Should I Bleach My Hair Before Using A Permanent Hair Colour?

Should I Bleach My Hair Before Using A Permanent Hair Color?

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Thinking of coloring your hair at home? How exciting! Getting a new hair color is like buying an all-new outfit. You get to decide whether you want to go for a color that’s safe - such as light brown hair color, a chocolate brown hair color or burgundy hair color or a color that drags you out of your comfort zones, such as badass red hair color, a bold blue hair color, funky purple hair color or even a classy blond hair color. The best thing about hair coloring is that you get to wear the color for a day (temporary hair colors) or for a few months (permanent hair colors), it’s entirely up to you.

Here, we’re going to majorly deal with permanent hair colors. Unlike temporary hair colors, they demand a little more commitment and cause a lot more damage. In this blog, we will explain to you whether you should bleach your hair before using permanent hair color and what are the basic precautions to follow while coloring your hair permanently.

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Is Bleaching Necessary For Permanent Hair Colors?

Is Bleaching Necessary For Permanent Hair Colours?

Bleaching is basically lightning the original color your hair has, in order to adorn the best hair color of your choice, But do you have to bleach your hair each time you get a new hair color?

It depends on what color you want to dye your hair. If you’ve never colored your hair before and just want to lighten your hair color down to a few levels before coloring, you can use a higher developer or a lightener along with your permanent hair color.

However, if you have previously colored your hair and the color you’ve chosen is lighter than your natural hair color, then yes, you will need to bleach your hair first to decolorize your hair. If you don't do this, the results might not be approvable for you as the light hair color will blend with your dark hair and you might not end up with the light shade you wanted.

On the contrary, if you wish to color your hair a shade darker than your natural hair color, then no, bleaching your hair will not be necessary for you. Temporary hair colors do not require bleaching at all, since they do not alter your hair color.

Basic Precautions To Follow Before Permanently Coloring Your Hair

Basic Precautions To Follow Before Permanently Colouring Your Hair

Before coloring, there are a basic set of precautions everyone must follow to ensure nothing goes wrong. These precautions should be especially followed by those people who are coloring their hair at home:

  1. Always do a patch as well as a strand test first. The patch test is necessary to make sure your skin is not allergic to the hair color. As for the strand test, it is for you to make sure that the color you’re dyeing your hair suits your skin tone or not, and whether the shade is how you want it or not.
  2. Cover your hairline, clothes, and home with a discarded cloth or a newspaper, so that you don't end up staining your clothes and home with permanent hair color. As for the hairline, it is recommended to apply petroleum jelly on your hairline before coloring your hair to make sure it doesn’t end up staining your skin. Also, don’t forget to wear protective gloves to protect your hands!
  3. Follow the directions as well as the precautions given on the pack carefully. These basic sets of instructions need to be specifically followed if you wish to ensure nothing goes wrong!
  4. Wash and dry your hair thoroughly before coloring your hair. It is recommended to shampoo your hair before dyeing your hair and to condition it after dyeing your hair. Shampooing your hair before helps you get rid of the greasiness of your hair so that the permanent hair color can be applied properly in your hair. As for conditioning your hair afterwards, this is done to make up for the damage caused by the permanent hair color, so that your hair can once again look silky, sleek, and shiny! However, do not shampoo your hair right after coloring it. This may make the color bleed from your hair to look dull and faded!
  5. Don’t bleach your hair at home, if you’re not confident about how well you can do it. Last but not the least, this is the most important factor everyone should consider. Since bleach is an alkali, it can seriously damage your hair if not done properly. Therefore, it is recommended to let a professional take over, if you’re not too sure about doing it yourself.

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Don’t bleach your hair

Now that you know all about bleaching and the necessary precautions to be taken while you get your hair colored, we recommend you to dye your hair a color that goes hand in hand with your skin tone, your eyes, and of course, which matches your choices! You make your pick from the wide-ranging categories of hair colors for men and hair colors for women. And we sincerely hope you follow all the precautions and stay out of trouble! Good luck coloring your hair!

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