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Hyaplex : A Hair Bonding Technology To Color Hair Without Damage

What are high lift hair colors? Is it better than bleach? Reading Hyaplex : A Hair Bonding Technology To Color Hair Without Damage 6 minutes Next Ever heard of Hair Toners?

When you ask the question “does hair color damage hair?” the answer is mostly a yes from almost everyone! Bleach on your hair comes with many problems of hair damage which includes hair split ends, hair breakage, hair losing its natural pigments and turning orange. You might be wondering if it is even worth it to color your hair taking into account all the problems that bleach brings on its shoulder.

So, who will be our lord and savior to defuse this situation? Are we just doomed to lose our hair, merely just because we want to express ourselves? Well, desperation leads to innovation! And hence, we’d like to introduce you to our biggest flex i.e., Hyaplex which is infused within our Semi-Permanent Hair Color. Hyaplex helps you to fight off all these problems associated with hair color and hair damage. Don’t be shy when you use it, as there is no difference in hair color for men and hair color for women, our Semi-Permanent Hair Color is for each and every one to use.

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Semi-permanent hair color

• Free from harmful chemicals.
• Repairs hair-bonds as your colors.
• lasts 8 - 10 washes.
• Works best on pre - lightened hair.

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So, say sayonara to the same old boring hair colors and let’s make haircare as well as skincare fun again! Oh and we’d like to add the word safe to it as well. And that’s all thanks to our fun range of semi-permanent hair colors infused with hyaplex. What is hyaplex, you might ask? Well, we are here to let you know all about this new 3rd gen technology!

What is Hyaplex?

Our 3rd gen hair bonding technology, Hyaplex is something that we have infused our semi permanent hair color with to act as a counter against the effects of bleaching. When you color your hair after bleaching it, our hyaplex gets to work and fights off all damage brought forth by bleach. So, yes there is bleaching involved when using our semi-permanent hair color but bleach causes zero problems as there is the perfect counter against it. Think of it as using a torch in the dark: you bring forth new light to your hair, rejuvenating and lighting it up at the same time!

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How Does Hyaplex Work?


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Now you must be wondering how hyaplex works to fight bleach. We’re gonna be going a bit scientific here for a bit, so… put on your glasses (don’t worry, it’s still cool to be a nerd) and get ready to know about the workings of the wonderful Hyaplex.

Here’s how:

  1. Hyaplex repairs hair bonds at a molecular level by reconstructing the broken bonds in the scalp. This will help you to minimize the damage that normal boring hair coloring brings such as dryness and breakage. So goodbye hair dry hair!
  2. Normal hair color peels off the color pigments, but Hyaplex seals off the hair cuticle and prevents color molecules from escaping out into the void! That’s right we show hair color where it truly belongs in the most respectful and elegant way possible.
  3. Since it is such a respectable entity, Hyaplex also brings hydration and nourishment to your hair fibers making them stronger than ever!
  4. Going back to the hair cuticle point, Hyaplex also smoothens it, thus allowing it to reflect more light and make your hair shine bright.

In brightest day, in blackest night, no color pigment shall escape its sight. Help those who have a hair loss fright, beware its power, hyaplex’s might! Totally something we came up with. But yes, it is indeed a very powerful tool to combat bleach, and if you’re looking to color your hair, go ahead and try out our semi-permanent hair color range available in a variety of different hair colors!

How to use it though? The procedure is the same as coloring your hair normally. Hyaplex isn’t something we give out separately. Instead of normal hair colors, you use our semi-permanent hair color and voila! We can show your hair the hyaplex, shining, shimmering and splendid and not just three, all wishes you had for repairing your hair will come true!

Can You Really Color Your Hair Without Damage?

Hair Without Damage

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We have come full circle to the question “Does hair color damage hair”? We can say that it is really not possible to avoid any sort of damage. By this we mean that since bleaching is involved in the process of coloring hair using semi-permanent hair colors there will be damage inflicted on your hair. But that is what Hyaplex is for right? To remove any side effect of bleaching that will be harmful and cause potential hair damage. So even though there is damage brought about by bleach, it is automatically reverted thanks to Hyaplex.

Say hi with Hyaplex to greet a healthy set of hair which also rock a great color at the same time. Also get your hands on some of that sweet semi-permanent hair colors!




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