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A Y2K comeback: All about the Viral Cherry Coke hair colour trend!

Social media has done it again, girlies! We have a comeback Y2K hair colour trend on our hands this summer, y’all! It's the famed cherry coke hair color, which was the "it"’ hair colour for women of the 90s and 2000s. A hair colour frenzy that was led by Christina Aguilera in the 2000s and then revived by our queen of pop and Fenty beauty owner Ms Riri (Rihanna) in her ‘Loud’ Era and then by Cheryl Cole in the 2010s. It was recently styled by the ‘savage’ Megan Thee Stallion and Keke Palmer in the previous summer. This celeb-approved red hair colour hue might just be the hair colour trend you need to dip your toes into this summer!

What is the cherry coke hair colour trend?

cherry coke hair

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The cherry Coke hair colour trend, also referred to as "black cherry hair," is a deep brown-on-black shade with red, burgundy, or violet undertones, i.e., a shade very similar to the cherry Coca-Cola. It is a very reddish-maroon that is very brunette but also belongs to the red hair colour family. The best part about this hair colour is that it looks good on absolutely everyone; it’s hard to come across photos of people who have not played with it. Another thing about this hair color is that it’s completely customizable and flexible; depending on your hair colour and skin tone, you can dial up the red pigment to add a pop or intensify the brown to tone down the fire to make it look more muted. This hair colour looks absolutely fantastic on anyone with brown eyes, because it adds warmth, making your eyes look more intense.

Is it as good as it sounds? Let’s take a look!

Thanks to how customizable this shade is, there are multiple ways to style this hair colour; it can either be a balayage, as shown below.


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A second option for this hair colour is highlights; keep scrolling for the inspiration!

Hair Color

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A third option is to go all in and color your whole hair from the root to the tips in your personally customized cherry Coke hair colour.

Colored Hair

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Red hair color

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How do I achieve a cherry-coke hair colour shade with Colorisma?

Hair Color Shade

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Wondering how to achieve this colour at home? Don’t look too far; we’ve got you!

Step 1: Let's create the hair colour; buy yourself brown hair colour and Anveya’s semi-permanent hair colour in the shade Madrid Red.


Red Hair Color

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• lasts 8 - 10 washes.
• Works best on pre - lightened hair.

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Step 2: Add two parts of brown hair colour for each part of ‘Madrid red’ hair color, i.e., mix the brown hair color and Madrid red in a 2:1 ratio and now you have the cherry coke hair colour!

Step 3: Do a strand test before you proceed and adjust the mixture according to your preference. Once you have the perfect blend of cherry coke colour to your liking, apply the mixture to your pre-lightened, dry hair.

Step 4: Section off your hair and saturate each section with the Colorisma semi-permanent hair colour mixture. Leave it on for 25–30 minutes.

Step 5: Wash your hair with a conditioner in normal water.

And there you go, you’ve got yourself a cherry Coke hair colour! Before we let you go, remember that cherry Coke hair colour requires good hair care, especially if you tend to spend a lot of time under the sun; hence, it's important to use hair color-protecting shampoo and conditioner if you’d like for your hair to stay cherry Coke instead of turning into a coke.




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