How to Perfect the Art of Using Leave-In Conditioner

How to Perfect the Art of Using Leave-In Conditioner

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Do you feel that even after shampooing and conditioning regularly, your hair seems to be dry and lacks that shine? Then you should understand that your hair needs extra hydration. This is the time when you can start pampering your hair by providing it with extra hydration in the form of leave-in conditioners. Leave-in conditioners are extremely beneficial for people with dry, dull and frizzy hair type as it helps prevent hair damage, reduces tangles and frizz, making your hair more manageable. Keep reading to know more about leave-in conditioner and how to perfect the art of using a leave-in conditioner to make your hair look shiny, bouncy and vibrant.

What Is A Leave-In Conditioner 

Leave-in conditioner is an additional process after washing and conditioning your hair. They are also known as leave-on or no-rinse conditioners. Unlike the regular conditioners, you need not wash these off. Leave-in conditioner is applied after washing and before styling your hair. It is usually applied on damp hair to provide extra moisturization to your tresses. In addition to this, leave-in conditioners help to protect your hair from heat damage, detangle your hair and make your hair shiny and frizz-free.

Which Hair Type Needs Leave-In Conditioner? 

It is beneficial for all hair types, especially for those with curly, coily and kinky hair types as these hair types are more prone to dryness. Choose a leave-in conditioner that is specially formulated for the needs of your hair.

Applying a leave-in conditioner does not mean that you can skip post-shampoo conditioning nor you need to use it every day. It’s just a way of providing some extra TLC for your dry, brittle and frizzy hair to make it more manageable.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Leave-In Conditioner? 

Leave-in conditioners are used to give an extra dose of hydration to your hair and can be used effectively by people with any hair type. Let’s look at the benefits of leave-in conditioner for your hair.

1. Hydrates Dry And Brittle Hair 

It is beneficial for dry, brittle and frizzy hair. It provides intense moisturization to your hair, making your hair strands soft, smooth and silky, preventing breakage and increasing elasticity. While buying leave-in conditioner, always choose water-based formula as it easily penetrates through the shaft, keeping your hair well-moisturized and nourished.

2. Effectively Detangles Your Hair 

Leave-in conditioners are specially formulated to eliminate tangles and make your hair frizz-free, thereby helping to reduce hair breakage and hair thinning.

3. Provides Protection From Environmental Aggressors 

Leave-in conditioner forms a protective layer over the surface of your strand and protects it from the harmful UV rays, dirt, dust and extreme climatic condition.

4. Makes Hair Styling Easier 

It makes your hair soft and smooth so that it becomes easier for you to style your hair. It provides hold and makes your hair flexible so that you can style your hair in whichever way you want by using flat iron or curlers.

5. Protects Your Hair From Heat Damage 

Apply a heat protectant before using a styling tool. It is a good idea to apply a leave-in conditioner before styling your hair to retain moisture and protect your hair from heat damage.

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6. Adds Shine To Your Colour-Treated Hair 

Hair colour and hair dyes can damage your hair and leave-in conditioners act as a lifesaver for your colour damaged hair. It protects your hair from harmful UV rays, preventing the hair colour from fading away quickly and adding shine to your lacklustre, damaged hair.

7. Fights Frizz 

Leave-in conditioner is an effective treatment for frizzy and dry hair. It controls dryness by sealing the moisture inside the hair shaft, preventing loss of water. It also helps to tame flyaways and makes your hair more manageable.

What Should You Look For In The Conditioner? 

While choosing a leave-in conditioner, always keep the texture and type of your hair in mind. Leave-in conditioners are available in the form of sprays, oils, creams, serums and balms for treating various hair conditions.

  • If you have dry, dull and damaged hair, choose the leave-in conditioner available in the form of cream, as dry hair needs extra hydration.
  • If you have thin hair, then choose a lightweight leave-in conditioner in the form of a spray.

For colour treated choose the one which is colour-safe and sulphate-free.
Search for ingredients like natural oil, silk proteins, vitamins, botanical extracts and heat protecting properties which are considered to be essential to boost hair growth.

How To Use A Leave-In Conditioner? 

Ideally, a leave-in conditioner is used after you wash and condition your hair. As you need not rinse out your leave-in conditioner you can apply it to your damp hair. You can skip using your regular conditioner after shampooing your hair, but if your hair is dehydrated, brittle and damaged, you can use both. Follow the step-by-step guide on how to perfect the art of using a leave-in conditioner.

1.Rinse Your Hair 

Wash your hair using a mild shampoo and conditioner which suit the requirements of your hair and compliment the leave-in conditioner you are going to use.

2. Apply Leave-In Conditioner 

Apply the leave-in conditioner to your clean, damp hair. Start applying from the mid-length towards the end, focusing on the tip. Avoid applying the leave-in conditioner on the roots as it will make your scalp greasy.

3. Brush Your Hair 

After applying the leave-in conditioner, brush your hair gently using a wide-toothed comb as wet hair is more prone to breakage. Detangle all the knots gently using your fingers and then with a wide-toothed comb.

If you have curly hair and do not prefer combing your hair, you can apply the leave-in conditioner cream at the tip of your hair and can scrunch the ends.

4. Style Your Hair 

Now your hair is frizz-free, tangle-free, soft, smooth, shiny and ready to style. You can style your hair according to your preference.

Always choose the hair care products based on your hair type. While buying a leave-in conditioner, choose a product that suits the texture of your hair and which compliments your shampoo and conditioner.

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When To Use A Leave-In Conditioner? 

  1. You can apply a leave-in conditioner after shampooing and conditioning your hair. As you need not rinse it out, you can apply it to your damp hair.
  2. You can also apply your leave-in conditioner before going to bed so that the product is completely absorbed into the hair shaft while you sleep.
  3. You can apply a leave-in conditioner before styling your hair with a styling tool to protect your strands from heat.

Tips For Using Your Leave-In Conditioner Effectively 

Below mentioned are some pro-tips on how to use your leave-in conditioner effectively so that your hair can reap the maximum benefit.

1. Figure Out The Needs Of Your Hair 

First and foremost, figure out your hair type and the specific needs of your hair, so that you can choose a leave-in conditioner accordingly. There are leave-in conditioners specifically formulated for dry and dull hair, heat damaged hair, colour treated hair.

2. Choose Your Product Wisely 

It is equally important to know which conditioner works best for your hair type. If you have fine hair, go for lightweight spray conditioners. For extremely dry and damaged hair, thick, creamy conditioner works well, and for people with medium to thick hair, gel or creamy leave-in conditioner would be more suitable.

3. Don’t Use Leave-In Conditioner Every Day 

Though leave-in conditioner makes your hair silky soft and shiny, experts recommend not to use it every day as it can lead to product build-up, which eventually leads to dry, dull and brittle hair.

4. Focus At The Ends 

Don’t apply your leave-in conditioner at the roots, as it can make your scalp oily, leading to scalp issues. Start applying from the mid-length of the strands towards the end. The tip of your hair is more prone to damage and dryness, so apply your conditioner focusing on the ends.





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