Curing Your Mood Through Aromatherapy

Curing Your Mood Through Aromatherapy

Hectic schedules and ongoing stress can take a toll on your health, leading to various health issues such as depression, anxiety, mood swings, etc. When you are sleep-deprived, you feel moody and grumpy. Experts recommend aromatherapy for dealing with mood swings. The use of natural plant extracts in aromatherapy promotes your emotional well-being. The refreshing fragrance of the essential oil alleviates your mood, eliminating tiredness and fatigue.

Factors That Affect Your Mood?

Factors That Affect Your Mood

Mood swing is a temporary condition that affects your emotional well-being. There are a lot of factors that contribute to your emotional well-being, and if any one of them is disrupted, it affects your mood. Listed below are some factors that drastically affect your mood:

  • Stress
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Prolonged Illness
  • Poor Diet
  • Strained Relationships
  • Lack of Physical Activities Such as Exercise, Walking, Jogging
  • Dehydration
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Boredom
  • Lack Of Sunlight

You may often find it challenging to cope with the frequent mood swings. Changing your eating habits and lifestyle can help cure your mood.

How Can Essential Oils Boost Your Mood?

Experts recommend aromatherapy for curing your mood. Essential oils used in aromatherapy alleviate your mood. When you struggle with stress, depression, anxiety or panic attacks, an essential oil can help you.

When breathed in, essential oil molecules pass through the nose and then toward your brain. There, they are in contact with the limbic systems. Memories, emotions, and behaviour are controlled by this area of the brain.

The calming property and the anxiolytic effect of aroma oil/essential oil are beneficial in creating a relaxed environment. The refreshing fragrance of essential oils helps to uplift your mood. Numerous essential oils are available that are beneficial in boosting your mood.

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Best Essential Oils For Uplifting Your Mood

The soothing properties of aroma oils can effectively improve your mental well-being. Your mind and body can be rejuvenated and revitalized by essential oils' refreshing aromas. Essential oil stimulates your brain and relaxes the nerves and muscles of the body, alleviating your mood. A whiff of essential oil is enough to uplift your mood. Let's discuss the best essential oils for boosting your mood.

1. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is well-known for its soothing property, which helps your mind and body to relax. It improves your sleep, providing you with quality sleep that positively affects your mind, making you feel more relaxed and refreshed. It eliminates stress, tension and anxiety, mood swings and promotes a feeling of peace and tranquility.


Anveya Lavender Essential Oil
  • Its floral scent is great for RELAXATION & CALM SLEEP
  • Use for Healthy HAIR & DANDRUFF RELIEF
  • FACE CARE: Anti-inflammatory properties help Acne and Scars.
  • MASSAGE & AROMATHERAPY: natural soothing oil for mind and body

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2. Bergamot Oil

Bergamot oil which belongs to the citrus family, is known for its stress-relieving, mood-uplifting properties. Its fresh and rejuvenating fragrance revives your mind and body, eliminating negative thoughts, sadness or depression. It improves your general health by filling you with positive energy.

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3. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil helps you with tiredness, fatigue and nausea. Its fresh, minty fragrance promotes a calm and serene feeling. Its crisp, sharp, and fresh scent eliminates stress, tension and anxiety, making you feel more alert mentally.


Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Cold & Congestion: used as a decongestant
  • Hair &Scalp health: soothes the scalp, preventing dryness
  • Good source of Vitamin E Benefits for skin
  • A natural pain reliever

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4. Sweet Orange Oil

Citrus oils are popular among people for their ability to uplift your mood. Incredibly, it's refreshing smell is not just a source of optimism and happiness but also helps your mind and body relax. It has a sweet, citrusy aroma that energizes and stimulates your mind; it also serves as a calming and uplifting stimulant, eliminating the feeling of sluggishness. It also improves energy and focuses while fostering the ability to think creatively. As per a recent study, it has been found that sweet orange oil has the power to improve cognitive ability.


Anveya Orange Essential Oil
  • Great for Skin, face & acne
  • Hair Health: Prevents clogged pores or the formation of fungal infections.
  • Mood-Lifting aromatherapy: Enjoy the fresh, citrusy aroma

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5. Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil has a herbaceous fragrance that stimulates your mind, refreshes your mood, and makes you feel more energetic. Whenever you feel tired or lethargic, take a whiff of rosemary essential oil, and you will be more active, focused and alert.

6. Lemon Oil

The refreshing, rejuvenating and energizing fragrance of lemon oil boosts your mood, keeping your energy level high throughout the day. This essential oil, which belongs to the citrus family, boosts serotonin levels, making you feel more content and inducing a positive feeling. As per a recent study, the lemon essential oil can increase your confidence and improve your appearance. It helps to increase your cognitive powers, making you more focused and alert. Lemon also improves concentration and boosts energy.

7. Clary Sage Oil

If you are feeling stressed and exhausted mentally and physically, then clary sage essential oil can act as a lifesaver. The earthy and herbaceous aroma of clary sage is proven to be very effective in reducing cortisol levels - the hormone your body releases in times of stress.

Moreover, clary sage oil is known to increase the level of mood-alleviating hormones such as dopamine and serotonin, thus calming and soothing your mind. Clary sage oil can also lower blood pressure and reduce breathing.

8. Eucalyptus Oil

Whenever you feel exhausted physically and mentally, sniff eucalyptus oil. Its woody, herbaceous aroma uplifts your mind and body, making you feel refreshed and more energized. It's refreshing scent stimulates your mind, clears it of all negativity and induces a feeling of peace and serenity. It promotes blood circulation, eliminating tiredness and fatigue.


Eucalyptus Oil
  • Hair & scalp Health
  • Helps to overcome Acne & blemishes
  • Use during Cold cough & Sore throat.
  • Antispasmodic and relieves strained muscles. 

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9. Frankincense Oil

Frankincense essential oil is known for its sweet, earthy and warm aroma, which helps with mood swings and reduces stress, depression and anxiety. It is well-known for its pacifying and soothing properties, making you feel more relaxed and at peace.

It can also aid in calming the mind and help you relax, particularly when you're feeling anxious and overwhelmed, giving you a feeling of serenity.

10. Ylang Ylang

This oil is well known for its gentle sedative and soothing properties. It has a soothing effect on your senses. Its sweet floral fragrance can uplift your mood and relax your mind and body. It helps to boost your mood and revives your mind, body and soul.

Other essential oils such as rose oil, sandalwood oil, vetiver and patchouli oil are well-known for their mood-enhancing properties.

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How Can You Use Essential Oils To Boost Your Mood?

There are numerous ways of using essential oil in aromatherapy to uplift your mood.

1. Topical Application

You can apply an essential oil topically by diluting it with the appropriate carrier oil. You can also create a blend of essential oil by mixing 2-3 essential oils and applying them topically to alleviate your mind and body.

Here’s an Essential Oil Blend you can try!

  1. Mix 3 drops of peppermint oil, 5 drops of basil oil and 6 drops of rosemary oil into 1 ounce of coconut oil.
  2. Apply this mixture on your forehead, temples, neck, and back.
  3. Massage for 2-5 minutes.

2. Inhalation

Inhalation is the best and most secure way to utilize essential oils to ease mood problems. Take a whiff of your favourite essential oil. The rejuvenating fragrance of your aroma oil will give you an instant wave of freshness in your mind and body.

Use essential oil diffusers or aroma diffusers to take advantage of the mood-enhancing benefits of essential oils, as it comes with the added benefit of making the whole area smell pleasant. You can diffuse your favourite essential oil and fill the entire room with the refreshing fragrance of essential oil.

3. Add It to Your Bath Water

Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the bath water to enjoy the scintillating fragrance of aroma oils, which revives and rejuvenates your mind and body.

4. Massaging

Essential oils such as lavender oil, and rosemary oil have a soothing effect on your muscles and nerves, which in turn relaxes your mind and body. For massage with essential oil, dilute 5-8 drops of essential oil in 15 ml of carrier oil such as coconut oil or jojoba oil. Mix well and apply on your back, neck and forehead. Massage it gently for 3-5 minutes.

According to experts, aromatherapy is an effective way to enhance your mood without worrying about undesirable effects. There are many ways essential oils can aid in addressing mood issues, eliminate negativity, and fight stress and anxiety, thus uplifting your mood. Next time you feel low and want to relax, just inhale your favourite essential oil and let your stress fade away. Feel the wave of energy gushing through your body when you open a bottle of your favourite essential oil. Alternatively, you can diffuse the essential oil in an aroma diffuser.




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