A Serious Upgrade To Your Style: Hottest Hair Colour Trends Of 2022!

A Serious Upgrade To Your Style: Hottest Hair Color Trends Of 2022!

Addressing The FAQs About Temporary Hair Colors! Reading A Serious Upgrade To Your Style: Hottest Hair Color Trends Of 2022! 6 minutes Next How To Choose Right Hair Color For Your skin tone

2022 is the year for drama and we’re living to savour every bit of it. It is as if, everyone around realized that it’s time to shake things up a little bit!

We all had little control over the kind of personality we developed growing up. But, with hair color, we always do! Your hair color is the personality you willingly choose. So why not get creative, classy and a little crazy? Pick a crazy purple hair color, grey hair color or a blonde hair color. A little too much also won’t hurt! Always remember, when it comes to hair color, the only rule is there’s no rule.

For your long-term commitments and transformations, there’re permanent hair colors. And Temporary hair colors are perfect for those who wish for transformations on a daily basis and steer clear of commitment of any kind. While permanent hair colors might require you to bleach and lighten your hair prior to it, temporary hair colors, don’t. These instant hair colors do not result in any damages either. Temporary hair colors are perfect for unplanned night outs and parties.

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The hair color trends of this year circle majorly around adding a crazy twist to your regular plain looks! Everyone, from celebs to the common men and women out there, is moving towards the big change, the big transformation and high maintenance don’t seem to scare any of them. Besides, who can resist the wide categories of hair colors for men and hair colors for women available in the hair color market!

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While safe brown hair colors (such as a light brown hair color, dark brown hair color, chocolate brown hair color and more!) are taking a back seat, futuristic and fantasy colors (such as are conquering the world of colors. The folks who’re always ready to dip a toe into the waters of fantasy should definitely go for red hair color, at least once!

Steal your heart kinda Red

Steal your heart kinda Red

Source: @bernardokath

All shades of red hair color, including the deep dark ones, are also gaining a lot of attention in recent times. Even blood red is a stand-out trend because it’ll amazingly define the dimensions of your hair.

The biggest advantage offered by temporary hair colors is that they’re temporary. If you aren’t feeling it anymore, you can always switch without a second thought to a Platinum like Kim Kardashian’s! A balayage in platinum would look absolutely stunning.

Platinum Play

Platinum Play

Source: @kimkardashian

Platinum is a hair color for men too! It brings out a version of them that appears uber-cool and chic.

Platinum Passion

Platinum Passion

Source: @zayn

Platinum also gives away the look and feel of global hair color!
Blending a pop of pink to your natural hair color or mixing two colors on either side, paired with adorable blunt bangs like this one,

Peppy Pink

Peppy Pink

Source: @bel_pipsqueekinsaigon

..is also a choice you’ll never regret! The color pink on your hair is truly like a soothing balm to the soul. It also gives out high school sweetheart vibes, along with leaving an everlasting fashion statement.

Even though comparatively a little harder to nail, blue hair color is what dreams are made of. Cool as hell, this blue is funky and everything fun! Look at Billie Eilish’s global hair color and tell us you don’t feel the same way! We feel, even a permanent hair color in this shade won’t hurt.

“How much sparkle is too much sparkle? A question hair color enthusiasts do not appreciate!”

Fly me to the moon Blue

Fly me to the moon Blue

Source: @billieeilish

One color that’ll probably never go out of fashion and will keep challenging all the trends that might come up in the near future, is the girl-next-door golden hair color! It gives incredible depth to your look altogether, which is pleasing to the eye. You can go for an ombre hair color or even golden lowlights, too.

Glitter me golden

Glitter me golden

Source: @jlo

You can either do it like Jlo did or go for subtle hair color highlights blending in with your natural hair color too! Adding money pieces in bold gold that frames the face would certainly spice up your look. Look at how Hailey and Beyonce killed it with the hair color trend which is spreading like wildfire at the moment!


Source: @beyonce

Hailey Rhode Baldwin Bieber

Source: @haileybieber                           

Unlike permanent hair colors, temporary hair colors are commitment-free and help you produce intense flattering shades on dark hair strands without having to lighten them with bleach. You do not need to lighten your strands to apply temporary hair colors, too!

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Hair coloring is the easiest way to completely reset your look and the best hair color is the one you feel the most authentic in! Ditch your basic natural hair color, become the diva and the main character you’ve always wanted to be, by getting a funky color in a style you love, on your tresses in the comfort and convenience of your home with temporary hair colors! Cool, no?




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