High Lift Hair Colors

What are high lift hair colors? Is it better than bleach?

Some of you reading this have all gone and used bleach now, but what if we told you there was a better way for you to lighten your hair… A way for you to elevate from the traditional techniques used? And what better way for you to elevate than to use high lift! So on a high note we’d like to take off this blog, all about high lift hair color and how to use it!

What Are High Lift Hair Colors?

Hair Color Trend

Going over colored hair ideas but unsure of using bleach? Or perhaps you saw a hair color trend revolving around lighter hair colors and want to try it out? Maybe our gorge semi-permanent hair color isn’t what you want and you want a lifelong hair color solution? High lift hair colors have got your back! These are hair colors that basically lighten the tone and deposit the hair color in one step. Ultimately it is a shortcut to color your hair. Whaddya know? High lift hair colors are also high speed hair colors. Basically, if high lift hair colors were airplanes… they’d be the best in business! They’d help you elevate and do so at a high speed as well.

When Should I Use a High Lift Hair Color?

Now the question of when high lift hair colors should be used arises… Well, let’s find out shall we?

  • Diminishing Darker Tones

Is your natural hair color too dark? Or perhaps you wish your brown hair color was a little more light? High lift highlights hair in a highly light tone. That’s a tongue twister… If you’re looking to lighten up those dark hair tones with a less lengthy and less damaging process than bleach, then you can go ahead and use high lift hair colors.

  • Avoid Bleach Usage

Life’s a bleach. And bleaching can be more damaging than using high lift hair colors. The Average High Lift Hair Color Enjoyer understands that. And if you’re trying to avoid long queue times as well as lower damage stats, then you can go for semi-permanent hair colors such as ours infused with Hyaplex to repair the damage of bleach. The repeated or incorrect usage of high lift hair colors can end up being more damaging than bleach.


Semi-permanent hair color

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  • Hair Status

Don’t confuse this pointer with the status of your hair as in royalty or something. Be it hair color for men or hair color for women, every hair type can be gorgeous. But back to the point at hand, by hair status we mean the current state of damage your hair is in. High lift colors have much stronger lifting agents than normal bleach or semi-permanent hair colors. It can cause more damage if your hair’s already brittle. Don’t confuse this with thinking that high lift hair colors are more damaging. They are in fact less damaging, but if used incorrectly, can be a source of hair annihilation.

  • Hair Maintenance

Are you a Maintenance Monica and love everything maintained and working properly? Then you can use high lift hair colors as you’d have to maintain them properly and shouldn’t face any problems in doing so because high lift hair colors are high maintenance! You’ll have to use color-safe shampoos and conditioners, deep–conditioning treatments etc. to keep em going. Apart from that you’ll also have to refrain from using heat styling techniques and shield your hair from UV. So proceed if you can actually cope with all this!

  • The Desired Result

Consider using high lift hair colors if you want a lighter tone. If you’re going for a lighter balayage color tone or ombre hair color, then high lift colors are good to go. Basically only use these for light colored hair ideas and/or for a light hair color trend. If your natural hair color is already light, then high lift hair colors may not be as effective as with a darker tone, say for example a dark brown hair color.

How Does High Lift Hair Color Work?

High lift hair colors are essentially multi-taskers. They basically remove the natural hair pigment and at the same time also deposit the color that you wanted your hair to be in. It has high ammonia levels which helps it perform its purpose and get you the lighter tone you desire!

High Lift Vs Bleach : Which One’s The Better Option?

High Lift Vs Bleach

Bleach is a traditional technique which many have used over time and damages with repeated use. If there was a way to reverse the damage, for example with our semi-permanent hair colors, then bleach isn’t such a bad pick. But if you want to go for something more permanent and at the same time inflict less damage to your hair, then high lift color is the go-to.

Ending this blog on a high-lift note, we hope you enjoyed reading this and were able to learn something new and highly educational. The puns don’t stop and neither should you flaunt your glossy lovely hair colors when you’re out so make sure you have a good one!




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