Footcare Simplified: A Routine For Happy Feet

Footcare Simplified: A Routine For Happy Feet

Our feet carry our entire weight and move us around the world, only to receive step-motherly treatment. So today, we solemnly swear to give the humble feet the care it deserves, by dedicating an entire blog to foot care, and its importance. Here’s to giving our trotters a chance to be happy.

Our feet carry our entire weight and move us around the world, only to receive step-motherly treatment. While we spend tons of money and dedicate a lot of time to pamper facial skin, we seldom pay heed to the needs of the feet. So today, we solemnly swear to give the humble feet the care it deserves, by dedicating an entire blog to foot care, and its importance. Here’s to giving our trotters a chance to be happy.

A good foot care regimen includes more than just painting your toenails; it also includes soaking your feet, sloughing off calluses with a pumice stone, and applying your favourite foot cream and cuticle oil. Read on to have complete knowledge on how to do pedicures at home naturally to have baby-soft feet. 

Ingredients You Need To Do A Pedicure At Home 

Before you kick start your journey towards having soft, smooth foot with accentuated arch and lovely prehensile toes, you must have a clear idea of the tools required to do a pedicure at home.

  • Nail polish remover
  • Pumice stone
  • Nail file
  • Foot cream and cuticle oil
  • Nail polish

How To Give Yourself A Professional Pedicure At Home? 

As long as you have all the essential tools you can do a pedicure at home, to naturally have baby-soft feet. Pedicure at home is made easy with these simple pedicure steps shared by experts.

1. Prep Your Nails 

The foremost step is to apply a polish remover to get rid of leftovers from your last pedicure. For the best results, soak a cotton pad in nail polish remover, preferably one without acetone, and hold it on the nail for a few seconds to allow the paint to break down before you swipe. If you want that perfect smooth finish at the end, repeat the process.

Pro Tip: Experts recommend rubbing cuticle oil on the nails if if they appear to have a yellow tinge after removing the nail paint.

2. Soak Your Foot & Toes 

For a spa-like experience, switch off the light of the room, light a few candles, play soothing music, and make yourself comfortable. Now you can soak your feet in the bathtub containing warm water. To this add a scoop full of skin-soothing salt such as an Epsom salt. Let your foot soak in warm water for a few minutes.

3. Slough Off Dead Skin Cells 

Removing the hardened dead skin cells from the foot is an extremely gratifying experience. Pat your foot dry and grab a pumice stone or a foot file to remove all dead skin. Ensure you focus on any calloused, hard areas of your feet. Scrub your feet until your feet are soft and smooth but don't scrub them too hard, else you might end up with an injury.

4. Trim Your Toenails 

Once you are done removing the calloused skin, your foot should feel smooth like a baby's bottom. Next, you’ll have to give some TLC to the toes. Reach for a classic nail clipper and chip off any stray bits hanging over the edge of your nails. If you're feeling unsure about clipping too close to the edges, don't worry—you can still go back and tidy up in the next step. Look out for toenail fungus, and get it treated immediately if you observe darkness in your nails.

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5. Shape Your Toenails 

Now it's time to shape up your toenails using a nail file. Shape the tip and the edges of your nail until your nails are even.

6. Add Cuticle Oil 

You cannot afford to forget the most important part of your nail- the cuticles. Simply push back the cuticles with the orange pick and never try to cut or trim them as cuticles protect your nails from infection. You can shower your love for your cuticles by applying cuticle oil on your nails to improve the overall health of your nails.

7. Apply Foot Lotion 

This is the most enjoyable part of the pedicure steps. Grab a foot lotion or oil and begin massaging your feet, toes, and calves until you feel that the skin of your foot has become soft. Massaging your feet gently with foot cream or lotion not only helps you to unwind and relax but also helps to keep your foot hydrated, soft and smooth. Finally, wipe each nail with a cotton pad soaked in rubbing alcohol to remove any oily residue that may prevent the polish from sticking.

8. Apply A Layer Of Base Coat 

If you want to have a long-lasting effect on your pedicure, then you cannot afford to skip this step. Applying a base coat forms a protective barrier between your nails and nail polish.

9. Paint Your Nails

Grab your favourite nail paint and apply two coats of it. Make sure that you give enough time for the first coat to dry before applying the second coat. You can use an orange stick to clean up the messy edges of your nail.

10. Finish With A Top Coat

You cannot skip this last and final part of the pedicure step- applying a top coat to finish off. Applying the topcoat helps to leave your nails super shiny and strong.

So there you have it, a complete guide to a DIY pedicure at home. Now you don’t have to worry about making salon appointments to keep your trotters clean and happy. Just invest some time into maintaining the beauty and health of your feet and they will take you places, quite literally!

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