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Semi-permanent And Temporary Hair Colors: What's The Difference?

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Are you looking to change your hair color game without the commitment of getting into a full-blown hair color change? Temporary and semi-permanent hair colors are there for your rescue. But what is the difference between the two? We turned to the experts in the industry to get the deets on semi-permanent and temporary hair colors so that you can make an informed decision on which one is apt for your hair. This blog is for all the funky fashionistas who want to color their hair but are still deciding which one to choose among semi-permanent and temporary hair colors.

What Is a Semi-Permanent Hair Color?

Semi-permanent hair color is a method of temporarily coloring your hair without undergoing the pain of dying your hair permanently. It does not change the structure of your hair. It fades hair color fades away after 7-10 washes, so your hair is again ready for new hair color. Semi-permanent hair color is a colored pigment that colors the pre-lightened or pre-bleached hair. Within a couple of weeks, you can try all your favorite colors depending on your mood and occasion. It provides 100% grey hair coverage. You can try funky colors like red hair color and neon yellow color for a night out with friends and cool colors like purple and blue for a family get-together. You have the liberty to choose a color that keeps you in high spirits. If the idea of flaunting purple hair or blue hair makes you feel excited, then why hesitate?


Semi-permanent hair color

• Free from harmful chemicals.
• Repairs hair-bonds as your colors.
• lasts 8 - 10 washes.
• Works best on pre - lightened hair.

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What Is Temporary Hair Color?

Temporary hair colors are large molecules that deposit on the surface of the cuticles of your strands, i.e., the outermost layer of your hair, which get washed away on shampooing. Temporary hair color is the best way to play with color without a long-term commitment. Temporary hair color can up your hair color game. It improves your hair's shine, texture and tone without damaging it. The best part of temporary hair color is that it doesn't require to be mixed with any developer. It is available in hair creams, mousse, hair spray, rinses and conditioner treatments. If your hair is damaged, choose a temporary color with an intense bright tone. Blue hair or purple hair to camouflage the damage, adding a style statement to your hair.

Why limit the fun to just girls? There are trendy hair colors for men ranging from metallic hair colors such as red, silver, platinum or copper to subtle hues of silver, green, and chocolate brown. Nowadays, hair colors for men are in range and are the new style statement for men. Hair coloring is no longer limited to covering your grey hair; there is vast scope for experimenting with subtle hues, metallic colors and pastel shades on your hair.

On that note, why not check out the temporary hair color make up from Anveya Colorisma? They're 2 min hair colors coming in fabulous matte and metallic shades! 


Temporary hair colors

• Temporary, commitment - free. Wash off with your next wash.
• Unlimited looks for any mood.
• 2 -minutes DIY color application.
• No bleach, no dye, no damage.

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What Is The Difference Between Semi-Permanent And Temporary Hair Color?

When it comes to experimenting with hair color, you have two popular options to consider- Semi-permanent hair color and temporary hair color.

Temporary hair color that can be rinsed away in one wash. Basically, it is similar to a one-night stand. Semi-permanent hair color is a long-lasting option. It usually fades away in 8 to 10 washes, depending on how you take care of your colored hair. Semi-Permanent hair colors are like a casual relationship that lasts for a while. (Until you’re bored and need a change, of course!)

Temporary hair color coats the outer layer of the shaft and color your hair without damaging its structure and texture. It is the best option for those looking for commitment-free hair coloring solutions.

Semi-permanent hair colors are for anybody who is willing to go that extra mile to express their individuality fearlessly. You have got to pre-lighten your hair to attain the color and it changes your natural hair color.

Application time for Temporary hair color makeup is 2 minutes. Just 2 mins! However, Semi Permanent hair colors need 30 minutes to catch on your hair.

Let’s talk about stains! The hair coloring stains that temporary hair color makeup leaves can be wiped away using a wet wipe. However, the semi-permanent hair color stains gradually fade in a day or two.

Also, temporary hair color makeup can be applied anytime, anywhere. Since it doesn’t demand pre-lightening or anything. But semi-permanent hair colors are applied on pre-lightened hair and it’s better to apply them in the comfort of your home. It takes more time, patience and attention, if you want to look gorgeous as ever!

Whichever hair coloring option you choose, don't be afraid to experiment with different shades, from Electric Red to Neon Yellow to subtle Havana Teal and everything in between. Make your hair coloring session a one to remember. Express yourself fearlessly! The world of hair coloring has undergone a dazzling transformation, with vivid hues available to suit every mood and taste. Now you don’t have to compromise on boring, monotonous hair colors when you can make your own style statement. Damage isn’t even there in the picture with both the hair color types. How awesome is that? Keep exploring the new world of our hair colors; there are endless possibilities.




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