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Ever heard of Hair Toners?

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Many people tend to confuse hair coloring and toning as one and the same process. Well, they aren’t exactly one and the same thing. While hair coloring intends to completely alter your hair pigments, hair toning is used to correct your hair color and bring it to the exact perfect shade or hue you want. Thus if one of the hair color ideas you decided to apply went a little too light, you can use a hair toner. You can say that it helps to “tone down” whatever color you applied to the most natural and visible shade!

Be it an Ombre hair color or a Balayage color, toners got your back with whatever color correction needs you might have!

What Are Hair Toners?

Toner highlights hair

Did you just get included in the Hair Coloring Gone Bright: Top 10 Moments? Hair toner is the tool that we’ll be honing to work the process of hair toning. There are times when you color your hair and it gets lightened beyond expectations. This is the time when hair toners shine. Hair toners are then used to work as an antidote to the excessive light shades that you just applied to your hair. But that’s not just it. You can also use hair toners to add certain highlights to your hair thus overall increasing your looks! Toner highlights hair well in general and are pretty reliable.

There are three types of toners: permanent toners, semi-permanent toners and demi-permanent toners. They can also be alcohol based, glycerin based or water based so depending on your scalp you can go for a hair toner accordingly. Toners are available in a variety of different colors and for different hair textures. Some examples could be platinum color, pearl color etc.

How Does A Hair Toner work?

Hair Toner work

These hair toners operate on the principle of depositing more color to your hair and thus if you intend to brighten your hair using hair toners, you might have the principle of hair toners all wrong. Thus hair toners are only used to darken the color on your hair. But don’t worry, they will still end up enhancing your look because nothing can tone them down.

Hair toners basically have a small amount of permanent hair colors added to them. They don’t inflict any additional hair damage and are easy to use.

When Should I Use A Hair Toner?

A hair toner should be used when you have somehow added unwanted hues to your hair and now are seeking to normalize it. Bring out the hair toner and get set go to get your hair back to normal. Hair toners work on the principle of depositing a small amount of semi-permanent hair color to your hair. So make sure that you don’t have wet hair because when you apply it to wet hair, you’re basically tampering with the life span of the hair toner’s effects. Thus make sure that you use hair toner on dry hair to realize the full effects of the hair toner.

How To Use A Toner?

Before we get on to how to use a hair toner, we’d like to reinstate that using a hair toner on slightly damp/ dry hair is crucial as moisture hampers the effect of the hair toner. Since it is basically a semi-permanent hair color it won't even affect the natural hair color you possess… So let’s jump right into it!

1. Protect Your Skin

Protect Your Skin

Before you go ahead and use hair toner, make sure that you use a skin care product which helps to make a barrier around your skin (such as a jell based product) in order to make sure you don’t get any accidental color stains on your skin. Hair color for men or hair color for women, either can't be toned correctly if you use the toner for your skin.

2. Mix The Toner Along With The Developer

Toner Along With The Developer

New word of the day: Developer. What’s a developer you might ask? Since we aren’t using Excel or involved with anything IT related, a developer is basically a product that helps you open up the hair cuticle and allow the hair color to enter your hair. The general rule of thumb for using a developer is to mix it with your color in a 1:2 ratio i.e one part of color and two parts of developer. So, that is what we do when we shall go with when we mix the toner and developer!

3. Apply The Toner

Apply The Toner

Try using clips for this part of the process. This will help you to add the toner more smoothly and evenly to your hair. Try using a tinted brush or gloved hands to do so. Leave it for approximately 45 minutes and then rinse. Pour down water on your hair to let your hair color ideas take flight and show 'em how it’s done!

There’s that! And now you know how to use a hair toner. Put on some fun tunes as you apply them tones to your hair. Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair is a good choice, but if it is in fact the truth, then maybe you can recommend some great tones to them such as ombre hair color, perhaps some balayage color to add some twist to your natural hair color! Keep it hair locked and loaded into Colorisma's amazing tones!



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