6 Most Effective Ways for Applying Beard Oil

6 Most Effective Ways for Applying Beard Oil

Having a good-looking beard is one of the things that most men yearn for. To have a good-looking beard is not easy, given the unique beard care that one must follow. Just like the way it is essential to oil your hair, you require a suitable beard oil for your beard as well. Right from moisturizing, conditioning, to preventing beardruff, a good beard oil is the one solution to all your beard care needs. It keeps your beard ready for any beard styles. In this article, we establish a complete beard routine to be followed for a good mane. We cover the major details of beard oil uses, its benefits and how and when to use the beard oil.

What Is The Best Time To Apply Beard Oil?

There are certain routines to be followed in beard routines to keep it highly effective. And one of the most important question among all men, is ‘When to apply the beard oil?’

The best time to apply beard oil is right after you step out of your shower. After showering, the beard is soft and clean, and the pores are larger than at any other time. So ideally, a good beard oil massage right after a shower would be the best routine to be followed on a regular basis. Make sure you pat dry your beard with the towel well before you apply the oil.

How Much Beard Oil To Use?

It isn’t as easy as your normal hair oil to go on adding as you massage your scalp hair. Beard has a quite restricted area. With gravity acting against the roots of the beard (unlike your scalp) you would find your beard dripping of oil if you don’t use minimal yet adequate oil. There are certain parameters considered while choosing the amount of beard oil to be used. These are the beard length, beard spread, or the beard density.

Overall the total requirements are chosen as follows

  • A fresh beard (up to the growth for about one month): 3 to 4 drops of beard oil
  • A grown beard (from one to three months): 4 to 6 drops of oil
  • A medium sized beard (three months to one year old): 6 to 10 drops each time of beard oil massage or application
  • A long beard (Over a year): 10 drops and more

This amount is just a suggested piece of recommendation. You can regularise the amount based on the requirement and your beard needs over the regular use. If you are using it for the first time, make sure you use a lesser amount to start off with.

Also, while using the beard oil ensure that you use them regularly to keep it effective on your beard growth. As a point to note, it is your choice as to whether you use it daily or on a regular basis once every 2 or 3 days. But once you start with one way of beard care, ensure you follow it throughout for an assured good beard.

How To Apply Beard Oil For Beard Growth?

Men are known to be rather picky about things that they care for. Hence it is no surprise that you invest a good amount of time and money on beard oil. But when it comes to ‘How to use a beard oil?’ It ends up as a perplexing question to all. As it would be a routine method, we have listed it in points.

  1. Take a shower, and cleanse your beard well.
  2. Pour the above-recommended amount of oil into your palms.
  3. Spread the beard oil in your palms evenly.
  4. Slowly massage it into your beard, and concentrate on the roots of the beard.
  5. Brush the oil along the sides of the beard, and evenly spread it along the hair.
  6. Massage deep into the sides of beard oil, to nourish it completely.
  7. To apply oil to your moustache, make use of your fingertips.

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How Often Can I Apply Beard Oil For Better Result?

It is again dependent on various factors.

1. The first thing that matters is the climate of the place you reside at:

  • Dry regions: if you live in a dry place with less humidity and inadequate rains over a year, through all the seasons, then you should be using the beard oil more than once a day.
  • A humid and wet place: if you reside at a place with loads of rains, you might not find the beard oil much of a use in such weather. But ensure you use it at least once in a while such as 2 or maximum 3 days once.

2. The second thing that affects the beard growth is the desire for the kind of beard you like. Many want a neatly maintained short beard for a good style, while others would need a long beard for their look. That way the amount of beard oil you use, would accordingly depend on the style you prefer.

3. And the third, the evenness of the beard you naturally have. Some people have scattered beard growth. So to improve that, one has to resort to application of the beard oil 2 to 3 times a day. This will help to improve the roots and increase the beard density over time.

How To Pour Beard Oil On Hand?

 Pour Beard Oil On Hand

While it may seem obvious, but it is essential to know how to use the beard oil, as usually the beard oil is packed in small bottles with just a few ounces. Different beard oil brands have different openings – some use a dropper, while others have a direct pour in the nozzle. Make sure you take a little at a time, as you do not want to eventually rub in more oil to your beard than required and cause wastage.

Since the beard oil is something you would not want an overdose of, it is designed to take only a minimum quantity each time you dip in. Though using the dropper is easy to take small amounts, it is deceiving at times. But one advantage is that even after you take more into the dropper, you can slowly release it into your palms as per the need and put back the rest into the container.

How to Comb Beard After Applying Beard Oil?

And here comes the best part of beard care. Having a beard is quite trendy but maintaining them requires a good amount of effort. Combing your beard is quite essential, to avoid ingrown hair, and give your beard a good shape with a bulky look.

Apart from this, it helps you keep the stray hair from entering the mouth or looking out of phase. Combing regularly guides your hair in the right direction for growth.

There are right and wrong ways of combing your hair. The assumption might end up in the wrong style of combing, resulting in a rutted beard style.

Here’s the right way to comb your beard.

  1. Since your beard is at the most sensitive part of the face, it is quite delicate and requires a slow and patient combing. You need to avoid any rough strokes plucking out the hair, which results in both pain and loss to your beard density.
  2. Get yourself a beard comb: it is very evident that the scalp hair is different from beard hair. Focusing on the unique requirements, the beard brush is designed to comb even the finest hair amidst the others. A wide tooth helps in the providing an extra bulge over the roots, leaving it with a bulkier and healthy look.
  3. To start with the combing, begin from the bottom-most part from the neck, and work upwards to the cheeks, this works against the natural arrangement of the beard hair and gives you a fluffy look.
  4. Now do the reverse, from the cheeks to the neck, keeping the teeth of the comb straight downwards. Repeat it a couple of times, to organize the look of your beard.
  5. Don’t forget to give attention to your moustache. It is preferred to comb your mush at the end of the beard groom.

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Beard combs are a must if you have a long mane. If you restrict yourself to a short beard like a French beard, a normal comb is sufficient to do the job.

Benefits Of Using Beard Oil

Beard Oil

  • Apart from giving you a good look, the beard oil uses are to nourish your beard and give long lasting beard health and the attention it deserves.
  • Beard oil moisturizes the beard hair and keeps it nurtured.
  • It prevents beardruff: just like dandruff, beardruff can cause excessive itching, dryness, and flaking, along with the embarrassing outlook.
  • With an authentic fragrance, beard oil leaves you with a good scent. It is on your beard, keeps you fresh with a pleasant smell all day.
  • It aids to grow your beard longer and even spaced.
  • Helps you style your beard easily and keeps it manageable.
  • Though there are some beard oil products, try to resort to the ones which incorporate a natural essence of oil and scent. A non-sticky beard oil with fewer chemicals aids in the proper growth of the beard with a good volume.

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So the next time you head out to buy a beard oil and desire to grow a good beard, make sure you have all this in mind.




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