Plum Hair Color

These 9 Plum Hair Color Ideas Are The Hardest To Get Over!

We have good news for all our fellow hair-coloring community members! The warm and dark hair colors are making a comeback! If you have found yourself apprehensive about trying the icy hair color trends in the past, worry not, because the plum hair trend is taking the internet by storm! To hop on this trend, take inspiration from Katy Perry, Lupita Nyong’o, and Jesse J’s hairstyles that made the internet go, "OMG!"

What Is The Plum Hair Color Trend?

The plum hair color trend contains within itself a broad spectrum of plum and berry-like dark colors but often falls within a stormy hue in the purple color family or a deep and rich burgundy-red shade with a splash of violet tones. It is a combination of cool and warm tones that emits a very neutral appearance for hair colors that are on the lower levels. But for much lighter hair colors on the higher levels, it looks daring and vibrant. This hair color trend, as suggested by its name, is inspired by the color of the plum fruit. And if you’re looking forward to dialing up your hair game and switching it up to do something bold to step out of your comfort zone, this is the perfect hair color for you!

Here’s How You Can Achieve Plum Hair Color With Colorisma!

Interested in knowing how to achieve this look at home? Look no further; we have you covered!

  • To achieve this look, you gotta customize the shade. Mix up Anveya Colorisma's Madrid Red and Tokyo Purple to create a gorge plum shade.
  • Following your taste, adjust the two colors to land the plum shade of your liking!
  • Now do a strand test to see if you have achieved the shade you envisioned.
  • Apply the color to your dry, pre-lightened hair.
  • Leave it on for 25–30 minutes.
  • Wash the hair color out with conditioner after.


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Some Plum Hair Color Ideas We’re Loving!

Here are the top 9 plum hair color picks for you to be inspired by!

1. Eggplant Plum

If you want to try the plum hair color but want to be dramatic, this is your way to go! Try the shiny eggplant plum hair color to be noticed every time you step out.

Eggplant plumSource: Pinterest

2. Deep Plum

If you do not like challenging yourself too much, this might be a great choice for you. If you'd like to keep it professional while at the same time showcasing some cool colors, this could be your pick.

Deep plumSource: Pinterest

3. Light Plum

If you aren’t fond of dark plum shades and want to keep it light and breezy, go for the pastel plum. This hair color has a romantic appeal and breathes youthfulness.

Light plumSource: Pinterest

4. Plum Balayage

If you feel like an overall plum hair color looks flat and unnatural, we recommend you add highlights of plum color or add some color to your ends and leave your roots brown or black to retain the neutral effect.

Plum BalayageSource: Pinterest

5. Purple Plum

Plum hair colors are not just completely moody and dark; they have a fun and vibrant side too. While the purple adds vibrancy, the plum keeps it natural and smoggy, making the two indistinguishable.

Purple PlumSource: Pinterest

6. Raspberry Plum

Raspberry plums are very refreshing on short hairstyles, which scream, “I’m a rockstar!” And if you like to look like you have rocky beats in your veins, this is a trend worth chopping your hair for!

Raspberry PlumSource: Pinterest

7. Rose plum

Rose plums are all about incorporating those pastel pinks into your hair color. This plum is soft on the eyes, adds a tinker bell vibe to your appeal, and is not flashy at all.

Rose plumSource: Pinterest

8. Galaxy Plum

Galaxy, or the unicorn plum, is a fun color that is a combination of violet, purple, pink, and blueberry colors and offers the best of all plum colors in a single hairdo.

Galaxy PlumSource: Pinterest

9. Black To Fuchsia Ombre Plum

Fuchsia is a high-fashion color and if you’d like to incorporate that into your hair color this is the trend to follow! Get yourself a choppy haircut and spice up the choppy ends with bright fuchsia in an ombre.

Ombre plumSource: Pinterest

Now that you’ve seen all the inspiration for your newest plum hair, add Anveya  Colorisma’s Madrid Red and Tokyo Blue to your cart and embark on your plum hair journey right now!




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