Argan Oil - The Perfect Ingredient To Look Out For In Your Hair Care Products

Argan Oil - The Perfect Ingredient To Look Out For In Your Hair Care Products!

It is a well-known fact that the long term use of synthetic hair care products can have a severe effect on the health of the hair. Hence, more and more people are opting for natural oils and organic hair care products that help to nourish, moisturize and rejuvenate the scalp and hair. Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil and Argan Oil are a few natural oils amongst which Argan Oil is considered to be an excellent ingredient for maintaining the heath of the hair as well as the skin.

Argan oil helps to revitalize and rejuvenate your scalp thus, promoting hair growth and improving the texture of your hair and scalp. The beneficial properties of Argan Oil are attributed to the fact that this natural oil is powered with antioxidants and fatty acids which strengthen your hair, repair the damaged strands and increase the volume, thus making your hair look vibrant and healthy. Hence, Argan Oil is widely used in a myriad of hair care products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and mousses. In this article, we are going to elucidate on the benefits of Argan Oil in hair care products.

What Is Argan Oil? 

Argan oil which is also known as ‘liquid gold’ because of its valuable properties, is extracted from the fresh kernels of the fruit of the argan tree which is native to Morocco. Pure Argan Oil is pale yellow in colour with a nutty fragrance. The natives used this natural oil for treating various healthcare, skincare and haircare issues. Pure argan oil has been used in cooking as well. Due to the beauty benefits associated with it, the cosmetic industry is incorporating Argan Oil in many skincare and haircare products.

You can use Anveya Argan Oil in hair care products makes your hair soft, smooth and shiny because of its nourishing, conditioning and moisturizing properties.


Moroccan Argan Oil
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Beneficial Properties Of Argan Oil In Hair Care 

Argan Oil is rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and phenolic compounds. The main fat content of Argan Oil is due to the presence of oleic acid and linoleic acid. It is rich in Vitamin E - a powerful antioxidant. It has proven benefits for your hair and scalp, hence used extensively in shampoos, conditioners, hair creams and hair masks. Let us have a look at the beneficial properties of Argan Oil for your hair.

1. Prevents Hair Loss 

Prevents Hair Loss

Argan Oil is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids maintain the health of your scalp. These essential nutrients work together to improve the condition of your scalp and fortify the hair follicles, thus preventing loss of hair and hair thinning.

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2. Conditions Your Hair 

Argan Oil is powered with Vitamin E, antioxidants and essential fatty acids which increase the elasticity of your hair and making it soft, smooth and shiny.

3. Protects From Sun Damage 

Protects From Sun Damage

Argan oil has been used by the natives to provide protection to their skin/hair from damage causes due to exposure to sun. The antioxidants in Argan oil protect your strands from the effects of UV rays. These antioxidants fight free radicals that render your shaft unhealthy.

4. Protects Your Hair From Damage Caused By Styling Tools And Colouring 

Excessive use of styling tools and hair care products laden with chemicals can have a grave effect on your hair as they make your hair dry, dull, damaged and brittle. Argan Oil effectively combats these issues as it is rich in antioxidants that help to neutralize the damage, by moisturizing, nourishing and repairing your strands. This prevents further hair loss and hair breakage. Moreover, the medium-chain fatty acids in Argan oil form a protective layer over the hair and safeguards the hair from breaking due to the incessant use of styling tools.
Our hair goes through a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis. Exposure to UV rays, pollution, extreme climatic conditions, excessive use of styling tools and chemical haircare products take a toll on your strands making them dry, dull and damaged. But the presence of Vitamin E, antioxidants and fatty acids nourish, moisturize, repair and protect your hair, thus preventing major haircare problems such as breakage, hair loss and split ends.

5. Improves Scalp Condition 

Improves Scalp Condition

Argan Oil is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory property which are responsible for treating the dry and itchy scalp, thereby improving the scalp condition. It is effective in treating various scalp conditions such as psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis

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Role Of Argan Oil In Shampoos And Conditioners 

Argan oil has numerous beauty benefits which is why it is extensively used in many hair care products. It is a natural oil which is considered to be non-toxic and non-irritant and it rightfully reverses the damage done to the hair by synthetic hair care products. Manufacturers of many organic hair care products have started using Argan oil as the key ingredient in their products. It is known to thoroughly nourish, moisturize, condition your scalp and hair.

Argan Oil is used in innumerable hair care products, especially in shampoos and conditioners because of its ability to restore the natural shine and bounce of your hair. Argan oil conditions your hair while the cleansing action of shampoo helps to cleanse your scalp and hair, without stripping away the natural oils from your hair. Argan Oil shampoos are beneficial for people who have been dealing with dry, dull and frizzy hair or damage caused to hair due to excessive use of styling tools.

Argan Oil in conditioners restores the natural shine, making it soft, smooth and silky. Argan Oil can also be used as leave-in conditioner as it does not make your hair greasy or weigh your hair down. Argan oil in the conditioner helps to make your dry, frizzy hair more manageable.

Other Uses of Argan Oil 

Apart from shampoos and conditioners, Argan oil is also used in numerous haircare products such as hair masks and is popularly used as a hair styling agent.

1. Hair Mask 

Argan oil hair mask is beneficial for improving your scalp condition as it provides the much-required hydration and nourishment to the scalp as well as to the hair follicles which promote the growth of healthy hair.


Take a good amount of Argan oil in your palm and massage it evenly onto your scalp for 5 minutes. You can wear a bathing cap and leave it overnight and next morning wash your hair with a mild shampoo. This hair mask helps to make your hair soft, smooth and shiny.

2. Argan Oil As Styling Agent 

You can use Argan oil as a styling agent as it gives instant shine to your hair and makes your frizzy and dry hair more manageable. Moreover, unlike other styling agents, Argan oil does not damage your strands, instead, it provides nourishment and moisturization to your strands.


Take 2-3 drops of Argan oil , apply it on your hair from root to tip and comb your hair so that the oil spreads evenly. It helps to tame your frizzy hair.

With the regular application of Argan oil or Argan oil-infused hair care products, you will notice a considerable change in the texture and appearance of your dry, dull and damaged.

Take Away 

The vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential fatty acids such as oleic and linoleic acid present in Argan oil are accounted majorly for treating dry, itchy scalp and your dry, dull and damaged scalp. It promotes the growth of hair, moisturizes and nourishes your hair making it soft and smooth. Its conditioning effect is supremely effective in detangling your hair and adds a natural shine to your strands. You can either use Argan oil on its own or Argan oil-infused hair care products, both of which are advantageous to preserve the health of your hair.

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