8 Types of Lavender Essential Oil

8 Types of Lavender Essential Oil

Essential Oils are concentrated oils which contain the essence of that particular plant part, such as the flower, root, stem, bark, leaves etc. This essence is extracted by the process of steam distillation method. One of the most loved essential oil is Lavender essential oil which is known for its enchanting aroma and for its therapeutic value.

What Is Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil is extracted from the flower by steam distillation method. Lavender Essential Oil is one of the versatile essential oils with numerous benefits for health and beauty. It has got a fresh, floral, camphor-like fragrance. This essential oil is used in aromatherapy to treat many common ailments. This essential oil is loaded with antioxidants to protect and nourish your skin. Lavender Essential Oil has antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic and analgesic property which adds to its therapeutic value. The lavender essential oil has got a relaxing, soothing, calming and sedative effect on your mind and body.

Which Type Of Lavender Essential Oil Is Best For Me?

You can choose the type of Lavender Oil which is best suited for all your needs. Lavender Oil has got antiseptic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, due to which it is very helpful in treating various skin and health conditions. But remember and keep in mind that Lavender Oil is not safe to be taken orally and its topical use requires heavy dilution as pure lavender oil is highly concentrated and potent. Here we are going to discuss some commonly available types of Lavender and its benefits and uses, according to which you can choose the Lavender essential oil which is best suited for you. Always remember that topical application of essential oils requires a great deal of dilution of the essential oil in a carrier oil. This is because essential oils are potent and highly concentrated extracts.

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You may not be aware of the fact that there are 8 different kinds of Lavender Essential Oil. Depending upon the origin and altitude at which it is grown, there is a variation in the chemical composition of each type of Lavender Oil. Let’s see which one is your favourite.

Types Of Lavender Essential Oil

1. High Alpine Lavender Essential Oil

High Alpine Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil derived from Lavandula angustifolia variety of Lavender Plant which is grown in the high altitudes of the mountain.


It contains the highest level of esters which given intense fragrance to this type of Lavender Essential Oil. This type of Lavender Oil is very powerful against viruses and bacteria due to the presence of the highest amount of Linalyl Acetate. High Alpine Lavender essential oil contains the highest level of sedatives which improves your sleep and helps to relax. Provides relief from joint and muscle pain.


It is very beneficial for treating tension, depression, headaches, migraines and insomnia. This type of Lavender Oil is very effective in treating respiratory problems such as cold, asthma, bronchitis, laryngitis. It effectively treats various kinds to digestive problems like nausea, vomiting, flatulence and relief from colic pain.

2. Lavender Kashmir Essential Oil

During the summer season, the picturesque valley of Kashmir is filled with the Lavender flowers which are in the hue of purple and violet. These flowers have a pleasant fragrance due to which it has been used for brewing up potpourri.


You can directly inhale this Lavender essential oil and relieve your mind of stress and tension. You can use it in a diffuser so that its enchanting fragrance is spread all over the room and its aroma helps your mind and body to relax. This Lavender Oil, when added to the water bath along with Roman Chamomile, makes the best aroma bath, which helps to rejuvenate your mind and body. Take 4 drops of Lavender Oil,


It acts as an insect repellant too. It is a natural sedative and thus helpful in treating insomnia and other sleep disorders. This type of Lavender Oil has got a pleasant and enchanting fragrance which helps to relax your mind and body and provides relief from stress, tension and depression. This essential oil is helpful in treating various skin disorders like acne, pimples. eczema, psoriasis. It is also very helpful in treating respiratory diseases like cold, cough, asthma, whooping cough, sinus congestion, bronchitis when applied topically or in vapour form.

3. Lavender Maillette Essential Oil

Lavender Maillette Essential Oil

This Lavender essential oil is extracted from Lavandula angustifolia variety of Lavender Plant which is commonly grown in lower altitude of South Africa and Provence. This essential oil is known for its rich and sweet aroma. Its sweet fragrance is attributed to the presence of Linalyl Acetate which is a naturally occurring phytochemical.


Maillette Lavender Essential Oil is widely used in aromatherapy for treating all kinds of pain. It is diluted with a carrier oil like coconut oil to treat a variety of skin infection. It has got a sweet aroma and acts as a sedative which helps to treat insomnia.


Lavender Maillette Essential Oil has analgesic property due to which it effectively treats all kinds of pain including headaches, cramps, sprains and helps to heal minor cuts and wounds. Because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory property, this type of Lavender essential oil is very beneficial in treating various kind skin infections. This essential oil contains antispasmodic and sedative effect due to which it helps to relax your mind and body

4. Lavandin Lavender Essential Oil

Lavandin, also known as Lavandin intermedia, is not a true Lavender. In fact, it is a cross between True Lavender and Spike Lavender. It is mainly cultivated in Europe. In France Lavandin is also known as ‘Lavande Gross’. This hybrid plant Lavandin is easier to cultivate and provides a higher yield, thus Lavandin Oil is considered as a substitute for Lavender Oil.


Because of this fragrance Lavandin essential oil is used in many soaps, perfumes, body lotions, massage oils. Lavandin Oil helps to increase blood circulation and thus promotes cell growth and regeneration. This eventually helps to remove scars, blemishes and stretch marks. Lavandin Oil is used as a cleaning agent. Flowers of Lavandin are used for making tea which helps to treat respiratory disorders by helping to remove mucus and phlegm, thus helps in easy breathing.


Lavandin Oil exhibits antiseptic properties which help to cure minor cuts and wounds and speeds up the healing process. It is very effective in treating various respiratory disorders. It has anti-inflammatory property which helps to reduce muscle and joint pain. It has a pleasant fragrance which helps to uplift your mood, providing relief from stress and tension.

5. Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil

Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil

As the name suggests Bulgarian Lavender is a species of Lavender family which is a native of Bulgaria. The weather and the climatic conditions are well suited for growing this plant. Hence Bulgaria is the largest producer of Lavender and Lavender Oils.


Bulgarian Lavender essential oil is rich in antioxidants and thus helps to cleanse your skin of bacteria and fights off free radicals. This essential oil is well known as a holistic stress reliever and can be inhaled directly from the bottle to help relax your mind and relieves it of stress, anxiety and depression. This oil is known to stimulate blood circulation helping in the increase of cell growth, thus useful for healing wounds.

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Bulgarian Lavender essential oil helps to effectively treat acne and other skin problems. It accelerates the healing process and treats scars and wounds. This Lavender Essential Oil is a natural pain reliever and muscle relaxant. It is beneficial in treating respiratory disorders. You can gently inhale the Anveya's Lavender oil using a diffuser or take a gentle steam treatment, both of which are effective in treating sore throat, cold and helps to get rid of phlegm.


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6. Lavandula Stoechas Oil

Lavandula Stoechas, also known as Spanish Lavender or Butterfly Lavender, is a native of Mediterranean, Northern Africa and Southeast France. This plant of Lavender is easily distinguishable from other varieties as it has got flower cluster with purple bracts at the top due to which it is also known as Rabbit Ear Lavender.


This Essential Oil is used for fragrance in soap, perfumes, lotions etc. Because of its characteristic aroma, it is used in potpourri and also as an insect repellant in your kitchen cabinets, cupboards, drawers. This herb is also used as a strewing herb in churches, private room, banquet hall and similar places because of its fragrance and astringent properties.


Lavandula Stoechas Oil has got anti-asthmatic property and acts as an expectorant. It aids in digestion and helps in treating digestive disorders. It is rich in antioxidants and has got anti-inflammatory properties which help to treat all kinds of pain and joint aches. This essential oil can be applied topically to treat wounds, ulcers and sores. It also acts as a natural relaxant.

7. French Lavender Essential Oil

French Lavender Essential Oil

French Lavender, also known as fringed lavender, is a native of eastern and southern Spain. Has dentate leaves which have rich aromatic fragrance.


French Lavender Essential Oil is used in many skincare lotions, soaps, deodorants and many other cosmetic products. It is one of the favourite essential oil for massages and is widely used in aromatherapy. Because of its enchanting fragrance, French Lavender Essential Oil is used in air freshener, perfumes and deodorants which help your mind to relax.

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French Lavender essential oil has antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties. Due to its healing properties, it is used to treat minor cuts and wounds. It has a pleasant smell which helps to relieve stress and tension.

8. Wild Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Oil which is obtained from wild growing Lavender in France is known as Wild Lavender Essential Oil. It is obtained by the steam distillation process of flowering tops. This type of Lavender Oil is used widely because of its pleasant smell and has got an array of therapeutic uses.


Wild Lavender essential oil is used externally on wounds and minor cuts. When diluted with a carrier oil like Almond/Coconut Oil, it works best for curing all kinds of skin ailments. Regular massage with this oil helps to relieve stress and tension and help your body and mind to relax.


It helps to boost your immune system. It helps to treat various kinds of skin ailments like swelling, rashes, redness, dryness, scarring, helps to reduce stretch marks, effectively treats wounds and minor cuts, insect sting. Wild Lavender essential oil is also very beneficial in treating respiratory disorders, helps to soothe muscle and joint pain, regulates your menstrual cycle. It helps to relieve stress.


Lavender, a small and humble herb, has got numerous therapeutic properties and is considered ‘The Mother’ of essential oils. Just as a mother takes care of all the needs of her children, similarly this noble essential oil is very essential for your overall well being. Thus Lavender Essential Oil is a must have oil in your wellness kit and for your home diffuser.




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