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Things Everyone Should Know About Hair Growth Serum

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Even after using the best of the shampoos and conditioners available in the market, do you ever feel that your hair is dry and looks dull and dehydrated? Then you need to know that it is time for you to start giving your hair the much needed extra nourishment. Here, we are talking about hair serum which can prove to be a game-changer. This extraordinary liquid can prove to be a one-stop solution for all your hair woes. In this article, we are going to delve deeper and try to find out what are benefits of hair serum in the growth of hair, ways to apply the serum and do’s and don’ts while applying it. So, let’s get started.

What Is A Hair Serum 

Hair Serum is a silicon-based hair care product which is applied on the hair to make it more soft and shiny. Hair serum forms a protective layer on your hair and helps to make your dry, frizzy hair more manageable. Unlike oil, hair serums do not penetrate into the hair shaft, but remain on the surface of your hair, forming a thin protective film. Silicon-based hair serums help to strengthen your hair and add shine to it.

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Benefits Of Hair Serum 

Just as a facial serum adds shine to your face by providing nourishment and moisturization to the skin, similarly hair serum helps to boost the volume of hair and makes hair lustrous. It can be considered as a hair growth serum which helps to treat your major hair problems. Let’s have a closer look and have a better understanding of the uses of hair serums:

1. Protects Against Sun Damage

Hair Serum forms a protective coating over your hair and protects it against sun damage.

2. Protection Against Pollution And Humidity

Using the right kind of serum helps to protect your hair against dust, grime and humidity.

3. Tames Your Frizzy Hair

It helps to make your frizzy hair soft and manageable.

4. Prevents Hair Damage

Hair serums have low pH, hence it helps to minimize hair damage.

5. Promotes Hair Growth

Hair serums help to soften the strands, by moisturizing and nourishing your strands, thus preventing hair fall. This adds to the volume of your hair and promotes hair regrowth.

The latest in the market is Hair Volumizing Serum from Anveya, which instantly volumizes hair along with acting as a heat protectant. It’s an instant hair bulk-up formula perfect for limp and flat hair. The serum makes hair soft, smooth, and more manageable.



• Add instant and long-lasting volume.

• Achieve noticeably thick and shiny hair.

• Act as a heat protectant.

• End your lifelong struggle with limp,flat hair strand.

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    6. Restores Natural Oil Of Your Hair

    Over usage of styling tools and hair coloring products can damage your strands due to which your hair tends to look dry and dull. Applying a good hair serum can restore lifeless and dull hair by restoring the lost moisture.

    When, Why And Who Should Use A Hair Serum? 

    If you feel that your favourite shampoos and conditioners are not giving you the desired result, then dab a few drops of hair serum onto your damp hair to see the wonders it does to your hair. If you happen to use hair styling tools very often and you tend to colour your hair, then your hair tends to lose the natural moisture and becomes dull, dry and frizzy. If you are going through bad hair days, usage of this serum comes to your rescue.

    To utilize the maximum benefits of hair serum you should always apply the serum on clean and washed hair.

    Everyday your hair has to go through a lot of wear and tear, fighting pollution, grime and humidity etc. But a good hair serum can prove to be a lifesaver as it acts as a quick fix for your damaged hair. It immediately brings back life to your dull, damaged and frizzy hair.

    What Are The Different Hair Concerns Which A Hair Serum Can Benefit? 

    Each of us have different types of hair and our issues related to hair also differ. But don't be disheartened as there are different types of serums available in the market to cater to different hair care needs. Each hair type needs to be treated differently. Major haircare brands have launched a range of hair serums which suit different hair concerns.

    Hair Serum For Dry Or Frizzy Hair 

    Hair Serum For Dry Or Frizzy Hair

    Overuse of hair styling tools, harsh chemical products and other environmental factors such as humidity, dust and pollution can strip off the natural oil of your hair making it duller and frizzier. You need a hair serum which is lightweight and helps to smooth out hair, detangles hair and creates a protective barrier on the surface of your hair making it soft, smooth and manageable.

    Hair Serum For Hair Fall 

    Dry and damaged hair will lead to breakage and hair fall. There are hair serums available in the market which will give you relief from hair loss with regular application. You need to experiment and find that perfect product which is suitable for your hair. The ceramide cement found in some of the hair serums helps repair your damaged hair, thus controlling the loss of hair, dryness, split ends.

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    You can also check out Anveya's Ban The Fall Hair Serum. India's first hair fall control solution specially made for women. It contains key ingredients such as basil extract, onion oil and chamomile oil which reduces hair loss and increases multiplication of hair follicles.


    Ban the fall

    • Reduces hair loss in women
    • Strengthens hair from the roots up
    • Increases multiplication of hair follicles
    • Soothes the scalp promoting denser hair

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    Hair Serum For Damaged Hair

    Hair Serum For Damaged Hair

    Before buying a hair serum, you should understand the type of your hair and for what purpose you want to apply the hair serum. Use of harsh chemicals, styling tools and climatic factors cause a lot of damage to your hair and you need a serum which specifically addresses your needs. You need a water-based serum, which gets easily absorbed into scalp and hair follicles and repairs the damaged hair by maintaining the correct pH level. Regular application helps to add volume and bounce to your hair.

    Hair Serum For Hair Growth

    The kind of hair serum you need depends on the root cause of your problem. If you are looking for the growth of your hair, then your hair growth serum should contain Argan Oil which is considered ideal for the growth of hair as it helps to nourish and replenish your hair.

    Hair Serum For Straight Hair

    Hair Serum For Straight Hair

    People with straight hair generally have to face the issue of their hair becoming dry and frizzy. If you have straight and thin hair, then go for a hair serum which has active ingredients like Stemoxydine and Neohesperidin that help to make your hair look more dense and thick. It gives long-lasting hydration and keeps your strands manageable the whole day.

    Hair Serum For Oily Hair 

    Oily hair needs special care. If you have oily hair then you should look for hair serum which is lightweight, which helps to detangle the hair and makes it look glossy without weighing it down. Go for hair serums which are infused with botanical extracts which help to control oil and make your hair smooth, silky and manageable throughout the day.

    Hair Serum For coloured hair

    Hair Serum For coloured hair

    If you have colour treated hair then you should choose your hair serum wisely. It is good to invest in hair serum which has hydrating oils such as jojoba oil, argan oil or coconut oil infused with tea tree extracts which is a perfect blend for chemically treated hair.

    Hair Serum For Curly Hair 

    Curly hair tends to become frizzy and dry quite easily as it is difficult for the natural oil to travel through the curls and reach the tip from the roots. You should look for a serum which is loaded with intense moisturizing properties to make your curly and frizzy hair more manageable. Hair serums which are formulated with moisturizing agents like coconut oil, jojoba oil, almond or argan oil will definitely help to tame your curly hair.

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    Hair Serum For Men vs Women

    There are hair serums available in the market, specifically targeted at men. Men with thin hair can use a serum to give a fuller and denser look. Men with long hair are also prone to dry and frizzy hair. This is where hair serum comes into the picture as the Amino Acids, Ceramides and Biotin present in the serum help to add shine and improve the texture of the hair. The method of application remains the same for both the genders.

    Apart from the fragrance, most of the features and ingredients formulated for both men and women are the same. Men mostly prefer masculine fragrance and women prefer to have a more subtle and mild fragrance.

    How To Use Hair Serum 

    Now that you are well aware of the importance of hair serum, you can start applying it. But how? this might be the next question that pops in your mind. The chemical composition of hair serum is different from hair oil, hair mousse or hair spray as they serve different purposes, hence their application on hair also differs. Many of the leading brands are manufacturing a range of hair care products comprising shampoo, conditioner and hair serum. Choose a shampoo and conditioner which is compatible with your hair serum.

    • Hair serums must be applied on thoroughly washed and clean hair when your hair is still damp.
    • Depending upon the length and density of your hair, take a few drops of hair serum on your palm and evenly distribute the serum onto your palm.
    • Start applying the serum from the hair tip towards the root. Hair serum works well in controlling split ends, hence always start applying the hair serum from the tip of your hair and work it up with your fingertips. Applying the serum from the roots will not give you the desired result.
    • Make sure that you apply the serum evenly on your hair and comb your hair, as usual, to make it look soft, shiny and bouncy.
    • Alternatively, you can directly apply hair serum on dry hair to manage your tresses and flyaways, making your hair glossy and more manageable.

    Do’s & Don'ts Of Hair Serum

    There are different types of hair serum for dry, oil, curly and chemically treated hair. Choose your serum carefully depending on the type of your hair. Finding a perfect product which suits your hair is just not enough. There are some dos and don'ts which you need to keep in mind, to get the optimum result.


    • Always apply hair serum on washed and cleaned hair.
    • While applying hair serum, never directly start applying from roots as it tends to make your scalp more greasy.


    • Never apply hair serum on dripping wet hair.
    • Don’t overuse your serum, otherwise, it will not serve the purpose. Just 2-3 drops are enough to solve the purpose.

    Best Hair Serum For Dry, Damaged, Frizzy Hair Or Hair Fall 

    Look for a hydrating and nourishing hair serum with a long-lasting effect, so that you can remain carefree about your dry and frizzy hair. In order to get the desired result, you should opt for the best product available in the market because your hair needs the best. Your search for the best hair serum ends right here as Anveya has come up with their exclusive range of hair care products that has Anveya - Hydrate and Nourish Hair Bae Hair Serum as one of the products which come in a 120 ml pack. This revolutionary product deeply hydrates and nourishes your hair by forming a protective layer on the surface of your hair and shields it from heat, pollution and the damaging effects of the sun giving you a shiny, bouncy and tangle-free hair throughout the day. It is enriched with Blue berry extract anti oxidant rich ingredient to deeply nourish and moisturizes the hair and hyaluronic acid which helps your hair follicles lock in moisture and banish frizz, Ferment Oil hair complex is a bio-fermentation active which is obtained by the synergy of 5 fermented oils -  Argan, Camellia Seed oil, Sunflower Seed oil, Sweet Almond Seed oil and Green Tea Seed oil. This is a pale yellow to yellow coloured viscous liquid which is liposoluble.


    Hair Bae Hair Serum

    • Deeply Hydrates
    • Reduces Hair Breakage
    • Strengthens Cuticles & Increases Resistance
    • Reduces Frizz By 11%

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