Benefits and Uses Lavender Essential Oil

Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil - Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

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What is Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil?

Native to Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Lavender is a part of the lavender family (Lavandula vera). The level of air humidity, ample precipitation and loamy soils make the land perfect for the cultivation of this plant. Due to this reason, mass cultivation is quite easy, making Bulgaria one of the world’s largest producers of this particular type of lavender oil.

Lavender has been used as a natural insecticide and for fragrance since the times of the ancient Persians. It is also effective in treating stomach cramps and constipation. Being the key ingredient of an old lice treatment, it is also said to soothe the scalp of dryness and inflammation.

How is Bulgarian Lavender Oil Different from Regular Lavender Oil?

Bulgarian Lavender is one of the most popularly sought varieties of Lavender. So is its oil. The weather conditions for growing the plant is perfectly suited, therefore tending to a better yield with consistency.

Bulgarian Lavender also has a deeper and more fixative scent, than the other varieties of lavender. At the end of the day, all of these varieties are used for different reasons depending on the specific needs of that particular fragrance or product.

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What are Uses of Bulgarian Lavender Oil?

Bulgarian lavender oil provides lustre to the skin, balance to the body and keeps the mind calm. It is one of the essential parts of your wellness and relaxation kit. You can always find it is diffused in all the spas as it is one of the most popular oils for aromatherapy. It has a tonne of uses at home as well. People use Bulgarian lavender oil for skin, hair, sleep and relaxation benefits.

Here is a list of ways the Bulgarian Lavender Oil will come of use. Remember that pure Bulgarian lavender oil is highly concentrated, and need to be diluted (1-2% essential oil) with a suitable carrier oil (coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil etc.) if you're planning to use it on skin or hair or anywhere on your body topically. Essential oils can also be mixed with a suitable solvent in higher concentrations (5-10%) for use in the home. Refer to the specific recipes or consult experts and reputed sources for more information on the dilution.

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1. Respiratory Issues

Lavender Essential Oil for Respiratory Issues

We have all been down with a little bit of cold, cough and flu at points of our life. While it is advisable to take a doctor's opinion whenever a problem is severe, many times minor discomforts can be treated at home itself, without popping medicines into your body. Lavender oil is one of the ingredients people keep in their wellness cabinets to battle such respiratory symptoms.

You can either put a drop of lavender oil on your pillow or handkerchief and gently inhale or add a drop in your steam inhalation for the best results. The oil helps to strengthen your immune system and flush out toxins and bacteria simultaneously. It is definitely useful to keep a bottle of Bulgarian Lavender Oil in your wellness cabinet through the winter and around the flu season.

2. Treats Dandruff

This essential oil is a potent antibacterial and antifungal agent. It has an effect on the skin’s thermal. Itchiness or irritation caused by dandruff can be cured with Tea tree oil and  Bulgarian Lavender essential oil. It helps soothe the skin and mind. It has a significant impact on the health of the skin’s thermal layer and hair follicles. Use it by massaging your scalp with a mixture of 2% lavender oil in your favourite carrier oil for hair. Or mix a few drops in your daily shampoo before and use.

3. Improves Sleep Disorder 

Lavender Oil for Improving Sleep Disorder

Lack of adequate sleep can have very damaging consequences on your health and life in general. Studies have shown that irregular sleeping patterns and insufficient sleep on a regular basis can lead to the development of various illnesses and chronic ailments. This can range from a weak immune system and weight gain to more serious issues like depression or cancer. Hence it is vital to ensure that your body gets enough and adequate rest as it is a very important facet of a healthy lifestyle. It is advisable to stay away from sedatives when you have a problem sleeping unless recommended by a doctor. Instead, inhaling a few drops of Bulgarian lavender oil in steaming water should calm you down and induce a long, peaceful sleep through the night. After a week of good sleep, you will find that your mood is automatically better and you have a better hold on life.

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4. Improves Mood

Lavender oil has been seen to help battle anxiety and depression. To relieve stress, put a diffuser by your bed while you sleep at night or through the day when you are working. It can also be rubbed topically behind your ears, after diluting it to 1-2% level with a suitable carrier oil, for similar benefits.

5. Pain Relief

Lavender Oil To Treat Pain

Bulgarian lavender Oil is widely known as an effective, natural analgesic or pain reliever. It has been included in remedies to relieve general pain and headaches in particular. Since oil is easily absorbed into the bloodstream and can penetrate beneath the surface of the skin it is widely used as a muscle relaxant. It is effective on rheumatoid pain including joints, spasms, and sprains. Make a 3-5% blend of Bulgarian Lavender Oil in a carrier oil and massage. It is an essential addition to your duffle bag if you exercise or hike on a regular basis.

6. Removes Bad odour

Be it body odour or just a musty room at hand, lavender oil is an effective answer. Everyone has a signature smell that isn’t necessarily bad. But if the scent is too strong, then something has to be done. Regular baths with a few drops of Lavender Oil in your water can improve situations drastically. You use this essential oil to improve the fragrance of your clothes. Also, diffusing this oil can help reverse a musty place be it a car or a room.

7. Treat Acne

Lavender Oil To Treat Acne

Lavender oil makes a great skin toner. It can easily be applied topically on your skin after diluting with a carrier oil. Apply the mixture with a cotton swab after your normal facial routine. The oil consists of rich natural antioxidants that get rid of any lingering toxins on your skin. This keeps your skin clean and healthy. It also helps to stimulate blood flow underneath the skin. This can results in more radiant skin with continual use, over time. This lavender oil is also effective in healing and removing blemishes and scars. By removing the dead skin cells and fighting bacteria, it allows your facial pores to breathe, thus preventing buildup and pimple outbreaks. Check here to know more about the best way to cure acne and pimples with different essential oils like lavender oil.

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8. Promotes Blood Circulation

Lavender oil works to promote better blood flow and circulation by relaxing the blood vessels. It also helps flush out toxins from the body that in turn leads to better overall health and improved blood flow throughout the body. You can either use it by diffusing, topical application or adding the oil to your water while taking bath. Blood circulation is often overlooked, but you will definitely realize its importance once your health drastically improves.

9. Insect Repellent

Lavender Essential Oil for Insect Repellent

If you love spending time outdoors, then you will know how important it is to have a good insect repellent in hand. Being bitten by insects can be irritating and even harmful sometimes. So, avoiding insect bites are a dire necessity.

Most of the repellents in the market have harmful chemicals that can cause a reaction when applied to your skin. Bulgarian Lavender oil is a highly recommended alternative that is natural and healthy. The oil’s scent is strong and fixative, meaning it is long-lasting. Apart from the direct application, another alternative would be to use them in DIY candles. When burned, it acts as an effective insect repelling with a great fragrance. If you want to avoid using chemical-based insect repellents, also go through this list of best natural insect repellents in the market.

10. Fights Hair Lice

There are many natural ways to get rid of lice. Lavender oil is very effective for combing out lice. You can dilute and apply it to the special lice comb and comb out your hair part by part. The strong scent of the oil repels head lice. An alternative would be to use Lavender Shampoo. You can add a few drops of lavender oil to your usual shampoo before applying it to your hair. Using the shampoo will help repel lice once you’ve gotten rid of them. But for significant results, you need to repeat this treatment for at least a week.

Bulgarian Lavender Oil Side Effects and Precautions

Like anything else, too much of Bulgarian lavender oil can be bad for you. Although Bulgarian Lavender oil is considered safe and non-toxic for many treatments, it is needed to be used with some precautions. Here are a few side effects to keep an eye on.

  • It is best to avoid this essential oil during pregnancy and on children under the age of 8. Although it is natural, it is still very potent and can affect your kid’s hormonal balance. So, it is best to consult a doctor before you use them during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Using too much of the oil can lead to an upset stomach or recurring headaches. So balance and regulation of doses are very vital.
  • Sometimes, there can be an allergic reaction towards this Lavender Oil. So, it is best to patch test the oil on a small area of your our skin before you use it properly. If you experience any sort of allergy, it is best to stay away from the essential oil.

If you keep these things in mind and use the oil responsibly, you shouldn’t have any glitches or problems!




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