A Guide to Accepting Skin Ageing: Tips to Age Beautifully

A Guide to Accepting Skin Ageing: Tips to Age Beautifully

Did someone compliment your smile recently? Did you know that it can cause creases around the mouth? So, does that mean that you will stop smiling? Well, did you know that our myriad facial expressions over the years cause mini dents on the skin, which in our 30s hit us as fine lines and wrinkles?

Yes, today, we are addressing a less spoken about subject in the beauty world, skin ageing. Oh yeah, we will deep dive and discuss the A word and how we can become ok about embracing age and its effects on our appearance.

We are all guilty of using Instagram filters. We are smitten by the poreless, wrinkle-free, bright-faced version of us, which unfortunately has set a standard of beauty; so much so that swiping on the Paris filter has become a reflex action for us. With so much said about body positivity, are we embracing our flaws, or is that just a façade for beauty companies to run social media campaigns to present themselves as do-gooders in the community.

Ageing is a part of our life, but vanity, especially in the feminine world, has led us to believe that only youthful, plump and bright skin is considered beautiful, and the rest is blah! Well, it is all about the mindset. Think Meryl Streep, think Oprah Winfrey, think Simi Garewal or even Waheeda Rahman for that matter, these women have owned their greys, their lines, wrinkles and bodily changes that come with age. So today, we will discuss that instead of turning around the clock, why not acknowledge the changes that time gifts us with age.

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Be Beautiful In The Era Of Botox And Facelifts 

Blame it on the movies to set very high standards of beauty, to such an extent that people are willing to go under the knife and run the risk of distorting their face afor the sake of looking young. These days you will find a Botox clinic in every street in western and even oriental countries. Such is the obsession with the idea of maintaining one's youth. However, the road seldom travelled is the inkling of accepting age and ageing gracefully.

While we still are the true-blue crusaders of elongated skincare routines, retinol-based skin products and products including actives that can preserve the youth of the skin, we believe in embracing skin ageing rather than defying it because there is absolutely no point in being in denial. Age brings about self-evolution, which makes growing older very fulfilling. We are sure that you are certainly wiser than you were 5 years ago, so those years of experiences, struggles, and success will show up on your face and body, so why obsess over them as a negative outcome?

Don't get us wrong; you do you when it comes to your beauty regimen. From botox to fillers and even cosmetic surgeries, we aren't against anything, but undergoing such invasive procedures shouldn't come from a place of fear or pressure to look a certain way. Trust us when we say that you will not always look the same. Therefore, it is imperative to accept that even the best and most expensive of procedures can slightly tweak your appearance but not bring back the skin of your twenties. The idea is to not run behind unobtainable perfection when it comes to beauty—using skin filters gives us a temporary high because we look like a "better version" of ourselves (as per societal norms of beauty) and therefore try to replicate it in real life. Just know that age makes your appearance distinguished rather than extinguished.

The Reminders Of Age And How To Embrace It

Thinning of hair, broadening the forehead, the appearance of crow's feet, shrinking of the skin in the hands and feet, sagging cheeks, lines around the mouth are constant reminders of age. However, they are signs of your facial communication and give a sense of reality to your life. Ask yourself whether you would look plastic and perfected or realistic and rough around the edges.
As they say, age is just a number. The moment you embrace your flaws, there will be no turning back. This will help you exude confidence and have a sense of ownership about where you stand, and that will certainly help you tap into the reality of things.

It is high time we promote ageing as a choice rather than hiding behind a veil of artifice. Grey hair should be promoted on the ramps, at beauty awards and magazine covers. It is a choice for people to cover their salt and pepper hair or to flaunt it. We need to free ourselves from the societal barriers which pressurize us to be confined within the set realms of beauty, crossing which can make us a beauty outcast.

Adapting to age is a very personal process. By no means do we want to influence or manipulate that for anyone; however, we are just here to say that ageing is a part of the process and never be embarrassed about it. It's time we re-evaluate our standards of beauty and celebrate getting older because, hey! It's a new phase of life, so what's not to be happy about it.

It Is Not Important To Turn The Clock Around

The social effects of the anti-ageing rhetoric may seem harmless at first, but it makes deep roots in our inherently ageist society. Fortunately, there have been many influential voices vouching for embracing ageing and its positive implications. Addressing ageism is imperative, and it's nice to see the beauty world warming up to the silver market. Our advocacy for embracing age doesn't negate self-care practices. Please feel free to use your facial oils, creams, serums, body products to preserve your skin, but don't fall for gimmicks and societal pressures to look like someone you are not because it will show!

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