These Top 6 Hair Colours are Perfect for Indian Skin Tones

These Top 6 Hair Colors are Perfect for Indian Skin Tones

I could be red, I could be yellow, I could be, I could be purple, I could be green or pink or black or white, I could be any color you like! You must've heard this very popular song on Instagram reels. It celebrates the diversity of color and the beauty of choice. You could be any color you want, but, chances are certain colors will enhance your existing beauty. So if you are planning to glam up for the party season and wish to experiment with hair color, then you need to read ahead!

The latest trend among young people is to color their hair. Are you planning to get your hair colored, but confused about which one to choose among the plethora of shades available in the market. Not sure which shade will look best on you: subtle peachy pink, coffee brown, midnight blue, or auburn color?

Hair coloring can transform your look, giving you a drastic makeover, but the majority of people get their hair color wrong, which often leads to catastrophic results. It is natural to be sceptical when you are coloring your hair for the first time. Experts advise that before choosing your hair color, you should be aware of your skin tone. The right hair color can significantly alter your overall personality, making you look younger and more attractive.

Indian skin is versatile, and certain colors go best with a particular skin tone. For example, burgundy color, best suits people with wheatish skin tone. In this article, we will be discussing the appropriate colors for Indian skin tones.

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Identifying Your Skin Tone 

We all love experimenting with our hair and our looks. Choosing the right hair color can be a meticulous task, so you need to explore various hair shades to know which one suits your skin tone. But first of all, you need to be sure about your skin tone. The basic idea to choosing a suitable hair color is to understand the undertone of your skin, and then see what goes with it. Got confused? Doesn’t matter. We will help you out in identifying your undertone.

The first thing you should do is find a naturally well-lit spot in your home. The window can be the best option. Take a look at the color of your visible veins.

  • Warm undertones are characterized by green veins.
  • You have a neutral skin tone if your veins appear both blue and green.
  • You belong to a cooler skin tone family if your veins appear blue or purple.

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Hair Color Ideas For Various Skin Tones 

Natural black color is often considered blah, these days. Now hair colors are available in vibrant shades from electric green to aqua blue. But the sad truth is that not all hair colors suit everyone. What looks good for Caucasian women may not look good for Indian women.

While you keep experimenting with your hair color, make sure that it complements your skin tone. The hue of your tresses can indeed make or break your look. Here are a few tips that can help in selecting the right color for you.

  • You can choose a color that is one or two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color.
  • Choose a color that matches the color of your eyes.
  • Copper is a good choice for warm undertones. Walnut brown is good for those with cool undertones.

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Best Hair Colors For Your Skin Tone 

Now that you know your skin tone let's get right to talking about which hair color will best match your skin tone. The thumb rule for choosing the right hair color for you is to go against your skin tone. If you have a warmer skin tone, go for cooler shades and if you have a cooler skin tone, then choose a warmer shade.

Hair Color For Fair Skin Tone 

Ash brown shade is the best hair color for women with fair skin tone. It is also known as mushroom brown. Its silver and brown diffused notes would be the perfect complement to your black hair. Let's take a look at some other hair colors that complement fair skin.

1. Auburn 

Why not trick people into believing you're a natural redhead? Auburn color is apt for fair skin with pink undertones. This color has a balance of both warm and cool tones. It is a hue you cannot go wrong with if you have fair skin.

2. Golden Ombre 

How about trying a golden shade without going all the way in? If yes, then you should try out golden ombre hair color. Imagine weaving in the tints of honey and gold, resulting in a dramatic switch from black to golden. Golden ombre hair color is the latest trend among Indian women.

Hair Colors For Wheatish Skin Tone 

One of the best things about wheatish skin tones is that they are compatible with most hair colors.

1. Honey Blonde 

But if you are a person who loves experimenting with hair colors, then honey blonde can prove to be the best hair coloring partner. The combination of golden yellow and amber brown can give you a vibrant look. Sometimes just highlights are enough to give that extra oomph to your tresses.

2. Burgundy

The shades of red can do wonders for wheatish skin tone. Burgundy color works well for wheatish skin tone as you can never go wrong with this hair color. This wine-inspired color adds shine to your tresses, taking away a few years from your face, giving you a youthful glow.

Hair Colors For Dusky Skin Tone 

Some shades of brown work well for dusky skin tone. But before choosing a hair color you should take your skin tone into consideration. Chestnut brown is the most suitable hair color for women with a dusky skin tone.

1. Chestnut Brown 

When you weave in the warm hues of red with a subtle shade of brown, you get your desirable chestnut brown color. This hair color gives your tresses a dramatic makeover, giving your personality a boost.

2. Midnight Blue 

Think of the midnight sky with blue hues. Midnight blue shade complements well with dusky skin tone. It adds a subtle, cool look to your tresses.

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So if you’ve been rocking the same hair color for years and want a change, then you know which color to pick. While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing a hair hue, there are certain preferences that might come into play. You can either play it safe or go all out, it depends on your personality and how you embrace your hair’s evolution.

So if you are sure about riding the color train and wish to lighten those locks, then we are excited for you, just speak to your stylist, know about after-color hair care and set the correct expectations, so that embrace your new-look, new-me phase.




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