Addressing The FAQs About Temporary Hair Colours!

Addressing The FAQs About Temporary Hair Colours!

Who doesn’t love to sport a funky blue hair colour, a bold red hair colour or even a sophisticated blonde hair colour? Temporary hair colours walked into the fashion industry bringing a beaming smile to the faces of those who have always worried about damage and the expense permanent hair colours bring. Temporary hair colours are the ticket to freedom and self expression for a number of people. Hair colours which are easy to apply, wash and carry! What more do you want? The wide range of colours falling in the categories of hair colours for men and hair colours for women are indeed tempting!

However, every experiment is tied to a few myths and hundreds of doubts. When you pull soft balayages, highlights, lowlights and other trends, does it really not damage hair? Will it cause any allergic reaction? We’re putting all of these doubts to rest today. Because here, we will address the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Temporary Hair Colours. So what are you waiting for? Dig in!

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Q1. Will there be an allergic reaction if I use temporary hair colours ?

Ans: No. Temporary hair colours do not cause any allergic reactions. Unlike permanent hair colours, Temporary hair colours are ammonia and peroxide free. Also, they do not seep into the roots of our hair and change your natural hair colour. They merely form a coating on the outermost layer of your hair. As long as you follow all the safety instructions written on the pack, you’re safe. If you’re still apprehensive about the whole process, go for a strand or patch test.

Q2. Will I lose my hair if I use a temporary hair colour?

Ans: No, temporary hair colours do not lead to hair loss. However, a bad hair care routine, extensive use of heating tools and unsuitable products along with the consistent use of temporary hair colours will lead to hair breakage and gradual hair loss. That goes for anything you subject your hair to.

Q3. How intense would be the resulting damage from using temporary hair colours?

Ans: Unlike permanent hair colours, temporary hair colours are ammonia and peroxide free. Therefore, they do not cause any damage to your hair. It is a must to follow a good hair care routine and shower your locks with a lot of TLC whenever you apply such products.

Q4. Is treating the resultant damage from using temporary hair colours difficult?

Ans: As we told you before, temporary hair colours alone do not cause hair damage. Take care of your hair, while you experiment with varied products and there’s nothing for you to worry about. In case of any mild reaction to the colour, just wash off the colour from your hair.

Our suggestion to you would be to find out what works for your hair and scalp, before you begin experimenting with literally anything. Some people tend to have super sensitive hair and scalp which react to whatever product they choose to apply. If you fall into this category, always always go for a patch test or a strand test. A patch test is basically applying a tiny amount of colour on the back of your ear. Check how your skin reacts to it, once it gets dry. If you wish to do a strand test, apply a little bit of colour to a small strand of your hair and find out how it works for you. That’s about it. Make sure you follow all the safety precautions and you’ll be fine. Go for the best hair colour you have in mind and have fun!




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