Editor Speaks: Your Most embarrassing beauty problems solved

Editor Speaks: Your Most embarrassing beauty problems solved

There are so many hush-hush beauty problems that we avoid talking about; nonetheless, they need solutions. While the majority of us love putting forth the most poised and perfected versions of ourselves, there are some cringe-worthy beauty issues that we all suffer from; excessive sweating, butt acne, backne, ingrown hair, cellulite, nail fungus, hair thinning, dandruff, thick stache, are to name a few. While women are usually represented to be ethereal and delicate, most of us do suffer from one or two of the aforementioned problems and avoid talking about them.

It's worrisome that society has shackled women in such cutsie, pretty stereotypes that we find it difficult to even discuss beauty issues without being embarrassed. We At Anveya have unsubscribed to such shaming practices, and as a form of encouragement, we will not only discuss these topics but also note down their solutions in this blog.

Body Breakouts 

Back and butt acne are very common skin issues and women of all age groups have faced it. While we remain fascinated by the concept of super-smooth skin, we cannot shy away from body acne. It’s common knowledge that clogged pores cause acne, and, we have pores throughout the body. Therefore, acne can pretty much develop in any part of the body. Once we have identified the problem, we need to resolve it. The solution here is none other than salicylic acid. We're sure, most skincare enthusiasts have used a BHA-based facewash, so try using that on your body. BHA-based body washes unclog the pores, heal inflammation and avoid future breakouts by exfoliating the skin. Just lather them on your body generously, let it sit for 15 minutes, and rinse it off. Try it at least twice a week for smooth, acne-free skin.

Ingrown Hairs 

How many of you have ditched wearing a short or sleeveless dress because of ingrown hair? We know, we have, and thus finding a solution for it was imperative. Waxing and threading are the main causes of ingrown hair, so ideally, one should switch to shaving. Besides, exfoliating the body with a scrub before a waxing session will minimize the chances of ingrown hair. Follow up the hair removal session with a salicylic acid-based toner and aloe vera gel to kill the bacteria and reduce the redness.

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Excessive Sweating 

Don't we all despise the sweat rings around the armpits? Sweating is natural, and there is no reason why you should be embarrassed about it; however, there are ways in which you can control it. Using a superstrength deodorant keeps a check on the sweating and combats the odour. People suffering from hyperhidrosis also experience heavy sweating, so going to a dermatologist and seeking a medical solution is the smart route. Some people have resorted to botox as a solution for excessive sweating and have been very satisfied. However, it's better to opt for the less invasive remedy for starters and choose an antiperspirant, which should solve this problem.


All those Goa dreams of donning a cute bikini usually don’t materialize because of cellulite. Well, let us break it to you; cellulite is normal, and you should never hide it! Even celebrities have cellulite, and that is fine. Honestly, there is no way of removing cellulite completely, but there are ways to reduce it. Use a sugar-based exfoliator or loofah during a shower, and scrub the cellulite-laden areas thoroughly; it helps fill the skin's crevices, making them appear smooth and wrinkle-free.

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Nail Fungus 

Another major beauty bummer is the nail fungus. While you can keep it concealed under a pretty layer of nail varnish, you should treat it and get rid of it once and for all. The problem is usually contracted from unsanitary tools, so you should carry your own nail kit at a pedicure appointment. While there are many home remedies to get rid of nail fungus, you should visit a doctor for only prescription drugs are a permanent solution for it.


Hanging around too much by the pool causes massive sunburn. Therefore, you need to calm the burning skin immediately by holding a washcloth against it. Alternatively, you could hop into a cool bath to desensitize the skin towards the redness. Follow it up with a generous application of aloe vera gel. Drink a lot of water, as it helps in subsiding the redness and rehydrates the body.
While the aforementioned hacks can be very helpful in dealing with skin issues, and you must certainly incorporate them into your routine, we think you shouldn't be embarrassed by them. It is important to delve into these uncomfortable conversations and find solutions because none of us are immune to them.

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