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Keratin Treatments And Hair Coloring : What Should Be Your First Choice?

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Bring in the Keratin! Keratin treatments are booming up in popularity as one of the semi-permanent hair straightening methods to smoothen and add shine to frizzy hair… But what are they and how are they related to hair color? Let’s find out!

What Is A Keratin Treatment?

Keratin hair treatment

It is basically a protein that we find in hair, skin, nails etc. and is used in haircare products. 

You’d think a keratin hair treatment must be something like injecting keratin in your hair or something but no. In a keratin treatment, a glyoxylic acid or formaldehyde solution is used on your hair to reseal hair bonds in a better way. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Keratin Treatment?

Benefits Of A Keratin Treatment

There are many benefits of a keratin hair treatment. Keratin will strengthen your hair and reduce breakage. Some have also reported that keratin treatments have also helped them grow hair better than before as their ends aren’t splitting or breaking. Also, keratin reduces frizz, which basically translates to more manageable hair. And those split ends you probably have, keratin bonds back the hair temporarily and thus reduces the look of split hair. Other than that it protects the hair from humidity, reduces texture, adds shine and so on… So yay! Keratin for the Win!!!

Keratin Treatment Or Hair color : Which One To Get First?

So let’s imagine that after reading the above mentioned benefits of keratin treatment, you decide to get a keratin treatment. You call up, let’s say, Sneha, your loyal hair stylist and get your keratin treatment done. And it was perfect. Perfect. Down to the last minute detail. Right after that, you remember that you needed to get your favorite hair color done as well. You immediately ask Sneha to get your hair color done. Sneha is flabbergasted at such a decision and will immediately say no because she’s really good at the job.

Why would she say no tho? Well that’s because having your hair colored right after a keratin treatment is a terrible idea and one that you shouldn’t go with. So keep your semi-permanent hair color, your colored hair ideas and your lovely notion of a balayage color or an ombre hair color that really highlights hair in a lovely way at rest for a two weeks duration and then go ahead with the hair coloring fiasco!

What If I Got Keratin Treatment Before Hair Color?

Hair Color

Now let’s say Sneha wasn’t there at work for that day and she got a sub at work called Neha who’s new to the job. You decide to trust her work and let her cook because for some reason your trust issues didn’t kick in today. She does the keratin treatment first and then as per your request immediately colors your hair. What happens next? The results are but a disaster only. It doesn’t matter if it's a hair color for men or hair color for women, the results will be just… abominable. Your hair might start looking uneven, rough, patchy and maybe your hair won’t even be able to take in the color the way it was meant to. So what’s next? Do we fire Neha or persuade Sneha that it’s fine (despite being absolutely torn apart inside) since it is Neha’s first time? Welp, the answer is easy. Stop imagining.

Before we move on to the next topic, we do hope that you got a gist of what will happen if you get your hair colored after a keratin hair treatment. Just please refrain from doing so and everything’s alright and you’ll have a peaceful life. And remember, the two week wait before getting your hair colored is super important!

Will Getting A Keratin Treatment Right After A Hair Color Fade It?

Hair Color Fade

To put it simply, yes. A keratin treatment right after a color will fade it but it’ll be a slight change only and not so drastic. Only the shade will go a bit lighter than what it was but it’s something you can easily say “It is what it is” and move on. So there’s nothing to worry about there. Having a keratin treatment after a hair color is pretty good though as the keratin coating will protect your hair. So yes, you can now bring out your semi-permanent hair color, your colored hair ideas and your lovely notion of a balayage color or an ombre hair color that really highlights hair in a lovely way and go to Sneha! Wait, she was fictional wasn’t she? Just go to whichever competent stylist you know of for the keratin treatment. But if that trip was a bore and now you want to color your hair in a fun way yourself, then you can go for our range of semi-permanent hair colors. Remember, if you want your hair colors to be fun, Colorisma will get it done!!


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Can I Do Both Together?

If Neha possessed the intellect and arms of an octopus, then yes she would have been able to do them together. But since she is only a human and new to the job, she will not be able to do so. And as we mentioned before, do not color your hair after a keratin treatment for two weeks.

We hope this blog was a fun read for you and that we were able to summarize up about keratin treatments and hair coloring. Thank you and stay tuned!




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