Heed To What Your Skin Says About Your Health!

Heed To What Your Skin Says About Your Health!

Skin dryness is a common skincare issue that usually arises due to dry weather. But dry and itchy skin can also occur due to internal problems. That is why it is important to understand the warning signals which your skin is trying to send you. Your skin tells a lot of things about your health. In this article, we will be analyzing some common skincare issues and the underlying health issues associated with them.

Skincare Problems And Health Issues Associated With Them

The skin mirrors the state of your inner health. Your skin condition reveals a lot about your general health and well being. We will be analysing some common skincare problems and health issues. The development of patches, rashes and splotches on your skin can be your body’s way of alerting you about an underlying health condition that needs immediate attention.

1. Itchy Skin

Itchy skin can be related to liver diseases. Chronic itchy skin lasting for more than 6 weeks can be a warning signal conveyed by your body. It can be a symptom of cirrhosis or hepatitis C. In hepatitis C you may notice red bumps on your legs due to itchy skin.

2. Red Patches

If you have red patches all over your body from head to toe, then you might be suffering from eczema. Genetics to immune system dysfunction to an allergic reaction to jewellery could trigger eczema.

3. Sudden Breakouts 

If you have normal skin and suddenly wake up to find a horrific breakout, then the main culprit here is stress. During stress and anxiety, your body releases cortisol, which can cause breakouts. Under such circumstances, to keep your stress levels in control you can practice meditation, yoga and indulge in stress-relieving activities such as swimming, jogging or cycling. If the acne appears on your jawline or lower face then it can be an indication of polycystic ovarian syndrome.

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4. Hives 

Hay fever, food and medicine allergies, and insect stings can be the main reason for itchy skin and blotchy welts. Sometimes hives appear hours after the contact with the possible allergen. Your dermatologist may subject you to a few tests to known the exact cause of the hives and give medication that will restore your skin to normal.

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5. Chapped Lips 

If you are having extremely dry and chapped lips, the first thing that comes to your mind is to change your lip balm and invest in a better one. But chapped lips with cracked corners can be a signal of an underlying health condition. It can be due to the deficiency of Vitamin B12.

6. Dark Skin Under Your Eyes 

The dark circles under your eye is an indication of stress, lack of sleep, lack of nutrition and dehydration. So keep your body hydrated and munch on lots of fresh fruits and veggies to combat the dark circles.

7. Yellow Tint 

Closely examine your skin and eyes, if you feel that it is pale yellow coloured or has a tint of yellow then it could be a warning signal about a health issue. The yellow tint on your skin can be due to jaundice, hepatitis or liver disease. Watch out for these signals as liver diseases are always silent.

8. Moles 

The presence of moles is not a cause of concern but the sudden appearance of a large number of moles can be an indication of a common type of skin cancer-melanoma. Observe the moles closely, whether it is large and colourful, the border with irregularities, its size and asymmetry. If the size of the mole is larger than an eraser, then you need to visit a doctor.

9. Dull Skin 

When you look at the mirror only to find yourself having dull, lacklustre skin, it might put you off. Dull skin can be due to an unhealthy lifestyle, excessive smoking, drinking alcohol, stress, lack of sleep and improper eating habits. But luckily this common skincare issue can be taken care of by improving your eating habits, changing your unhealthy lifestyle and following a regular skincare regime.

10. Wrinkles In Unexpected Areas 

The appearance of wrinkles is a natural phenomenon that cannot be changed. Along with ageing, wrinkles start appearing on your skin. But sometimes wrinkles start appearing on unexpected areas of your body such as the inner part of the upper arm, which can be problematic. The possible reason for the appearance of wrinkles in these areas can be an indication of high blood pressure and heart disease.

11. Discoloured Ankles And Legs 

Varicose veins are also related to ageing, but sometimes it can be an indication of a deeper problem. The skin of your legs and ankles become darker or discoloured due to varicose veins or other circulatory problems then you might be suffering from a health condition known as stasis dermatitis. You may also be suffering from diabetes which can also trigger various skin infections, resulting in itchy skin and slow wound healing.

12. Hyperpigmentation 

Have you noticed that your skin has suddenly become dark as if you have been to the beach and spent the entire day under the hot, sunny weather? Exposure to harmful rays of the sun can cause excess production of melanin, making your skin look darker. But if your skin has not been exposed to UV rays and still looks darker than usual then this skin condition may be due to Addison’s disease in which the adrenal glands fail to function. If a person is suffering from Addison’s disease, his body may not get enough of cortisol, making the skin feel itchy and look tired.

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13. Hard Skin 

If you are having hard and tight skin then the possibility of Scleroderma cannot be ruled out. Scleroderma is derived from the Greek word ‘sclero' which means hard and derma meaning skin. This is a skin condition due to the excess production and accumulation of collagen in your body. In this condition oval and linear patches of hard skin appear throughout the body.

These are few skin conditions and the health issues associated with it. Remember that your skin acts as a protective barrier, protecting your body against various diseases and infection. If internally something is going wrong in your body, your skin will the first to give a warning signal. Never ignore these warnings, quickly analyse your skin condition and seek medical aid if required.




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