Natural Tips for Anti Ageing

Natural Tips for Anti-Ageing

Ageing is simply a natural biological process where the body, both internally and externally changes over time. For most people, external signs of ageing can be a slightly daunting phenomenon to witness. However, it is completely normal to age. By noticing the early signs of ageing and tweaking your food and lifestyle habits, you can significantly delay the process.

The first step towards delaying ageing is to notice all the early signs on your skin. On a broad spectrum, this includes wrinkles, dark spots, and dull skin. Thus, it is important to inspect your skin closely. Here are some of the tell-tale signs that you should look out for

1. Wrinkles

Reason for Face Wrinkles

Wrinkles are possibly the most common signs of ageing and the most visible sign too. Wrinkles are mainly caused due to food and lifestyle choices. It can also happen due to over-exposure to the sun and harsh chemicals that are used on the skin over a longer period.

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2. Dry And Dull Skin

Dry and dull skin go hand in hand. Dryness of skin is mostly due to environmental factors such as extreme temperatures and lack of hydration in the skin. It can also be because of poor water intake on a daily basis or exposure to too much air-conditioning. This leads to the formation of flaky and chapped skin which creates scaly lines, giving it an aged look.

3. Hyper Pigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is nothing but small dark spots on the skin. The pigment melanin in the skin is what gives the skin its colour. An increase in the melanin content in the skin causes dark patches. There are many contributing factors to hyperpigmentation, the most common being over-exposure to sunlight. The UV rays in sunlight lead to skin damage and thus pigmented spots.

Once you have detected the early signs of ageing, the next rational step would be to see how best to prevent it. Though ageing is inevitable, you can always incorporate natural anti-ageing tips and tricks in your daily life to slow down the process.

4. Visible Pores

Treat Open Large Pores

Another common sign of ageing that a lot of people tend to struggle with is visible pores. These are most commonly seen on the nose and chin area and are often referred to as "strawberry nose". It occurs due to poor skin care practices and in some cases even lifestyle choices. Open pores tend to collect gunk and dirt which in turn deplete the quality of the skin in the longer run.

5. Sagging Skin

Quite similar to wrinkles, loose or sagging skin can give you an aged appearance. The most common reason why skin tends to sag as a sudden gain or loss of weight. This reduces the tautness of the skin, thus making it look tired, dull and aged.

There Are Three main areas on which You Can Focus On To Prevent Ageing. These Are

  • Food habits
  • Lifestyle
  • Natural Skincare

1. Food Habits

It is no surprise that what you consume on a daily basis can greatly influence the condition and health of your skin. In such a scenario, it is essential to say "YES" to some natural anti-ageing foods and a definite "NO" to others.

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Here are some foods that you should stay away from

Chips And Fries

As much as you cannot resist a packet of potato chips or a plate of fries from your favourite fast food joint, learn to say "no" to them. Any fried foods contain a significant amount of trans-fat in them. This leads to inflammation throughout the body which in turn degrades the quality of the skin.

Processed Meat

Processed meat is said to contain significantly high levels of AGEs or advanced glycation end products. These AGEs are responsible for inflammation in the body which in turn leads to ageing of the skin tissue. When skin tissue starts to degrade, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines are enhanced which accelerates the ageing process as well.

Refined Sugar

Though the idea of a sugar-coated doughnut or candy seems appealing, the fact of the matter is that by eating that doughnut, you are causing more damage to your skin than you think you are. Refined sugar binds with the molecules of amino acids present in the elastin and collagen which are components of the skin. This binding process, in turn, weakens skin tissue leading to the formation of wrinkles. Thus, your best bet on days that you have a sweet-craving is to opt for foods that contain natural sugar rather than refined sugar.

On the other hand, some foods are a Godsend to improve the quality of your skin. Some of them include

Dark Chocolate

Since dark chocolate is relatively free of refined sugar, it makes it to the list of anti-aging foods. Flavanols that are present in dark chocolate increase the blood flow to the skin which leads to a healthier skin appearance. Apart from this, flavanols are also said to protect the skin against the harmful UV rays of the sun.


As children, we usually tend to shy away from consuming fruits on a regular basis. However, as you grow older, you tend to realize that fruits are your best friends concerning anti-ageing food. Fruits such as lemons, blueberries, and oranges are rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C boosts collagen production in the skin which reduces wrinkles and fine lines. It also balances the elasticity of the skin, giving it a more youthful and healthier appearance.

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Another anti-ageing tip to keep your skin young and healthy is to incorporate yogurt into your diet. The calcium content in yogurt helps cells to replenish as well as rebuilding them. It eliminates dead cells and helps create new ones at the same time. Thus, yogurt is one of the anti-wrinkle foods that you must say "yes" to.

Omega 3 Fish Oil

A common food supplement for anti-ageing is omega 3 fatty acid capsules. These capsules, if consumed regularly boosts hydration of the skin which in turn reduces the appearance of fine lines. It is also said to prevent the formation of acne on the skin as well.

2. A Healthy Lifestyle And Its Benefits

Apart from the food you consume, the lifestyle that you follow can also have a considerable impact on the ageing process of your skin. Here are some natural anti-ageing habits to keep in mind


Hydration comes from within. Thus, drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water on an average every day can change the quality of your skin like no other. It will improve the tone and texture of your skin, reduce the appearance of dark spots and even refines the contours of your face.


Another healthy habit which not only keeps your body fit but also your skin glowing is regular exercise. Exercising improves the blood circulation in your body, giving your skin a supple and youthful appearance.

Uninterrupted Sleep

Making sure that you get at least 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep is extremely important. When your body is well-rested, your skin automatically reflects that. Lack of sleep emphasizes the dullness and texture of your skin and with time, leads to an aged appearance.

Say No To Smoking

Smoking probably causes the most damage to your skin. The nicotine in the cigarettes causing the blood vessels present in the outermost layers of the skin to narrow. This reduces the blood flow to the skin making it look extremely dull and lifeless. Thus, avoid smoking as much as you can to reverse the effects of aging.

3. The Power Of Natural Skincare Using Home Remedies

As much as a healthy lifestyle and food habits can contribute to healthy skin, the cherry on the top of the cake is good natural skincare. Natural anti-ageing skincare recipes and natural anti-ageing skincare home remedies are your best bet to ensure youthful skin. Though there are over a hundred different natural brands in the market that guarantee young, glowing skin, there is nothing like a quick DIY at home to give your skin that little extra boost that it needs.

Here are some famous DIYs that you can try in the comfort of your home which is said to show remarkable results with continuous usage

Olive Oil Massage

Olive oil is known for being extremely rich in Vitamin A and E. Thus, the anti-oxidant properties in the oil make it the perfect ingredient to massage your skin with every day. This not only hydrates your skin, making it super supple and glowy but also increases the elasticity which reduces the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. It is thus natural anti-ageing oil that is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Honey Pack

For those who like simple but effective DIYs, a honey pack is a way to go. Honey is known to provide intense moisturization to the skin. Thus, it helps keep wrinkles at bay. Honey is also rich in antioxidants which help repair dead and damaged skin cells. Whip up a tablespoon of honey with some turmeric which is known to be an antiseptic and apply it all over the face as a pack. Rinse it off after 10-15 minutes.

Almond Scrub

Almonds and almond oil have numerous benefits. However, applying coarsely ground soaked almonds as a scrub all over your skin and gently massaging it in can do wonders to your skin. Since almonds are such in vitamins, iron and folic acid, it prevents the breakdown of collagen in the skin. Thus, the ageing process is delayed to a great extent.

Thus, fret no more. By making these small changes in your daily routine, you can say goodbye to the signs and effects of ageing for a long time!



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