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Kylie Jenner in the red wig is everything! Do you not want to be a dreamy redhead?

A Y2K comeback: All about the Viral Cherry Coke hair colour trend! Reading Kylie Jenner in the red wig is everything! Do you not want to be a dreamy redhead? 3 minutes Next These 9 Plum Hair Color Ideas Are The Hardest To Get Over!

Kylie Jenner, the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner family and a makeup mogul, took the internet back to her 2016 "King Kylie" era. King Kylie, defined by neon green hair, daring makeup looks, and an active social media presence, defined the lives of many tweens and teens at the time; as we say now, she was the vibe and she was the moment! However, Kylie has embodied the "clean girl" aesthetic as she has embraced motherhood since her pregnancy with Stormi in 2017 and subsequent social media detox. Her fuchsia hair has been replaced with a natural brunette, and skull rings and monster heels have been exchanged for cartiers and stilettos.

Red Hair

Source: Instagram

However, on April 22, during the second week of Coachella, Kylie returned as her King Kylie self, sporting a red hair-color waist-length wig with bangs. She accessorised her eccentric hair wig with Y2K-inspired black sunglasses, a peach crop top that doubled as gloves, and sheer pink pants.

However, the resurrection of King Kylie has many of us itching to reach for that fiery red hair dye pack once more! If you're one of them, I have good news for you: Ms. Kylie's look is also Khloe Kardashian-approved, as she commented on her sister's latest Instagram dump, writing, "I love when you go king Kylie."

Go RED like Kylie with Colorisma

Here is where we can help you! The perfect way to GO RED this summer's to try Anveya Colorisma! To go full Kook with the red hair and amp up your Instagram, try Colorisma’s Madrid Red. Here’s how you can do that!

  1. Get yourself a Madrid Red.
  2. Use a brush to apply the color to your dry, pre-lightened hair.
  3. Leave the semi-permanent hair color on for 25–30 minutes.
  4. Wash off the hair color with conditioner to achieve badass red hair!


Red Hair Color

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Now that you’ve become an officially Kylie-certified redhead, run along and embark on your very own King Kylie era! We’re are here to cheer you on in blues, greens and more colors if you decide to begin a hair coloring trend of your own.




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