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Hair Care Tips for Making it Smooth & Healthy (Infographic)

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Healthy and good looking hair is a result of good care, which isn't just limited to the choice of hair products. Hair care begins with your diet, your lifestyle, the cleansing and styling products you use on your hair, and even the way you brush your hair. One of the key tips for healthy hair is to brush it the right way. Brushing hair while it is wet results in split ends and even breakage, so it is always better to comb hair when it is semi-dry. Also, make sure to use natural hair products that are gentle and don’t leave chemical build up in your hair and scalp. Avoid these chemicals in hair products. Another important requirement is to have a healthy diet. What you eat will affect your hair, so be sure to include enough protein, fruits and vegetables to grow healthy tresses. Vitamin C boosts collagen, which is needed to maintain the strength and growth of your hair, while vegetables containing iron nourish your hair roots and follicles. Your diet should also include nuts, which have Omega 3 fatty acids to nourish and thicken hair. Getting enough sleep is also necessary for healthy hair while using a silk pillowcase or scarf while sleeping will ensure smooth and frizz-free hair. For more hair care tips, see the infographic below.

Hair Care Tips for Making it Smooth & Healthy (Infographic)

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