Menopausal Skin, What Is It, And How To Deal With It?

Menopausal Skin, What Is It, And How To Deal With It?

The movie world often has stereotyped menopausal women as angry ladies having hot flashes, mood swings, and going through a major mid-life crisis, but honestly, there is a lot more than that. The big M-word is often avoided in the female community, just like Voldemort's name in Hogwarts, but it's important to wake up and smell the coffee. Not sensitively addressing menopause has already caused a lot of damage, and it's time that we sit up and acknowledge it as an important part of a woman's life and embrace it.

Most women associate menopause with old age and with women's desire to remain eternally youthful; it often is a taboo subject. However, talking about it can ease any stress related to it. These days women are experiencing menopause in their 30s, which is a major cause of concern but needs to be dealt with.

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Menopause brings with itself a myriad of hormonal changes which affect the body in a variety of ways. Hormones play a major role in controlling our appearance, mood, and overall wellbeing, and menopause can bring a lot of change in a woman's life.

So, What Is Menopause, And What Is All The Fuss Around It? 

First of all, let's clarify what menopause is. When a woman misses her period for 12 months at a stretch, it is usually considered menopause. The average age for it to happen is around the late 40s to early 50s; however, as mentioned above, certain women experience it earlier or later. The body is like any other machine, and it slows down because it is constantly working. The ageing of the ovaries can certainly cause the hormones to go into a tizzy! The results may not be too noticeable initially, but you will certainly start seeing changes in your temperament, skin, hair, and health over time.

So How Does It Affect The Skin? 

Our main point of discussion is the impact of menopause on a woman's appearance. Well, for starters, the signs of ageing become a little too prominent. The body reduces its production of collagen, which keeps the skin firm and plump. Likewise, the layer of fat under the skin starts depleting too. In such a scenario, anti-ageing skin won't cut it; a lifestyle change is required.

At this stage, it is imperative to accept that the skin of your 20s won't come back. However, you can maintain healthy skin even in your 40s and 50s to make it look good. Fine lines and wrinkles are the signs of your experiences and struggles in your life, which you should own with pride.

Signs Of Menopausal Skin, And How Can You Remedy Them? 

There are several signs of menopausal skin, and everyone will experience their variation of it. If you are lucky and blessed with good genetics, you might not experience any of it, but it's better to be safe than sorry and start taking care from the onset of your menopausal years.

1. Dryness 

Most women in their late 40s and early 50s complain of dryness, flakiness, and itchiness in their skin. With age, the activity of the oil glands subsides, leading to dryness. Apart from drinking plenty of water, a great way to ensure smooth, glowing skin is to use a heavy-duty moisturizer loaded with ceramides and emollients. While retinol is considered the holy grail of anti-ageing skincare, it can have a counteractive effect on ageing skin if it is not complemented by a decadent cream. Plus, don't overload the skin with retinol as it reduces the skin's ability to form its own lipids. Having a nice skin barrier to keep your epidermis hydrated is always a good idea. Restoring moisture can replenish the skin, making it firm and youthful; therefore, always use humectants and ceramides in your skincare routine.

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2. Acne And Hyperpigmentation 

This is a common problem with women of color. The appearance of dark circles, hollowness under the eyes, hyperpigmentation around the mouth or on the cheeks are major problems with women hitting menopause. Acne is yet another issue which women experience during this phase. Most women experience an outbreak on the lower part of the face around the jaw. Unfortunately, acne is not a problem related to puberty, it is related to hormones and lifestyle; therefore, it can bother you even in your 40s and 50s. Menopause can exacerbate acne because the dry skin membrane causes skin buildup on the surface, giving room for acne-causing bacteria to germinate. This can trigger flare-ups. Using topical ingredients such as salicylic and glycolic acid can heal acne and reduce redness. Apart from that, DIY solutions such as a turmeric mask, rose water, and fullers earth and aloe vera can also help.

3. Sun Damage 

All those years of going sans sunscreen start showing signs once you hit your late 30s. Years of sun exposure catch up to us, so if you are in your 20s and reading this, please pledge to befriend the sunscreen, and you will thank us later. Sun is not your friend when it comes to ageing, so you must incorporate a good sunscreen gel into your routine. Covering up your skin diligently with SPF will yield its many benefits.

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4. Fine lines And wrinkles 

Skin sagging is inevitable, but there are ways with which you can maintain the plumpness of your skin. Crow's feet and lines around the lips are really common. Using acids sparingly can help in maintaining the cell turnover rate. Massaging the skin with rosehip oil also really helps, and there are a variety of facials that can give your skin a lift. Cosmetic procedures are not the only solution to preserving your skin. Instead, a lifestyle change combined with a good skincare regime will help maintain the youthfulness of the skin.


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Skin Assessment Is key To Maintaining Youthful Skin 

It is always a good idea to maintain rather than reclaim your skin. Emphasizing the right skincare regime coupled with appropriate lifestyle changes can certainly amp up your skin game. Amidst all this, acceptance of the changes is a major tool that will help you acknowledge what your body is going through and embrace it, while working in the direction of improvement.




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