Instantly Volumize Thin Hair

5 Ways To Instantly Volumize Thin Hair!

Isn’t it a real bummer to have thin, flat hair? Everybody craves thick and voluminous hair for obvious reasons. See, it’s nice to go for a met gala inspired wet hair look once in a while, but to really play around with your hair, you need volume. A lot of it. Haircare is one way of achieving volume, but that’s a long term solution.

There are people with naturally voluminous hair and then there are those with super fine brittle hair. If you fall into the second category, we understand the pain. On top of that, if you reside in a coastal area with extreme humidity, the battle with thin, greasy hair is unimaginable. If you’ve been living under a rock, assuming damaging treatments and wigs are the only way you can volumize your flat hair, we’re here to enlighten you.

Come, let us run you through what needs to be done to instantly volumize hair! It’s no magic, just pure logic. Some simple, easy to do and quick ways to be added in your hair care routine to boost volume in your thin hair strands.

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1. Tease Your Way Out!


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For many years, women who wanted to give their hair more volume turned to the practice of teasing, also called, backcombing. To tease your hair, all you gotta do is divide it into sections and gently comb each portion backwards, right from the roots. You can use a fine-tooth comb to do this. After adding a little poof, smooth out the top layer of hair to cover the portion that was teased.

2. Try Dry Shampoo

Try Dry Shampoo

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For those with fine or thin hair, dry shampoo is a lifeline. It adds volume to your hair and absorbs extra oil. Just lightly sprinkle your roots with dry shampoo, let it stay for a minute or two, and then brush. You can use your fingers to blend it in, too. You’d notice the difference in the way your hair looks in terms of volume.

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3. Get The Right Hair Serum

Right Hair Serum

The Instant Hair Volumizer Serum from Anveya is your ticket to gorgeously voluminous hair! It’s amazing how the hair serum containing P Peptide, Vitamin B5, Plant Keratin and other ingredients, instantly adds bounce and shine to lifelessly thin locks. It gives a fuller appearance to your hair that lasts all day. Just apply the Volumizer hair Serum on damp hair from roots to the tips and blow dry. Make sure you don’t massage the serum. And do you know what the best part is? This serum works as a heat protectant and a haircare product, too!

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• Add instant and long-lasting volume.

• Achieve noticeably thick and shiny hair.

• Act as a heat protectant.

• End your lifelong struggle with limp,flat hair strand.

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    4. How About Getting Some Loose Curls?

    Loose Curls

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    Turning to a curling iron is always a good idea to volumize hair! Find the right temperature and create some loose curls. Separate your hair into sections and make sure you put on some heat protectant before you go ahead. Curls always have a way of making your tresses look extra voluminous and bouncy.

    5. Get Set, Create Braided Masterpieces

    Create Braided

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    Adding volume and texture to your locks is super easy when you braid your hair. Find the braiding style that works best for you and your hair type from among the myriad options available. Try braiding your hair in a casual, loose-braid for more volume. Without using additional heat or causing any damage, this will give your hair volume and waves.

    The secret to rapidly volumizing your thin hair is to concentrate on creating lift and volume from the roots, regardless of which of these five techniques you use. The goal is to create a full and voluminous look that lasts all day with hair care products that work for you!

    Don’t forget that having fun with your hair and getting creative are the keys to achieve voluminous hair. Experiment and shortlist your go to’s for thin hair days.




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