Trendy Decor Ideas For A Festive Vibe At Home

Trendy Decor Ideas For A Festive Vibe At Home

Celebration of festivals has changed a lot in every aspect, from attire to home decor to exquisite food offerings, which add enthusiasm to one's life. The idea of decorating spaces to accommodate the changing demands of life is now in line with the latest trends. With the latest design innovations and purpose-driven house decor products, making changes to a space to host a function or a get-together is simpler than ever before.

In this blog, we will discuss some trendy festive decor ideas to make your home look more spacious and accommodating.

Home Decor: Tips To Make Your Home Look Festive-Ready

Home Decor: Tips To Make Your Home Look Festive-Ready

Festival celebrations call for a clean-up and revamping of your home decor. Since you will be buying lots of goodies and gifts for your friends and family, you first need to clean up all the clutter and make space for new festive decor products. Decorate your home this festive season with traditional home decor mixed with a modern touch. We will be sharing some latest, trendy yet contemporary home decor ideas that will make this festive season filled with joy and happiness.

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1. Give A New Touch To Your Furniture & Walls

Scrutiny around your house, focusing on your dining and living room areas as they are the spaces you'll most likely use to entertain guests. Take a look at all the more significant furniture pieces and take note of the primary color of your furniture. If you want to change your furniture, choose a color scheme that will bring brightness to your living space. If you want, apply a new coat of paint or choose a contrasting wallpaper, giving a new look to your walls. This will not only add a fresh, new touch to your home but will also make your home look more inviting.

2. Change The Furnishings

Color change your drapes and cushions to add a fresh look to your interior decor. The color you choose should match the walls and furniture in your home.

3. Tableware

This festive season makes sure you decorate every space of your home. Festive decor ideas affordable for interiors can assist in creating an inviting space to host guests and spread positive vibes during this festive season. Apart from vibrant carpets, curtains and cushions, tablewares can make dining and living rooms appear more inviting and vibrant. You should choose a color that complements the walls in your room.

4. Colorful & Scented Candles

The sparkling candles are available in various colors, sizes and shapes. You can revive your living space with candles this festive season in three ways.

  • To create a stunning visual delight, make use of engraved candles.
  • Use bright, scented candles to light up the rooms and add enchanting fragrances to your room. You can make your scented candles with the help of soy wax and your favorite essential oil.
  • Make use of elegant candle burners that are beautifully crafted and can add a contemporary touch to your corners.

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5. Torans

Torans are used to decorate the main entrance of the house. Torans are considered to add wealth and prosperity to your home. Torans are used as wall hangings, ornamental decorations, and the most auspicious seasonal decorations. You can make that authentic festive appeal by creating torans using materials that are discarded wall decorations. They are elegant and bring a traditional look to your festive decor.

6. Glass Jar Lantern

You can make use of empty glass jars in an innovative way. You can use it as a glass jar lantern to light the corner of your house. You can give an artistic touch to the lantern by painting the glass jar or making your designs on the glass jar. You can hang these glass jars on the balcony or the corner shelves of your living room or dining hall.

7. Metallic Showpieces

Metallic objects with a rustic look can give your living space a contemporary look and elegance. In addition, the festive season is the ideal occasion to play around with your interior decor. If you have large metallic containers, you can place them on the corner of your home and make a potpourri, float small designer candles or diyas.

8. Flower Arrangements

Fresh flowers have the tremendous power to uplift your mood. The enchanting fragrance of flowers can boost your festive mood. Make a potpourri by adding some flowers to the metallic centerpiece and keep it in the center of your living room. You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to enhance the experience.

9. Upcycle

Upcycle old saree or T-shirts to make decorative wall hangings, table mats and door mats. You can also reuse old curtains by making cushion covers from them. You can reuse old plastic bottles to plant miniature or bonsai plants. You can paint these plastic bottles with fresh, vibrant colors. These small pots can add beauty and freshness to your kitchen, balcony or corner shelves.

10. Create Your Own Space

You certainly want to improve your living space, and you can do that by changing the way you decorate your space. You can purchase the wall art you want to display or a mirror or set up frames that feature family photos and decorate your walls by hanging anything that strikes you, like flowers, cars, or landscapes. A well-placed, large mirror frame could visually expand the size of your room. Pictures or family portraits are put together to create a feeling of warmth in any space.

11. Infuse Fragrance

A well-lit, spacious home that smells good may seem warm and welcoming to everyone. You can infuse fragrance into your rooms by diffusing your favorite essential oil in the diffuser. You can also check out Anveya's Aroma Essentail oils gift set. It contains lavender oil, lemongrass oil and orange oil The alluring fragrance of the essential oil can tickle your senses and uplift your mood, eliminating stress and fatigue.


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Once your plans for revamping your home decor are complete, you can start purchasing the materials and decorative items required for a quick renovation. Sometimes locating these home decor items can take longer, so start with your renovation work at least one month before the start of the festival season. Use your creativity and innovative skill to give your home a cool, contemporary yet modern look that looks warm and welcoming to your guests. Use eco-friendly and sustainable home decor products for decorating your house.

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