How To Choose Right Hair Colour For Your skin tone

How To Choose Right Hair Color For Your skin tone

Are you tired of your daily look and want to try something new? Maybe try changing your hair color? But then there’s the question- which color will suit your face? See, it’s up to you to figure out what your hair coloring goals are and which hair color type you want to pick - temporary hair color, permanent hair color or semi-permanent hair color?

Permanent hair colors are for those who don’t fear long-term commitments, expensive parlour appointments and the maintenance that it’s gonna demand post-coloring. Temporary hair colors are best suitable for the commitment-phobes out there! They are applied and worn off at your convenience anytime, anywhere. After choosing your hair color type, the next step is to pick the hair color.

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Skin tone

Blindly going for a bright blue hair color, a classy blonde hair color, badass red hair color or peppy purple hair color, wouldn’t be the best idea. It is really important to understand that deciding the hair color best suited to your face and skin tone is key.

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Hence, in this blog, we will find out about choosing the right hair color for your face and skin tone.

How Do I Choose The Right Hair Color For My Face?

For this, first, you’ll need to do a simple skin test to determine your undertone or your natural skin color- whether your skin has warm undertones or cool undertones. Look at your wrists under the natural sunlight- do they look blue or green? If they look blue, then you’re cool-toned. And if they appear green, then you’re warm-toned. You can find your skin tone using another fact as well- If your skin gets tanned under the sun, you’re warm-toned. And if your skin gets red under the sun, you’re cool-toned. Simple!

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Now that we know about different skin tones, let's talk about the colors that suit them the most.

Colors That Suit Warm Skin Tone

Hair colors that look best on warm undertones are rich and warm colors, such as rich brown hair colors and deep red hair colors. However, do not go for icy hues like blue hair color, green hair color, purple hair color, platinum and icy blonde hair color. These colors may go against your skin tone and make it look dull.

Discussed below are 5 hair colors that suit warm skin tones.

1. Dark Brown hair colors

 Dark Brown hair colours

Dark browns are no doubt the most underrated yet stunningly elegant hair colors to ever exist! Colors like chestnut, auburn, and chocolate brown hair colors bring out your natural skin tone beautifully.

2. Rich Deep Red hair colors

Rich Deep Red hair colours

Rich shades of dark reds on warm undertones will give you fierce and confident vibes!

3. Honey Blonde hair colors

Honey Blonde hair colours

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This light, the warm shade will make people with warm skin tones look dashingly chic!

4. Caramel Bronde Balayage

Caramel Bronde Balayage

Source: (14) Pinterest

A mix of warm blonde and a brown shade (hence the name “bronde”), this color smartly compliments warm undertones.

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5. Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde

This beautiful shade of strawberry blonde with warm undertones will make you look stylishly cute! You can get a global hair color or highlights in this tone, you won’t regret it.

Colors that suit cool skin tones

If you have cool undertones, stick to lighter and cooler hues, such as icy and ashy blondes. On the other hand, the colors you should avoid include golden and orange shades, which may go against your natural skin tone.

Discussed below are 5 hues that look best on cool undertone:

1. Baby/Ash-blonde


Baby blondes look stunning on people having fair skin with cool undertones. Whereas ash blondes give a rather ravishing look to dark-skinned people with cool undertones.

2. Jet black

Jet black

Jet black on cool undertones? Yes, please!

3. Sandy Brown

Sandy Brown

A mix of brown and blonde hues, this shade looks breathtaking on people with cool undertones!

4. Red Velvet

Red Velvet

An undeniably attractive shade, this will make your chilly complexion look warm and beautiful.

5. Deep Purple

Deep Purple

Deep purple with cool undertones will give you just the pop of color you're looking for!

Choosing hair color based on Indian skin tone

Choosing hair colour based on Indian skin tone

Indian skin tone, no doubt, is elegantly beautiful. Therefore the question arises- Which hair dye best suits Indian skin tone? Choosing the best hair color that suits you is to pick the color that compliments your skin. Since Indian skin tone is usually warm-toned, the colors that suit it the most are deep rich browns (chocolate, chestnut, and auburn), shades of red and burgundy hair color. For cool skin tones, mahogany, chestnut, and copper red give a brilliant vibe. Apart from this, warm gold and copper highlights paired with your natural hair color also give a stunning look.

Which shades to avoid, you ask? Well, for warm skin tones like olive, shades of blue, violet, and white should be avoided, as these tones may give a faded and washed-out look. However, always avoid choosing hair colors that do not complement your skin tone. Therefore, you should always conduct a skin tone test before choosing a different hair color. Rest, the choice is yours! Make it fun.




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