Face Shaving For Women, Is This Trend Here To Stay

Face Shaving For Women, Is This Trend Here To Stay?

Face shaving has become a very common way of removing facial hair. Gone are the days when women were afraid to pick up a razor and remove face fuzz. Nowadays, face shaving has become commonplace for women, all thanks to its convenience. In this blog, we will share the benefits of face shaving and debunk its myths.

Face Shaving 

Skin perfection is a quest that never ends. Estheticians have lauded facial shaving as a non-invasive, at-home alternative to dermaplaning. Facial shaving is a process that involves shaving your face to remove peach fuzz and hair, exfoliating your skin to give a soft, smooth, and younger-looking skin. Moreover, this process facilitates better absorption of skincare products.

If you Google it, you will find numerous resources applauding the practice of face shaving for women. You can easily find face razors for women in the market that can make your job easier.

Is It Ok For Females To Shave Their Faces? 

Face shaving is the most convenient and cheap option for those who want to get rid of facial hair (peach fuzz and tiny hair that grows all over your face). Experts suggest dermaplaning treatment for females looking for cleansing and deep exfoliation as it makes your skin soft, smooth, and clear.

Shaving is ideal for those who want to get rid of dull and lacklustre skin and want a flawless finish after applying makeup.

Benefits Of Shaving Face Women 

Face shaving has become the latest trend, and many beauty enthusiasts are of the opinion that it can be added to the skincare routine for attaining soft, smooth skin. A facial hair remover razor will do the trick for you. We'd like to discuss some of the common benefits of face shaving before jumping into the procedure of facial shaving.

1. Gently Exfoliates Your Skin 

Your regular face scrub or exfoliator is not good enough when it comes to getting rid of dead skin cells completely. Face shaving acts as a physical exfoliator that effectively helps get rid of dead skin cells. Women’s face razors act as a life-saver by removing flaky skin from your face, giving you a clean, clear, and radiant visage.

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2. Makes Your Skin Soft & Smooth 

Face shaving helps eradicate dead skin cells and debris, making your skin clear, soft, and smooth.

3. Improves Product Absorption 

Maybe you should consider face shaving if your skin isn’t showing the desired results despite using the right skincare products and following your skincare routine religiously. Face shaving helps maximize product penetration into the skin and delivers superior results since it is a pain-free way to remove debris, dead skin cells, and peachfuzz from the skin.

4. Smoother Makeup Application 

Have you ever felt that your makeup has become cakey despite applying the right amount of product? Fret not as face shaving can help counter this problem. The exfoliating property of face shaving helps get rid of dirt, grime, and dead skin cells, thus giving a flawless finish to your face after applying makeup.

5. Inexpensive And Painless 

Face shaving is an inexpensive and painless alternative to dermaplaning. Common hair removal methods such as waxing, threading, and epilation can be quite painful as it pulls the hair from the root.

6. Eliminates Peach Fuzz 

The fine hair that you can find on your jaws, cheeks, and around your nose is known as peach fuzz. Face shaving effectively eliminates peach fuzz, giving you clear, smooth skin.

How To Prep Your Face For Shaving? 

Now that you are aware of the benefits of face shaving for women, you must be eager to have a hands-on experience of it. Grabbing a facial hair remover razor and start shaving your face is absolutely the wrong approach. Let’s divide the whole process into 4 simple steps to make things easier for you.

Step 1: Cleanse

The first step of any skincare routine is cleansing your face. After cleansing your face, shaving will be much more effortless and comfortable. Be sure to thoroughly dry your face with a clean towel before moving on.

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Step 2: Apply A Cream 

Applying a gel or cream will keep your skin hydrated while allowing the razor to glide over it comfortably. This will also reduce any skin irritation.

Step 3: Shave 

Now comes the most crucial part: shaving. Start shaving in the direction of your hair growth. When shaving, take your own time and don't use too much pressure.

Step 4: Moisturize 

Once done with shaving, moisturize your skin to keep it well-hydrated.

Pro Tip When Face Shaving 

Your face is the most delicate part of the body and hence should be handled carefully. Follow these pro tips while shaving to prevent common skin problems like ingrown hair, cuts and nicks.

  1. Always use a new razor while shaving to prevent skin irritation and allergic reaction on the skin.
  2. Avoid using the same razor for your face and for the rest of your body. This prevents the spread of germs and bacteria.
  3. Avoid shaving if you have any skin concerns such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, etc as face shaving may aggravate the skin condition.
  4. Do not apply too much pressure while shaving your face.
  5. If you have got dry or sensitive skin, it's better to apply shaving cream before shaving and a hydrating lotion after shaving.
  6. After shaving, make sure that you apply a good amount of hydrating lotion, which has a soothing and moisturizing effect on your skin.

Debunking Face Shaving Myths 

Many women fear shaving their face because they feel it may increase their facial hair growth. We spoke to experts to debunk the myths surrounding face shaving.

Myth 1: Shaving can cause facial hair to grow thicker and darker.

Fact: The texture of your hair is determined by genetics. Shaving cuts only the hair from the surface. Shaving your facial hair from the wrong angle can leave your peach fuzz to appear blunt and thick, making you feel that your facial hair has become thicker.

Myth 2: Face shaving and Dermaplaning are the same

Fact: You can remove peach fuzz using a razor at home, whereas in dermaplaning the skincare expert uses a surgical scalpel to remove hair, peach fuzz, and even the top layer of the skin. Compared to shaving, dermaplaning is a more effective, professional hair removal option.

Myth 3: Face shaving is not safe

Fact: Face shaving is the easiest and most cost-effective way of getting rid of facial hair, provided you follow the correct procedure. If possible, always use a new facial razor for shaving your face, as the used one may have dirt and germs if not cleaned properly. This can lead to a skin infection.

How Often Should Women Shave Their Face? 

Ideally, shaving once a week is enough to have clear, smooth skin. Besides giving your hair enough time to grow back and facilitating a smoother shave, it also helps calm down irritated skin.

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