How To Style Your Hair For A Voluminous Look Everyday?

How To Style Your Hair For A Voluminous Look Everyday?

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Everyone wants to flaunt their bouncy, fluffy and voluminous hair when it comes to everyday hairstyles. Although fluffy hair may not sound appealing to most of us, especially during summer, the main idea of having this hairstyle is to add incredible body, volume and an authentic look to your hair.

To make your thin hair appear fluffy is an art you must master. With a few tricks and the right hair styling techniques, you can have a voluminous look everyday. You will learn all you need about getting fluffy hair without static and poof. Here's what you can do if your hair is falling flat. You can keep experimenting on new hair styling techniques, until you attain your goal. Our hair experts share their top hair styling tips for getting voluminous hair.

Tips On Styling Your Hair For A Voluminous Look

Tips On Styling Your Hair For A Voluminous Look

Check out these simple hair styling tips to add volume to your hair, improve health, and protect your hair from damage.

1. Use Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner

The shower is the first place to start if you want voluminous hair. Use a shampoo and conditioner that adds volume to your hair. Regular shampoo and conditioner won't add bounce and volume to your hair. You shouldn't settle with any shampoo or conditioner if you want your hair to be thick and shiny. Look for hair care products formulated to add volume to the hair.

Volumizing shampoo cleanses your hair, gently eliminating dirt, debris and oil, which can weigh down the hair and prevent it from becoming flat. A volumizing conditioner gives a lift to your hair, making it appear dense and bouncy. The way you use your haircare product is equally important as what you use. Remember the thumb rule: shampoo your roots and condition your ends.

Excessive use of styling products can cause buildup on your hair. To remove all the product buildup, you should use a clarifying shampoo once a month.

2. Blow Dry Your Hair

Blow drying can give your hair a thicker and denser appearance by adding volume. However, heat styling can damage your hair, so try blot-drying instead of blow-drying. Once you're out of the shower, blot your hair with a towel, ensuring you don’t rub it vigorously. Wet hair is fragile and thin hair is more prone to breakage, so be careful while drying your hair.

Add a curl-defining cream on the damp hair and scrunch to add definition to your curls. This gives structure and definition to your curls, making them look bouncy and fluffy.

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    3. Try Switching Your Part

    Rather than parting your hair on the left side, try switching it to the right or center. Parting your hair in the opposite direction will help to lift your hair away from the scalp. This new hair styling trick will help add volume to your hair. You can add a hair volumizing spray to the roots to enhance the effect. This helps to enhance the texture and appearance of your hair.

    4. Opt For A Curly Or Wavy Hair Style

    A wavy or curly hairstyle adds density and volume to your hair. For wavy hair applying the volumizing mousse on damp hair is the best option. Divide your hair into four sections, make loose braids, and let it dry. Unfold the braids and, using your fingers, gently rake your hair. You have the beach waves..!

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    5. Use A Thermal Protector

    Use heat styling or blow drying your hair only when it is necessary. Protect your hair from damage caused by heating tools by using a thermal protector spray or serum. These thermal protectors form a protective layer over the surface of your hair shaft, protecting it from the damaging effect of the styling tools.

    6. Get a Volume-Boosting Haircut

    Adding layers to your hair can make it appear fuller and thick, adding bounce and volume to your thin hair. One-length hair can look flat and thin, so volumizing haircuts can help people with fine, thin hair. Short hair styles such as bob, shag or blunt cut can also make your hair look fuller. Most hair stylists recommend mid-length or short hair styles to improve your hair's texture and volume. Trimming your hair also helps in adding bounce and thickness to your hair.

    Volumizing hairstyles for men with thin hair can be different than hair cuts for bald men. There are various hairstyles for men with short, thin hair or long hair. Experts suggest buzz cut or crew cuts for men with short, thin hair. Long hair styles such as a slick back or a pompadour can be worn by anyone with long fine hair.

    7. Dump The Round Brush

    Choose your hair brush carefully, as metallic round brushes or brushes with stiff plastic bristles can break your hair, resulting in thin, fine hair. Using brushes with boar bristles is always recommended by hair stylists as it is gentle on your hair and does not snag the thin hair, thus preventing hair breakage and thinning.

    8. Use Highlights To Volumize The Hair

    You can color your hair to make it appear voluminous and bouncy. Adding highlights to hair roughens up the cuticle. As a result, the hair looks fuller and thicker as it has texture and volume.

    Using henna to color your hair is also an option. Henna is a natural hair color that gives body and bounce to your hair, making your hair appear thicker and fuller.

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    9. Opt For In-Salon Hair Volumizing Treatments

    If you are struggling with thin, fine hair, your hair stylist will recommend you for a densifique treatment. It is a hair treatment that makes your thin, flat hair appear fuller and thicker. The super hydrating ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, can pump moisture into the hair shaft, making your hair thicker and fuller. As per experts, the effect of this treatment will last for 3-4 weeks, depending on how frequently you wash your hair. 


    10. Spray Hair Care Products Into Your Hand For Adding Volume

    Spray the volumizing hair spray on your hands and dab your fingers in it. With the help of fingers, work through the hair; doing so adds volume and body to your hair.

    11. Always Keep Dry Shampoo Handy

    Keeping a dry shampoo handy can prove to be a lifesaver. When you are in a hurry and feel that your hair looks flat and greasy, spray the dry shampoo on the roots. While spraying, make sure that you hold the spray bottle some 15-20 inches away from your head.

    12. Wash Your Hair Less Frequently

    Volumizing hair products can dry out your hair, and washing your hair too often can strip the hair of its natural oil, making your hair dry, brittle and frizzy. When your scalp becomes dry, it automatically starts producing more oil which can make your scalp greasy. Experts say washing your hair twice is enough to maintain healthy, voluminous hair.

    13. Opt For Messy Hair Styles

    Instead of tying your hair into flat, tight ponytails, opt for messy hairstyles which make your hair look dense and fuller. Try out some messy braids, updos or a messy bun.

    14. Long Hairstyle With Bangs

    People with thin, flat hair can also opt for long hairstyles with bangs to add volume to their hair.

    Now you don't have to worry about your fine, thin hair. You can also flaunt a voluminous look with these hair styling tips, which add body, bounce and volume to your hair.




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