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Impact of Today's Lifestyle on Our Skin and the Solutions

How you live your life dictates our health and our looks. An unhealthy lifestyle will not only affect our internal health but will also affect the health of our skin. Lack of sleep, anxiety, stress, living and eating unhealthy can lead to a bunch of skin problems, some deeper and more problematic than just dullness in our looks.

How Does Stress Affect Your Skin?

Stress is a part of everyone's life. It’s impossible to avoid stress but it is also very much required to manage your stress and keep it within healthy limits. If not managed properly, it starts to show and the effects of stress on face and skin are numerous. Here are a few ways that stress can affect the way you look, and how to manage it -

1. Under-Eye Bags

When you have a lot of things on your mind, it can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep. This actually leads to a buildup of under-eye bags. Your lower eyelids get swollen and puffy and your entire face starts feeling heavier and the need for sleep will hamper your day's activities.

How To Cope With It

  • The best way to cope with it is to get a good night‚Äôs sleep, at least for 8 hours.
  • Do not use any electronic devices like a laptop or a phone before going to sleep. The light from the device‚Äôs screen can cause problems to sleep if used immediately before sleeping.
  • Make yourself a cup of chamomile tea to help you relax before sleeping.
  • Still suffering from puffy eyes? just use a cold spoon to massage your under-eye area from the inner to the outer corner of the eye. You can make the spoon cool by keeping it for a couple of minutes in the refrigerator. Be sure to be very careful while attempting this and avoid hurting your eyes.

2. Dry, Flaky Skin

If you’re stressed it’s likely that you will skip the water and drink coffee or soda instead. Coffee especially is a diuretic and should not be had in place of water. If you do not hydrate your body properly the effects will be visible on your skin. Your skin will start getting dry and flaky.

How To Cope With It

  • The best way to cope with it is to drink at least 8 glass of water a day.
  • Have green tea since it has antioxidants and water to keep your skin healthy.
  • Wash your face at least twice a day with a natural face wash.

3. Rashes

Stress can cause a physiological imbalance of good bacteria in your gut called dysbiosis. This leads to an increase in the frequency of rashes or hives on your skin.

How To Cope With It

  • Breathing exercises can help with your stress and reduce the frequency of appearance of rashes.
  • Take medical grade probiotics after consulting with your doctor to help balance the good bacteria in your gut.

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4. Fine Lines

Stress can cause you to repeatedly make certain facial expressions such as pursing your lips and furrowing your brows. This can lead to wrinkles and fine lines materializing in these areas.

How To Cope With It

  • Try to avoid these facial expressions and keep your facial muscles relaxed.
  • Try home remedies to fight wrinkles and fine lines, which will work to reduce wrinkles and keep your skin healthy.

5. Heal Slower

In cases of severe stress, our immunity might get affected and hinder the natural healing process of the skin. This will result in wounds healing slower and increase the risks of getting scar marks from the wound.

How To Cope with it

  • Treat your wound regularly with turmeric or any other ingredient that is high in antiseptic properties.
  • Give yourself adequate time for recovery from the wound and do not stress, stretch the muscles near the wound.

6. Acne

Acne flare-ups can occur if you are stressed out. Stress releases cortisol which can lead to a hormonal imbalance in your body leading to an increase in acne breakouts.

How To Cope With It

  • Use breathing exercises to keep your stress and anxiety in check.
  • A well-balanced diet and drinking plenty of water are important to reduce acne flare-ups.

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How Does Lack Of Sleep Affect Your Skin?

It’s necessary to get quality sleep in order to maintain your overall health. Incomplete and poor sleep patterns can lead to an increase in levels of stress hormones in your body. This can, in turn, affect your skin health. Some of the problems caused by lack of sleep include -

1. Worsens Skin Conditions

Lack of sleep can cause an increase in inflammatory skin conditions such as increased acne breakouts, increased skin sensitivity, increased allergic reactions causing rashes to occur, etc.

2. Skin Becomes To Look Dull And Lifeless

Increased inflammation can lead to a breakdown of collagen and hyaluronic acid present in skin cells. These molecules are responsible for giving the skin its natural glow and beauty.

3. Increase In Immune-Related Skin Conditions

Lack of sleep can cause improper regulation of the immune system. This leads to an increase in skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis which are immune related.

4. Weight Gain

Sleep deprivation is linked to excess snacking which results in weight gain. All in all a good night’s sleep will help you manage your weight more efficiently.

5. Accelerates Ageing

Improper sleep will lead to an acceleration of skin ageing. Sleep allows the damaged cells of your body to be repaired so incomplete sleep will allow these cells to accumulate over time instead of being repaired by a good night’s sleep.

How To Get Good Night Sleep

  1. Drink plenty of water throughout the day but avoid drinking it just before sleeping.
  2. Avoid looking at screens before sleeping.
  3. Don’t have a big meal for dinner.
  4. Sleep under a warm blanket in a cool and dark room for a good night’s sleep.
  5. Use clean cotton sheets for sleeping. Make sure that they are regularly washed.
  6. Don’t use detergents containing strong fragrances as they can be irritating to the skin.

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How Does Drinking Water Enhance Skin Health?

Water is the main constituent of our body, in fact, at least 60 per cent of our body is comprised of water. So, drinking plenty of water daily is good for your overall health including your skin health.

Why Is Water Important For Skin?

Water is one of the main constituents of the cells of your body, this includes the skin cells. Without a sufficient amount of water, the skin will get dry and flaky and it will be more prone to commonly occurring skin conditions likes rashes, wrinkles and allergic reactions due to contact dermatitis. So it’s important to keep your skin hydrated to ensure proper skin health but just drinking plenty of water will not help.

Ways For Adding Water To Skin

  • Apply a moisturizer to the skin a couple of minutes after having a bath.
  • Use creams with hyaluronic acid before using a moisturizer.
  • Drink more water to keep yourself hydrated.

What Exercises Should You Do For A Healthy And Glowing Skin?

Living properly is the way to go to keep yourself and your skin healthy. The benefits of exercising go beyond Just follow these exercises to get glowing skin -

1. Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises will help you relax, eliminate stress and help with proper circulation. This will ultimately help you maintain healthy skin. While maintaining a straight pose try to control your breathing. Start doing this for five minutes twice a week before increasing its frequency.

2. Yoga

Doing Yoga, especially Shirshasana, a yoga pose also called a headstand, can help you get a glowing skin. It is important that one does yoga the right way and make sure to enrol to a yoga class to get professional assistance.

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3. Massage Your Face

Giving your face a relaxing massage using your index fingers around your eyes and forehead is a great way to make your skin firm and healthy. This facial exercise can be done multiple times a day.

4. Cardio Workout

A good cardio exercise like running will help you get a glowing skin. Sweating opens up tiny arteries present on your skin which allows more blood to reach your skin which in turn helps to improve your skin health.




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