How to Relax Mind - Natural Ways

How to Relax Mind - Natural Ways

Living a hectic life, it’s really important to make time for your mind and body to relax. It doesn’t take much investment and provides relief from anxiety, depression, stress and sleep problems. But how to relax your mind? To relax means to make yourself peaceful and calm. And for the same, you just have to follow some of the easy and natural ways to get away from stress and live your life more happily. Let’s have a look on some easy natural ways to relax your mind with just a little bit of time investment.

Simple Ways To Relax Your Mind

There are many natural ways to keep your mind and body healthy. Here are few important tips to keep your mind calm and relaxed.

1. Meditation


There are many meditational practices if practiced every day relieves you from stress and mental conditions. Meditation clears stressful thoughts and in turn, provides you peace of mind. Performing meditation regularly make you less resistant to stress.

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2. Be Grateful

Shift your mind from what bothers you or stressful thoughts and concentrate on being grateful. Developing an attitude of gratitude totally shifts your mind and makes you happy instead of being stressed. Challenges and criticism are part of life, focus on a positive life full of gratitude.

3. Decompress

Place a warm compress on your neck and shoulders for 10 minutes. Close your eyes and relax your body. Remove the compress and use a foam ball to massage your body. It will release the stress and make you comfortable and relaxed.

4. Brush Your Hair

 Brush Your Hair

It doesn’t matter how many time you have brushed your hair. Brushing your hair one more time will help you to relieve stress.

5. Laugh Out Loud

Laughter therapy is really a good remedy to relieve stress. It provides workout to muscles and also promotes production of endorphin. A good laughter strengthens immune system, diminishes pain, protects from stress and is also a great antidote of pain. It also keeps away conflicts and anger.

6. Reach Out

Reach out simply means to communicate with someone to help them or to involve them in something, or to do some efforts for other people. Your social group is a great help in coping with stress. It relieves stress and tension and also makes you happy.

7. Try Art Therapy

 Try Art Therapy

Art is a form of medication. Abstract images helps your mind to switch other things than your usual thoughts reducing the stress level.

8. Tune into Your Body

Focus on your body, and see how stress affects it everyday. Lie on your back, observe every part and think about them. You can also sit with the feet on floor. Start from the toes to the head and notice how your body feels.

9. Aromatherapy

Essential oils are natural stress buster relieving body and mind from stress. There are several ways in which you can use essential oils for their aromatherapeutic powers. They can be added to your bath rituals or can be diffused at home using a diffuser. Some essential oils can be used by simply putting a drop or two on your pillow or on your handkerchief and gently letting the aroma work.

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10. Sleep


Taking enough sleep is really important for healthy working of mind. It strengthens the immune system and promotes healthy state of mind. Lack of sleep can lead to anxiety and depression.

11. Eat Mood-Boosting Foods

Eating unhealthy food can make your state of mind worse. Consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables really helps you to change your mood and stress level.

12. Count Backward

Counting backward is also a way of relaxing. Count from 1 to 10 and then count backwards to calm down. It will help you to relax and calm your mind.

13. Meet Friends And Laugh

Meet Friends And Laugh

Socialising with your friends is a real stress buster. Meeting your loved ones once a week or talking with them frequently helps you to get relief from stress. Also, laughing with them will boost your energy and lower the stress hormone.

14. Try Progressive Relaxation

Progressive muscles relaxation is an exercise done to get rid of anxiety, stress and Insomnia. It also relieves from nervousness and keeps you relaxed in stressful conditions. It is also a good method to fall asleep.

15. Close Your Eyes

Closing your eyes for few minutes calms you mind and provides relaxation. Quick break from your busy schedule helps you to reduce stress.

16. Try Acupressure

 Try Acupressure

Acupressure helps to reduce tension. It balances fluid circulation and energy level in body. Use thumb and forefinger to gently massage the area between thumb and forefinger of other hand. You can also use some lavender oil for more relaxation.

17. Be Positive

Staying positive at the end of the day is really important. Being positive and happy for whatever you are doing keeps you away from stress.

18. Give Yourself A Massage

Giving yourself an easy and quick massage helps you to relax. Massage is really helpful for people who stay in same position for hours. Apply some lotion and massage your hands gently to make yourself relaxed.

19. Drip Cold Water On Your Wrists

 Cold Water On Your Wrists

Whenever you feel stressed, pour some drops of cold water on your wrist and behind your earlobes. It calms the arteries and helps you to relax.

20. Squeeze A Stress Ball

Squeezing a stress ball is an easy and helpful way to reduce stress and tension. Just press a stress ball gently with your hands to get relief from tension anytime and anywhere.

21. Exercise

Aerobic exercises are very beneficial for mind. They calms the mind, fights against depression and keeps your body and mind fresh and healthy. Exercise reduces the level of adrenaline and cortisol and promotes the production of endorphins that stimulates the feeling of relaxation.

22. Listen Your Favourite Song

Listen Your Favourite Song

Researches have shown that listening to your favourite music lowers blood pressure, heart rate and stress up to a great extent.

23. Have Some Relaxing Time Alone

Spending time alone and doing things for own self makes us positive and reduces the stress level. Keep at least ten minutes of every day for yourself to stay more healthy and tension free.

24. Get Organized

Stacks of uncoordinated objects can make your mind heavy. Organising things quickly by taking few minutes makes you stress free and relaxes your mind.

25. Do A Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Puzzle

Performing cross word puzzles needs lots of concentration. It diverts mind and puts away the stress. You can try crossword puzzle whenever you are feeling stressed and can experience the result easily.

26. Take A Quick Walk

When you are feeling stressed or troubled, just have a quick walk. It will refresh your mind and keep you stress free and will also increases your concentration level.

27. Try Aromatherapy

We can use scent and other good odour to treat stress. Aromas trigger our sense of smelling through olfactory nerve located near limbic centre of brain, which is a centre of stress alarm system, leading to a stress free relaxed mind.

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28. Smell Some Flowers

Smell Some Flowers

If you are angry or upset, flowers are very helpful to change your mood. Keep a jar full of flowers near your desk and it will always keep you happy and healthy.

29. Look Out The Window

If you are having a hectic schedule, just look outside a window for few minutes. Looking at nature and the sceneries will make you feel at peace.

30. Sniff Citrus

Inhaling citrus helps in reducing the level of stress hormone norepinephrine and makes you feel relaxed and stress free.

31. Nose Full Of Coffee

 Nose Full Of Coffee

Smelling odour of coffee can help you to remain stress free. After waking up, smell latte everyday but make sure to not burn your nose.

32. Find The Sun

Bright sunlight is an effective remedy for busting stress. Basking in the sun for sometime reduces stress and tension and is also a great solution for depression.

33. Use Creative Visualisation

Daydreaming can actually help you to get out of stressful conditions. Creative visualisation of things and incidents makes us feel happy and stress free. It quickly boosts mood when suffering from anxiety and tension.

34. Dance


Dancing is a natural way to get rid of a stressful condition. Dance on your favourite tune to get instant relief from stress and anxiety.

35. Start Planning A Vacation

Thinking about your favourite place and planning a vacation is a great way to divert your mind and relax. Checking on some new holiday spots and places will make your mind fresh.

36. Stretch

Stretching your body heals muscle tension and relax the body from a busy stressful day. Just keep some minutes for stretching everyday to relax.

37. Cuddle With A Pet

Spending Time With Pet

After a rough day, cuddling and playing with pets makes you happy and stress free . It can also reduce tension and depression.

38. Write It Down

Writing down your emotions on diary or some paper helps you to get relief from stressful thoughts. Also, writing down what you have learnt increases the chances of remembering it.

39. Remember To Breathe

Give yourself some rest and concentrate on your breath. Sit straight with closed eyes and put your hands on your belly. Slowly inhale through your nose and exhale through mouth. Concentrate on the pathway of breath. It slow downs the heart rate and blood pressure, reducing the amount of stress.

40. Do Some Yoga


Yoga includes many practices such as breathing, that relax the body. It improves physical and mental health of a person and relieves you from stress and other mental conditions.

How To Maintain A State Of Relaxation?

When you have learnt how to relax within few minutes, it is really important to learn how to maintain a state of peace and relaxation when you encounter stress in future. Adding some quick changes to your lifestyle will help you to deal with stress more wisely and become less reactive to it. Most of the people think that they can tackle stress just by ignoring it, but this is not true.

Following are some points that will help you to maintain a stress free state of relaxation.

  • Maintain a low stress lifestyle with proper nutrition and healthy diet. Perform regular exercise or yoga regularly to remain healthy, mentally and physically.
  • Develop relationships, spend more time with people and get involved with them. Spending time with friends and family will keep you stress free and happy.
  • Changing your view can make a lot of difference to you and to your health. Be more generous to people. Think positively and adopt gratitude to avoid stress and tension.

How Stress Affects On Your Body

  • Stress can bring many changes in body. It can be cured easily, but when exists for a long period of time, becomes chronic that can lead to many negative changes throughout the body. Here are some of the common changes that occur when we suffer from stress.
  • During stress, hypothalamus triggers adrenaline gland to producte more adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones increase heart beat and blood pressure.
  • During chronic stress when blood pressure is very high, there are chances of stroke and heart attack.
  • Smooth muscles get relaxed to provide oxygen to lungs during stress.
  • When suffering from stress, body produces extra sugar to enhance energy.
  • Pupils get dilated to take maximum light.
  • There are chances of upset stomach which can lead to acid reflux and can also cause diarrhoea and vomiting.
  • Suffering from stress, muscles do not gets enough time to relax. It causes headache, shoulder pain and body ache.
  • Short term stress can lead to more production of testosterone in males. However, chronic stress lowers the amount of testosterone resulting in less sperm production and impotence.
  • In women, stress affects the menstrual cycle and makes it irregular, heavier and painful. Stress can also affect symptoms of menopause.
  • Stress can boost up the immune system at first. But after some time, it weakens the immune system and lowers the response of body towards antigens.
  • People suffering from stress are more prone to cough and illness. Stress can also increase the time of recovery.
  • Focus of brain shifts to only one task, concentration becomes really hard when suffering from any kind of stress.




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