years older. If you want to go for a dark colour, go for it with highlights/streaks.

3. Don’t leave your hair half grey!

If your hair is starting to turn grey, either colour all of your hair with a colour similar to your natural hair colour or go all grey! However, if you want to go all grey, it is recommended to rock your greys on shorter hair such as pixies, as these will give you the ‘youthful’ vibes.

4. Don’t middle-part your hair!

This highlights your features and ends up making you look years older. Go for side-parting instead! This will help in balancing your facial proportions and making you look years younger!

5. Don’t do TOO much!

Nothing looks good when it’s too much. The same goes for hair colours. Doing too much for looking younger might end up making you look even older! Therefore avoid going too much for the following: dark, ashy, trendy, highlighted, brassy, light, red, and bold.

Don’t do TOO much!

Now that you know all about the hair colours that can make you look younger and the precautions about the hair colours that can make you look older, we hope you’re wise enough to choose the best hair colour for yourself to look years younger!




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