Embarrassed By Bad Breath? Here’s How Clove Oil Can Help You

Embarrassed By Bad Breath? Here’s How Clove Oil Can Help You

Have you often noticed people doing a breath check before meeting someone, or before walking into public? Well, fresh-smelling breath should be made a mandatory rule, if you ask us. You might be dressed up from head to toe, wearing the best of brands, walking with utmost confidence, but bad breath can be a real spoiler and affect your entire persona. Therefore, in case you find yourself reaching for breath mints every now and then, because of foul breath, you must start looking for a viable solution for foul breath. While bad breath is nothing to be embarrassed about, there are ways in which you can tweak your wellness routine, and have fresh breath all day long.

The Need For Improved Oral Health 

We are very particular about our skin and hair health, but many often overlook dental health. Dental healthcare often takes a back seat until you start experiencing a toothache, tooth decay, plaque, and bad breath. Amid this pandemic, you may not be able to visit your dentist right away. So, what is the next best alternative? Well, it’s sitting somewhere inside your kitchen.

An easy-to-find spice, cloves, which are readily available in every kitchen cabinet, can prove to be a lifesaver. Cloves, commonly referred to as ‘lavang’ in Hindi, are packed with health benefits galore. Clove oil has various benefits, and maintaining dental health is one of them. In this blog, we will elucidate the cause of bad breath and how clove oil can help fight bad breath and other dental issues with regular use.

Causes Of Bad Breath 

You might be wondering that why despite brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing, you are experiencing bad breath. Well, the foul-smelling onion or garlic is not always to be blamed; there are other prominent reasons for your bad breath. Find out why your mouth is smelling bad in spite of maintaining dental hygiene. However, never allow the foul-smelling breath to cramp your self-confidence.

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1. Dental Issue 

Dental health concerns such as cavities, tooth decay, gum disease, and poor oral hygiene can contribute to bad breath. The primary reason is that these problems are usually caused by unpleasant and odorous bacteria inside the mouth.

2. Digestive Issue 

Many of you may not be aware that digestive issues can also cause bad breath. According to recent research, ulcers can lead to the growth of bacteria that are responsible for causing bad breath in the mouth. Another cause of stinky breath is gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). When stomach contents leak into the esophagus, it emits a foul odor in your mouth.

3. Coffee & Smoking 

Excessive consumption of coffee and cigarette smoking promote the growth of bacteria in the mouth which is responsible for causing bad breath.

4. Food Leftovers 

After having meals, the food particles adhere to your teeth and gums. This becomes stale and emit a foul odour. Chewing sugarless gum or brushing your teeth after having food can help remove food bits as well as do away with your bad breath.

5. Crash Diets 

When the intake of carbohydrates is reduced, your body breaks down the fat, which creates a smelly chemical substance called ketones. Brushing, flossing, tongue scraping is not sufficient to solve this problem. You need to change your eating habits by including lots of fresh fruits and veggies to get rid of the foul odour.

Benefits Of Clove Oil 

Clove oil is considered to be beneficial for eradicating dental issues and maintaining dental hygiene. Let us have a look at some of the benefits of clove oil

1. Clove Oil For Toothache 

Clove oil is believed to be effective when applied on a cavity-affected or decaying tooth, every night before going to bed. This causes the dental cavities to subside in a few days. Therefore, clove oil for toothache is considered effective.

2. Clove Oil For Treating Infection 

Its antiseptic property is considered to be effective in curing the infection and also helps in getting rid of the microbes surrounding our teeth.

3. Clove Oil For Bad Breath 

Due to the presence of eugenol in clove oil, it is known to be effective in getting rid of tartar and also plaque from our teeth. It is advisable to use clove oil for bad breath.

4. Clove Oil For Mouth Hygiene 

The antibacterial property of clove oil avoids any type of bacteria from assaulting or adhering to our teeth. Additionally, chewing one or 2 cloves a day has a similar impact.

5. Clove Oil For Gum Problems 

Clove oil can be effectively used to treat gingivitis- swollen gums. Its application has a tendency to numb the periodontal, thus easing the pain. Mouth ulcers can be painful, and the application of clove oil is known to reduce discomfort due to pain, swelling. It reduces inflammation and accelerates the healing process. Dilute clove oil with a carrier oil such as olive oil and gently massage on the swollen gums.

6. Clove Oil As Mouth Freshener 

Clove oil has a distinctive, overwhelming odour that serves as an effective mouth freshener. It does not leave our mouth completely dry and inflamed, post use. You can buy clove oil-based mouth wash/ mouth freshener as it is not as harsh as alcohol-based mouthwashes. It is always advisable to buy clove oil-based dental products (toothpaste, mouthwash) as clove oil plays a vital role in maintaining optimum oral health and freshening up your breath.

How Does Clove Oil Help With Bad Breath? 

Clove oil exhibits anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties restricting the growth of bacteria that is responsible for causing bad breath. Moreover, clove oil has an overwhelming smell that instantly freshens up your breath. Its antimicrobial property fights mouth and throat infections.

How Effective Is Clove Oil For Toothache? 

Clove Oil contains an active ingredient-eugenol which is considered to be a natural pain reliever. Its anti-bacterial property effectively fights tooth decay and plaque, thus maintaining oral health.

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How To Use Clove Oil For Bad Breath? 

Clove oil exhibits powerful anti-microbial properties due to the presence of eugenol and other active ingredients like β - caryophyllene, acetyl eugenol, and iso-eugenol. These phenolic components effectively eliminate the bacteria responsible for causing bad breath.

Take half a glass of water and to it add 1-2 drops of clove oil and rinse your mouth with this solution. You can do this twice a day, in the morning and before going to bed.

Clove Oil can be a one-stop solution to all your oral problems. But is vital to undergo regular dental checkups and maintain proper oral hygiene to help address the dental problems before it becomes serious.




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