Hair Fall In Women : Do Anti-Hairfall Serums Actually Work?

Hair Fall In Women : Do Anti-Hairfall Serums Actually Work?

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What does your regular hair care routine look like? Are you still a shampoo, conditioner and weekly hair masks kinda person? We’re in the year 2023 and haircare has leveled up and it’s time you do too, my friend! If you’re one of those people who are averse to the idea of using hair serums, it’s time to reconsider! Upgrade your haircare routine, because hair serums are proving to play a key role in maintaining good hair health. We know how tiring it is to wait for that one good hair day. Incorporating hair serums with multitasking benefits in your regular hair care routine assists you in keeping your mane smooth, soft and safe from environmental aggressors.

These liquid and lightweight elixirs form a layer to coat your hair strands. They intensely hydrate each strand to tame flyaways and beat frizz. Powered with actives, a number of hair serums out there nourish your locks to promote healthy hair growth. Contrary to popular assumption, hair serums are not just a styling product. They’ve grown out of that stereotype a long time ago. And oh yes, hair serums are not the same as hair oils. Hair serums do not penetrate deep into the roots of your hair, unless they’re oil based. Also, if you use the right quantity, hair serums will not make your hair appear greasy!

Hair Serum For Women

If only you’d take a chance to explore the wide range of hair serums being offered in the haircare market, you’d find serums for boosting hair volume, regular hair maintenance and even fighting hair fall! Anveya’s Ban the fall serum is one such serum which makes the perfect hair fall control solution for women.

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Ban the fall


• Reduces hair loss in women
• Strengthens hair from the roots up
• Increases multiplication of hair follicles
• Soothes the scalp promoting denser hair

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Do Anti-Hairfall Serums Work?

Do Anti-Hairfall Serums Work

Yes, they do! Luckily, the haircare industry has blessed you with hair serums with powerful ingredients to efficiently fight hair fall. Those who have dealt with and are currently dealing with hair loss would understand that it’s a serious problem. Bald patches, hair thinning and hair breakage also accompany hair loss conditions to lower your confidence levels and make you feel a little less, you?

Ban-the-fall Hair Serum with Root Biotec HO, a hair active with proven efficacy, reduces loss of hair by 26% in a short period of just 30 days! The formula also contains chamomile oil, onion oil, fermented oil complex and vitamin E. The mild formulation blends two haircare products i.e., hair serum and oil into one, to soothe the scalp and promote denser hair. The oil based serum is meant to be applied overnight and washed off the next day with shampoo.

Basically, here’s the first rule of picking a hair serum for women. If your hair is intensely damaged and processed, choose a serum with a heavy formulation which is high in oil content to repair your hair. However, if all you expect from a hair serum is to amp up the volume or assist you in day to day haircare, it’s ideal to go for a serum with a lighter formulation.

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Do’s and Don’ts of using Ban-the-fall, oil in serum

Oil In Serum

As specified already, Ban-the-fall, hair oil in serum, is not like any other regular hair serum. It’s a hair fall treatment that exclusively caters to the needs of all the ladies in protecting and repairing their hair. Let us run you through a few do’s and don’ts of using the serum.

  • It’s mandatory to wash your hair with shampoo after leaving the serum overnight.
  • Since it’s a serum and not a hair oil, the application of the serum also differs. Do not overdo it. Make sure you apply just the required amount.
  • When you apply the serum during daytime, let the serum remain on your hair for at least 2 hours for best results.
  • Do not use this serum as a heat protectant, as it is not suitable for styling your hair.
  • Do not apply the oil in formula on wet hair.
  • This serum can be applied on any type of hair - curly, coily, wavy or other.

Isn’t life too short to live with dull and damaged hair that is everywhere, but on your head? Anti-hairfall serums are a way of returning back to your good old hair days. Now that you know all about what an anti-hair fall serum can do to help regain the OG look and feel of your hair, hope the next thing you’re going to do is, get one! You do know your hair better than us! Don’t you think your hair deserves some TLC and more snap worthy moments?

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