Why Is It Important To Care For Your Hair While Travelling

Why Is It Important To Care For Your Hair While Travelling?

Your hair undergoes a lot of wear and tear while travelling,which finally ends up affecting the health of the hair. The dirt, dust, pollution, sunlight, air-conditioners can damage your strands and make your hair look dull, lifeless, dry and frizzy. These damaged strands if left unattended to, can lead to hair loss, hair thinning, breakage and split ends. As per hair experts, you should start planning a hair care regime way before your fruition of travel plans. Travelling is part of our daily routine. It can be going to schools, colleges, offices or simply going on a long vacation, but taking good care of your hair can help reduce the damage done to your hair due to the environmental aggressors. As it is truly said that prevention is better than cure, so its better to be on the safer side and start taking care of your hair well in advance. This way, there will be minimal damage to your hair due to the external factors. In this article, we will be sharing with you the most vital tips which need to be followed to protect your hair and keep it healthy. If you are an ardent traveller, here are some tips to safeguard your hair while travelling.

Hair Care Tips While Travelling 

Here are some hair care tips that need to be followed, so that your hair is damage-free and frizz-free so that you don’t have to worry about your hair all the time while travelling.

1. Oiling Your Hair 

Oiling your hair from root to tips is essential to keep your hair well-nourished and moisturized even during travelling. If you don’t get time in the day, give a nice oil massage to your scalp and hair in the night, before going to bed. You can keep it overnight or at least 1-2 hours before washing. Coconut Oil and Argan Oil are considered to be the best oils for nourishing and moisturizing your skin as well as hair. So always keep any of these 2 multipurpose oils handy while travelling.
Coconut Oil is rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids which provide nourishment and hydration. Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil is the best oil which will take care of all that your hair needs. Argan Oil is equally effective in keeping your scalp and hair healthy, radiant. This multipurpose oil is used in many hair treatments. It is rich in vitamins and antioxidants which help to repair the damaged strands and protect the strands from further damage. We recommend adding Moroccan Argan Oil from Anveya to your hair care regime.


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2. Hair Wash 

Washing your hair is a must to keep your scalp and hair clean. But avoid washing your hair on the day you are planning to travel. You can wash your hair one day before travelling as the dirt and dust easily gets stuck to the wet hair. During your vacations, if you are planning to travel the whole day, its better you wash your hair the previous night. Let it dry naturally or if you want to use a dryer use the cool mode to dry your hair.

3. Use Serum 

The serum is the best way to keep your hair hydrated and conditioned during travelling. It also helps to tame your frizzy hair. Invest in a good serum as it adds shine to your hair and prevents it from drying during travelling. Always use a serum on damp hair as it helps to lock the moisture inside the strands, thus retaining moisture in your strands for a longer time. You can also apply a serum before styling your hair as it helps to protect your hair from damage done by curlers and straighteners.

You can go for Anveya Hair Bae Hair Serum. It contains ingredients such as natural betaine, Blue berry extracts, and hyaluronic acid for you to carry gorgeous frizz free hair.


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4. Bun Magic 

While travelling most of us go through the ‘bad hair days’ and hair styling is an absolute no during these days. You may find your scalp greasy and your hair dry, brittle and frizzy. One of the best and easiest way to manage your dry and frizzy hair is to bun it. This particular hairstyle is a quick fix during your bad hair days.

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5. Use Scarf 

While going out in the sun, make use of hair accessories such as hats, scarfs and headbands to protect your hair. These hair accessories protect your hair from hot weather, UV rays, dust and pollution. Many fancy hats and beautiful scarfs are available in the market which can be a perfect match for your attire during travelling.

6. Shampoo And Conditioners 

A good shampoo and a conditioner are a must-have hair care product in your travel kit. You cannot afford to miss this. Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner which helps to keep your hair well-nourished and moisturized. While choosing a shampoo, you should check the label for the list of ingredients and avoid shampoos which contain normal alcohols as they can dry out your hair. Instead look for shampoos which contain natural oils such as Argan Oil, Coconut Oil which keep your strands conditioned and moisturized.

Incase you're a curl head you can incorporate Anveya curls shampoo and Curls ultra-moisturizing Conditioner in your hair care routine, since it smells dreamy and is incredible for your hair.


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    7. Dry Shampoo 

    While travelling there will be days when you may not find time to wash your hair and a dry shampoo can prove to a game-changer for your greasy hair and scalp. Spray the dry shampoo on your scalp and all the extra oil on your scalp will vanish in no time. If you do not have a dry shampoo, you can use baby powder. Just sprinkle some baby powder on your scalp and spread it evenly on your scalp with your fingers. Dry shampoo not only gives a fresh look but it also helps to condition your hair, making it more manageable.

    8. Comb 

    Always make it a habit to comb your hair regularly as it helps to increase the blood circulation and stimulates the hair follicles. People with wavy and curly hair should comb their hair very often as their hair gets tangled easily and if you leave it uncombed, it will only worsen the situation. Always go for wooden combs as plastic combs create static electricity which can cause hair breakage. A wooden comb is soft on scalp and helps to distribute the oil evenly on your scalp and hair. Always keep a wooden comb handy with you while travelling as it is helpful in detangling your hair.

    9. Beach Care 

    You should take special care of your hair while you are on the beach. Keep a hair spray handy so that the saltwater does not spoil your hair. The salty seawater can take a toll on your hair thus, make it look dull and damaged. Before going into the water apply a good amount of sun protection serum. You can also apply Jojoba Oil, Olive or Coconut Oil on your hair, to protect your hair from the salty water. Once you are out of the water, make sure that you wash your hair and then use a good conditioner to keep your strands hydrated.

    10. Sun Protection 

    Before going out in the sun you apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful radiations of the sun, similarly your hair also needs protection from the UV radiations of the sun. So before going out apply a good amount of sun protection serum on hair. It forms a protective barrier on the surface of your hair and protects your hair from the harmful effects of the heat and sun.

    11. Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday 

    Washing your hair every day can strip the natural oil/ sebum and make your hair look dry, dull and brittle. Washing your hair daily can make your scalp dry, thus causing itchiness and irritation. You can wash your hair every alternate day if you feel that your scalp has become oily. Keep your hair protected from the sun by applying sun protection serums and use a scarf or hat to protect it from dust and pollution, so you may not need to wash your hair every day.

    12. Use Hair Care Products Rich In Vitamin E 

    Use hair care products such as hair masks and hair serums which have Vitamin E infused in them as Vitamin E has antioxidant properties which repair the damaged hair follicles and protect your hair from further damage. Vitamin E helps in cell regeneration and promotes growth of healthy hair. You can use Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Avocado Oil to nourish, moisturize and replenish your strands during your travel days.

    By following these tips, you do not have to worry about your hair while travelling, but at the same time, you need to take care of your skin as well. Healthy skin and beautiful hair help to enhance your beauty and add charm to your personality. Not only during travelling but on normal days also you should take good care of your hair and skin. Experts say, that you should follow a regular haircare and skincare regime on a daily basis, which will definitely help to enhance the texture and appearance of your skin and hair.




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