Face Yoga - The Mantra For Your Vibrant Skin

Face Yoga - The Mantra For Your Vibrant Skin

If you want a fit and well-toned body, you need to do exercise regularly. You might need to do push-ups for a toned arm, similarly, if you want six-packs you may do more cardio and concentrate on your abdominal muscles. So, it is apparent that if you want to tone the muscles of your face, you need to do certain facial exercises. Face yoga is an excellent way to tone, firm and tighten the facial skin. It makes you look younger and leaves your facial skin glowing like never before.

If you are interested in gaining knowledge about face yoga, its benefits and how is it done, then read along.

What Is Face Yoga 

Are you aware that face yoga can give your skinny cheeks and furrowed brows a lift? It reduces wrinkles, fine line and freckles. The main purpose is to thicken the muscles of your face, so that it gives a lift to your face, making your face look plump and more youthful. Simply put Face Yoga is a series of facial exercise to make your facial muscles well-toned to reverse signs of ageing.

Working on all your facial muscles correctly, facial massage is beneficial in increasing blood circulation, thus facilitating the supply of essential nutrients and oxygen to all the cells of your skin. And the end result is that you will have a radiant and even skin tone, well-defined features and all this at no extra cost. All it requires is a little bit of your time and effort.

Is Face Yoga Effective?

The answer is in the affirmative. Facial sagging and wrinkles are due to muscle loss and as per our skin care expert if you follow face yoga diligently and make it a part of your daily skincare routine you will see the results in 2-3 months.

Just as you do yoga to relax your mind and tone the muscles of your body, similarly face yoga helps to tone the muscles of your face by moving the facial muscles in a particular way. It is a non-surgical way to make your facial skin tight, remove wrinkles and sagging skin, giving you younger-looking skin.

How Often Do You Need To Practice Face Yoga To See The Result? 

In a clinical study, it has been found the people who did face exercise for 20-30 minutes daily for 2 months, then every alternate day for 3 months have reported an increased fullness in their cheeks making them look 2-3 years younger. Face yoga is a natural anti-ageing solution and an excellent alternative for plastic surgery and botox.

Consistency is the key to success, so if you can stick to a daily 20 minutes routine for at least 5 months, you will see the change in your facial skin. You will notice your upper and lower cheeks have become fuller, with decreased puffiness under your eyes, reduced wrinkles and crow’s feet.

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How To Get Started With The Face Yoga Method 

Everyone has a different kind of skin texture. So, the time taken to see a noticeable change in your facial skin varies from person to person. Ideally, after a couple of weeks, you will start noticing a change in your face and neck areas. After 2-4 months, you will notice that your facial skin has lesser wrinkles and fine lines. Below mentioned are 5 anti-ageing facial yoga exercises. Make sure that you apply face oil or facial serum to keep your face lubricated, to avoid pulling or dragging your facial skin. So, let’s get started.

1. Face Yoga For Eyes 

This method is beneficial for treating drooping eyelids, eye bags and puffiness under the eyes. It is a better alternative to eye surgery and botox.


  • Apply pressure at the inner corner of the eyebrows with the middle finger of both hands, now with the help of the index finger press the outer corner of the brow.
  • Look towards the ceiling and lift the skin below the eyes upwards, hold for few seconds and then relax.
  • Repeat this procedure 6 more times and then finish off by shutting your eyes tightly for 10-15 seconds.

2. Face Yoga For Cheeks 

This method of face yoga is extremely good for sagging skin and reducing cheek lines. It has proved to be a better alternative for fillers and lower facelift.


  • Make an ‘O’ shape with your mouth and make sure to hide your teeth with the lips.
  • Smile with your teeth hidden and repeat this procedure 6 times.
  • Holding the smile shape, place an index finger on the chin. Now move your jaws up and down with your head slightly tilted backwards.
  • Relax and repeat this procedure 2 more times.

3. Face Yoga For Forehead 

It is good for reducing tension lines of the forehead and indeed a better alternative for botox.


  • Place both the hands on the forehead and spread out the fingers between hairline and brows.
  • Gently pull the fingers in the outward direction by apply slight pressure on the forehead with your fingers. This helps to tighten the skin of the forehead.
  • Relax and repeat this procedure 10 times.

4. Face Yoga For Chin And Neck 

This method of face yoga is good for reducing lines and loose skin on the neck. It is a better alternative to a neck or jowl lift.


  • Place the fingertips of both hands at the bottom of the neck and stroke the skin slightly downwards with your head tilted backwards.
  • Now, bend your head and bring it close to the chest. Repeat this procedure 2 more times.
  • Tilt your head backwards and pull the lower lip as far as possible, pulling the corners of the mouth.
  • Place the fingertips at the collarbone with your chin pointing upwards.
  • Take a deep breath and repeat this 4 times.

5. Face Yoga For Crow’s Feet 

This method is beneficial in exercising the muscles around your eyes, increasing the elasticity of the skin and reducing wrinkles around the eyes, especially the outer corners of the eyes. It is an excellent alternative for botox, chemical peels and dermal fillers.


  • Gently lift and release your lower lid without moving any other muscles of your face.
  • With the help of your fingertip, apply pressure on the outer crease of the crow’s feet. This creates pressure on the muscles to work against.
  • Make sure that you do not pull or drag your skin as the area around your eyes is very delicate and sensitive.
  • While doing this exercise make sure that you apply some moisturizer around the eyes so that the skin is not tight.

6. Face Yoga To Lift Nasal Labial Folds 

This anti-ageing face yoga method is beneficial in making your cheeks plump and round. It is a good alternative for botox and dermal fillers.


  • Smile widely showing all your teeth and apply pressure on the area between your nose and lips.
  • With your fingertips apply pressure on the muscles and lift the muscles in an upward direction for muscle resistance.
  • Relax and repeat this process 10 times.

7. Face Yoga For Brows

This method is beneficial in drooping eyebrows, deep eye hollow and uplifting your eyebrows. It is a better alternative to eyebrow lifting.


  • Place your index finger under your eyes, pointing in the direction of your nose.
  • Form an ‘O’ with the mouth, making sure that you hide your teeth.
  • Keep fluttering your upper eyelids while gazing at the ceiling for 20-30 seconds

Face yoga is beneficial in minimizing signs of ageing by reducing wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet and makes you look radiant and younger. Working out with the facial muscles helps to get rid of sagging skin, fine lines on the forehead and neck areas. Doing face yoga regularly will turn back the clock on your ageing skin.

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