10 Editor approved skincare hacks you need to try this winter

10 Editor approved skincare hacks you need to try this winter

Don’t we all love the Paris filter on Instagram? Unfortunately, there is no real-life filter that can zap the zits, clarify the textural issues and convert dry, lacklustre skin to a glowing, radiant complexion in a swipe of a button. While winters bring with themselves the fuzzy socks and cozy sweater weather, it does also come in a packaged deal with dry skin, rough cuticles, flaky lips, and a myriad of skin woes.

If you too love winters but don’t like the onset of skin problems it brings, you are definitely at the right place! While we don’t promise any magic erasers like Facetune, our editor certainly has a few hacks up her sleeve that can prove to be very handy once the mercury starts dropping.

Let’s face it, who doesn’t love flaunting smooth, glowing cheeks, poreless skin, and a glowing complexion. While happy skin days seem to be a distant Utopia during the winters, there are ways in which you can get your glam on when the weather seems to be colder than your soul.

Skincare Is Imperative 

No matter the weather, you need to pay special care to your skin because we often slack on our regular skincare routine, and the result seems to be catastrophic at times. So, it’s crucial to have a regimen that you follow religiously and change when the weather transitions. So, let’s cut to the chase and find out 10 super easy skincare hacks that can breathe new life in your skin during the winters.

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1. Exfoliate And Radiate! 

Want to replicate the same glass-skin look that has become a bench-mark in Korean beauty? Well, start exfoliating. No, we are not asking you to go all ham with the scrub-dubba-rub-rub, but exfoliation is a must during winters because the dead skin cells get dry and flaky, making the skin look rough, textured, and unappealing. Use a chemical exfoliant like an AHA or a BHA or a combination of both to clarify the skin. However, it would help if you were mindful that you do not over-exfoliate your skin, as it can have negative implications. Try to keep exfoliation at a maximum of two times a week, and you will be good.

2. Care For Your Feet 

Feet perhaps receive minimal ROI compared to other body parts. They carry our weight throughout the day, but in turn, receive zero TLC. After returning from work, soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes, use a physical scrub, a brush, or a pumice stone to remove the dead skin cells, wash the feet and pat them dry. Apply petroleum jelly for a boost of moisturisation and cover your feet with socks. Not only will this keep your feet free from cracks, but it will keep you snug and comfy for hours when you go to bed!

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3. Resist The Urge For Hour-Long Hot Baths 

Yes, we know that taking a hot bath in a comfortable bathtub can take your daily woes away, but warm water has the ability to break down the surface lipids that keep the skin moisturised. Therefore, it is crucial that we don’t spend time contemplating about the day while comfortably lying in our bathtub and complete the entire or deal within 10 minutes. Even if you enjoy taking a shower, make sure that the water isn’t piping hot but lukewarm.

4. Try Lip Basting 

We know this might come across as a moderately new term to you, but trust us when we say that it works. The feeling of chapped lips is rather uncomfortable, and with Christmas around the corner, you surely don’t want to be caught under the mistletoe with lips that are peeling. A great way to combat this is by applying a thick layer of moisturiser or ointment on the lips and letting it sit for half an hour. This will smoothen the lips and remove all the dry flakes, making your lips beautifully irresistible.

5. Face Mask For The Win In Winter 

There are tons of face masks that you can use, but choosing one that will suit your skin, is crucial! A really good mask will be one that can moisturise and refresh the skin at the same time while adding a glow. A yogurt and oatmeal mask is godsent for those who have dry skin. Ingredients like yogurt, honey, oatmeal, chickpea, fresh cream, essential and carrier oils work well to keep the skin lit-from-within. Over-the-counter masks can also be very helpful in combating winter-induced skin dullness. Peels with AHAs and BHAs, and water sleeping masks, seem to do the trick. Irrespective of whether you have acne-prone skin, dry, oily or combination skin, you must incorporate a good mask in your weekly pamper schedule.

6. Switch From A Water-Based Moisturiser To A Cream-Based One 

Tired of the 12-step Korean beauty skin regimen? We are too! Don’t get us wrong, we all love our gel-based, water-based, hyaluronic enriched, light-weight moisturisers that feel like nothing on the skin while making it fresh and dewy. However, these biotech marvels have their efficacies limited to summers only, as they don’t seem to work wonders in winter. Your skin will tell you if your skincare routine is not making the cut. It is always a good idea to switch to a rich, emollient, ceramide and peptide-based moisturiser because they form an occlusive layer on the skin and lock in the moisture.

7. Wear Sunscreen Indoors And Outdoors 

We barely get to notice the sun during winters, but that doesn’t mean it cannot harm us. Our sunscreen tends to go to the back of our vanity during winters because we completely slack on it. We fail to understand that the UVA and UVB rays can penetrate the cloud cover and still cause ample damage to the skin. Plus, long screen time can also cause blue light damage to the skin. Always incorporate a good sunscreen with blue light filters into your morning skincare routine, and you will thank us later!

8. Stay Away From Skin Irritants 

Fragrances, sulphates, and dyes in skincare can act as skin irritants. While we can understand that the tempting, delicious, refreshing fragrance of your body wash or organic soap can lure you into using them, it is best that your steer clear of them as they can further dry out your skin.

9. Come Summer Or Winter, Vitamin C Is A Constant Friend 

We all need that one friend who stands by us during all phases of life, Vitamin C is the skincare equivalent of that friend. It is a miracle ingredient that works to improve cell turnover and collagen production, remove dark spots, and add an overall glow and brightness to the skin. What’s better is, it can be easily incorporated within your winter skincare routine because it mixes well with skin-friendly oils like argan oil, jojoba or rosehip oil, along with ceramide-based creams to offer you your winter glow.

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Moroccan Argan Oil
  • Regulates sebum and controls ACNE BREAKOUTS.
  • Vitamin E & anti-oxidant rich – combats the SIGNS OF AGEING.
  • Hydrates NAILS & LIPS

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Jojoba Oil
  • Natural and best way to WIPE OFF MAKEUP.
  • Rich in Vitamin C, E, B, copper, and zinc to nourish the HAIR.
  • Vitamin E and B-complex vitamins help SKIN REPAIR and damage control.
  • Antioxidants provide ANTI-AGEING EFFECTS.

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Rosehip oil
  • Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids in the Rosehip oil NOURISH THE SKIN & PROMOTE A YOUTHFUL APPEARANCE
  • Discourages WRINKLES & FINE LINES.
  • Anti-oxidant properties improve DRY & DAMAGED HAIR.
  • Keep LIPS & NAILS healthy

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10. Under-Eye Care In Winters 

The Polar Vortex can cause not only damage to your facial skin but also your delicate under-eye area as well. The skin under the eyes is very thin and vulnerable to environmental damage. Therefore, you must fight common seasonal complexion woe with a good eye cream. The onslaught of itchy, dry skin is never welcome; therefore, it is a good idea to use a good ceramide and vitamin-based eye cream for brightening the under to make you look wide-eyed and happy, even on days you don’t want to get up and go.

So, there you have it! Here are 10 ways in which you can protect your skin from the winter wind without investing too much time or money in your skincare routine. No one can understand your skin better than you do, so look for indicators. Excessive tightness, large pores, fine lines, wrinkles are signs that your skin needs extra nutrition that can be replenished via your diet and topical use of good skincare, charged with powerful, effective ingredients. Be the judge, and change up your skincare routine to suit your needs, and your skin will thank you for it!




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