How to Improve your Mood

How to Improve your Mood - Need to Know

Situations or events can happen in life that will lead us into feeling down and trodden. This negative feeling can be overwhelming and extremely depressing. It eventually becomes hard for us to move on from these feelings of self-doubt, hopelessness, and dread. The negativity in our life can affect our fluctuating moods - from happiness to sadness, from energized to downright exhaustion, from social to anti-social, etc. These fluctuating moods can result in whiplash and deteriorating relationships with loved ones around us. However, there are ways to improve our moods through several quick and easy ways.

Quick & Easy Tips To Improve Your Mood Fast

1. Go Outside

Go Outside

When you’re feeling down, staying at home can make things worse. It is important that you get out, explore the city, take a walk and try to interact with strangers. It makes you feel like you’re doing something new and brings excitement in your life. The change is the environment will also benefit your mood immensely.

2. Do Something You Love

Everyone has different hobbies or something they like to do besides their daily routines. A systemic daily routine can worsen your mood because it gets monotonous and mechanical overtime. It is good to step out of your daily routine to do something different like joining a painting class, going swimming, playing with your pets, going for a run, cooking a special dish, etc. Doing what you love can give you an endorphin rush which instantly makes you feel happy and at ease.

3. Do Yoga


Yoga will help you in immediately boosting your mood and energy. Yoga helps in stimulating and regulating the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps in boosting higher levels of gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA). GABA is chemical in the brain which is associated to mood swings. Hence, the higher level of GABA you have, the better you will feel towards life and yourself. It is important love yourself first. Hence, taking care of your mental state is important. A 10-15 minutes of yoga everyday can heavily benefit you in improving your mood.

4. Move Around

Physical activity is one of the best mood boosters out there. It has almost a 100% success rate in instantly providing gratifying results. Any form of physcal activity releases endorphin - making you happier and more satisfied with your life. Your brain will receive more blood as there is increase in oxygen circulation throughout the body. All you need to do is spend 30 minutes practising your favourite physical activity - it could be a zumba class, tango dance with your partner or a simple jog across the beach.

5. Call A Friend

Call A Friend

It is important to stay connected with people who make you laugh and make you feel liberated. You can call a friend when you’re feeling down. This will instantly uplift your mood and make you feel lively. Better yet, meet up with your friend for lunch or a snack a local cafe. It always great to take out social time and connect with people around you.

6. Write In A Journal

A journal is great for mental therapy. It is a stress-free activity during which you can release all your emotions on the paper or laptop. By writing down what you feel, you can redefine the ways in which you feel happy and grateful. It is inexpensive to buy a notebook and a pen. Start experimenting with writing for 5 minutes daily - you will instantly see a change in the way you perceive the world and the people around you.

7. Eat Saffron


Saffron is bright red in color and has some mesmerizing benefits. When added to milk for a warm comforting drink - it turns the milk into orange. Saffron has the ability to change the mood from depressive to that of liveliness. It can be considered a natural replacement for antidepressants. Saffron is highly available throughout the market. The color of saffron is also said to make a dish look more appetizing.

8. Plan A Couple Of Lunch Or Dinner Dates

It is important to connect, connect and connect. Connection with other people helps us grow and come out of any situation. Attract positive people in your life who uplift and enhance your mood. These people should encourage you to practice a positive attitude. You can organize lunch or dinner dates with your friends or connect over tea.

9. Drink Hot Or Iced Green Tea

Green tea has a soothing and calming effect on the mind and body because it contains theanine. It also has anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating properties.

10. Snack On Almonds

Almonds contain omega-9 or oleic acid fatty acid which improves brain function, working of the primary nervous system and contribute to a positive change in the mood. Eating soaked almonds increases our metabolism and enthusiasm for physical activity which is also linked with enhancing positive attitude. You can munch on soaked almonds, trail mix, add it to smoothies or simply top it of on salads.

11. Take A Bath

Take A Bath

Taking a soothing hot bath can do wonders for your mood. It is true, a hot bath can cure anger! Just fill your bathtub with hot water, add 5-6 drops of lavender essential oil and lemon essential oil. Now mix the water with your hand and soak your body in it for 15-20 minutes. It will instantly relax your tightened muscles and make you feel rejuvenated.

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12. Asks Questions

Ask questions about everything you feel you need the answers to. Questions the people you come across out of curiosity because it can start an engaging conversation which distract you from a negative mood. It might also create a new outlet for you so you can branch out into doing something new. In the beginning, you might not be interested in finding out things about others but as you keep in asking questions, you will find something that engages your curiosity.

13. Smile And Laugh

 Smile And Laugh

Yes, sometimes you might have to force your to smile in situations you don’t feel like. But it is important that you smile and laugh. Create yourself an environment and attach yourself to people who make you feel at ease and happy. Watch comedy shows to uplift your mood. Hence, laugh, laugh and laugh because it really is considered healthy for you.

14. Compliment Others

It is considered good manners when you are nice to others. Being genuine, down-to-earth and humble shows a lot about your personality. It is important that you show gratitude to your loved ones by complimenting them. There is nothing good in being purposely conniving or rude towards someone. Be nice, genuine and compliment people around you for their positive attributes.

15. Listen To Upbeat Music

Listen To Upbeat Music

Yes, turn up that music you’re listening on the radio on the way to work. Music is said to have an uplifting and energising effect on the mind and body. Hence, it is often used as an instrument in the background while doing workouts or other physical activities. It keeps you motivated throughout the activity.

16. Allow Yourself To Vent

The stress from work and home life can get build up inside the system for a really long time. This vent up negative energy can lead to negative affects on your mind body. Stress can result in several ailments such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, depression, anxiety and inferiority complex. Hence, it is important to purge your thoughts and feelings in front of someone.

17. Give Someone A Hug

 Give Someone A Hug

Giving hug to someone helps in releasing all your pent up emotions. It also increases your connection with the other person. It helps you to both to connect on a psychological level. A hug is genuine, comforting and eases your mind.

18. Fight Off Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts can heavily affect your attitude towards life and future. It is important to realize and recognize the negative thoughts. Then you should work on removing them by focusing on the positive attributes about your life and dreams. Negative thoughts can also destabilize your ability to be happy and forthcoming about the small trinkets of positivity in life.

19. Get As Much Sleep As You Can

Much Sleep

A good night’s sleep can make a huge difference to your life. It important that one receives 7-8 hours of sleep everyday without any disturbing nightmares.

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20. Read An Adventure Story

Reading an adventurous story can be really exciting for the mind. The story grips your mind as it is going through various stages. You feel attached to the storyline and the characters. Your mind gets lost in the planes of the story making you imagine every single feeling and emotion. Hence, read more as it can genuinely improve your mood and excite you.

21. Go For A Nature Walk

Go For A Nature Walk

Walking in nature can benefit you emotionally and physically. The feeling of the wind against your face, the sounds of the birds chirping, the beautiful scenery of tall green trees, pointed peaks, steamy hills and pearly water can instantly uplift your mood. It will energize your body to perform physical activities like hiking in the woods, swimming in the lake, fishing, or just taking jog across the beach. You can either do it alone or with your loved ones.

22. Meditate

Meditation can help in reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety. Those people who regularly practice medication show high levels of mental awareness and discipline in life. They also have an open perspective towards life. These people feel happiness at the core and always at ease.

23. Write Down Your Feelings

Write Down Your Feelings

When you write down your feelings, you’re basically purging all your inner turmoil. If you’re feeling guilty or ashamed about something, write it down. If you’re feeling angry or pressed about something write it down. If you’re feeling upset or emotional about something, write it down. It will help you in releases all the pent up frustrations and feelings that have been bothering you for a long period of time.

24. Get Intimate

Getting intimate with your partner can help you in connecting to another person who loves and cares for you. Intimacy can bring you two together and make you both feeling happy. It will also increase the quality of your bond. It improves the communication between the two of you. Hence, you will always have someone to reach out to or talk to when you’re feeling down and under.

25. Forgive


Never carry grudge for anyone because it can make you feel unhappy and other other person to. Forgiveness is the key to true happiness. When you forgive someone, you’re genuinely able to move on from the bad memories or the past that has always lingered in your mind - bothering you at times and making you feel uneasy about life and choices. So forgive and move on!

26. Set Realistic Goals

When you set an unrealistic goal, you end up getting disappointed about your failure. Hence, it is important that in order to be productive and happy about the outcome, you set realistic goals that are achievable in a prescribed period of time. You can write down your goals in a notebook and list down the things or steps that you need to commit to in order to achieve your goal. The timelines of the goal should be realistic and achievable.

27. Be A Realistic Optimist

Be A Realistic Optimist

People with a positive attitude tend to be optimists who have a rational and positive outlook of towards life. These realists have the ability to stay happy and connected to the world. Realist optimists tend to be personalities who have the needed emotional attributes to stay happy and be successful in life. They can work their way out of any problem or situation in their lives.

28. Be Patient: Happiness Tends To Grow With Age

It is important to remain patient and calm. You cannot make things happen with flick of your fingers. Things take time. So does happiness. You need to be understanding about the situations in your life. Just things come and go, even the bad goes away. It never lasts for long. And then happiness will come to you and grow with you as you age gracefully.

29. Eat Lunch On The Beach

Eat Lunch On The Beach

Eating lunch alone or with a group of people who negatively affect you can be overwhelming and saddening. You should always enjoy your meal slowly and pleasurable in a positive environment. So go ahead and ditch the office cafe or desk for lunch at the beach or in a park nearby. The much-needed sunlight will improve your mood and make you feel positive about the day ahead.




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