Is Your Hair Flat? Follow These Tips To Pump The Volume!

Is Your Hair Flat? Follow These Tips To Pump The Volume!

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Isn't it an unspoken rule to glance at the mirror for one last time before stepping out of the house? This one glance to check the outfit, makeup and hair is crucial. It can make or break your confidence! If god forbid, that glance lands on your hair which for some reason decided to appear lifeless and flat that day, the game’s over.

Thin Hair

Without a doubt, flat hair is a nightmare. If you own naturally thin hair, it is highly likely that flat hair problems have been haunting you for a long time. The hairstyling world is not entirely at war with flat hair, mind you! A slick pony is always a go-to option when your hair appears flat. But will anybody ever wish for flat hair? No. Voluminous, bouncy hair is everyone’s dream. You wish for something and we don’t make it happen? Read ahead to find the reason for your pain and ways to volumize hair!

Why is your hair flat?

One thing we want you to understand is - anybody can get flat hair. Even Gigi Hadid, the supermodel herself. But why? Product buildup, grime and sebum weigh down your hair strands and make them appear flat. We’re sure you have noticed your hair becoming greasy whenever you skip wash days.

If your hair is super fine by nature already, it must be an ongoing battle for you to add bounce to your hair all year long. Especially in winter months, the harsh cold air strips moisture from your strands, ripping the life and bounce off of your locks.

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5 tips to pump up the volume of your hair

Your favorite influencer with extra bouncy hair will most definitely be struggling with flat hair days too. You’re not alone. You just need to figure out the right hair care products, the right way of using them and a few styling tricks to add gorgeous volume to your tresses.

1. Use a conditioner the way it should be used!

Use a conditioner the way it should be used!

A lot of people are guilty of slathering a scary amount of conditioner on the scalp, which is a big NO! Conditioners are supposed to be applied from the mid-length of your hair strands to the roots. Whenever you cleanse your hair, the cuticles open up for nourishment. On application, the conditioner gets deposited in the cuticles, making your scalp greasy and heavy. Some experts even claim that if you have fine hair, conditioning before shampooing is also an option, as conditioning might leave residue on your hair.

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2. Pick the right shampoo

Pick the right shampoo

If buildup is the main culprit behind droopy and limp hair, you need to have a shampoo which is thoroughly cleansing to get rid of it. Meanwhile, you shouldn’t go for thick and creamy shampoos unless your hair is thick and coarse. Because heavy shampoos can rip the moisture of your hair entirely. Choose a gentle cleansing formula for your fine hair.

3. Get a volumizing hair serum

volumizing hair serum

Turn up the volume in your hair instantly with a hair-volumizing serum. The Anveya Instant Volumizer Hair Serum rich in keratin adds an extra layer to your hair strands. You get to nourish your hair along with adding shine and extra bounce with this expert formula which comes in a gorgeous and tempting yellow! You can use the hair serum as a heat protectant as well to cut down on the damage caused by heating tools.

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Instant Volumizer Serum enriched with Keratin for Men & Women

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    4. Dry shampoo is your best bud

    Dry shampoo is your best bud

    Skipping wash days is less worrying with dry shampoo. A dry shampoo will soak up the excess sebum in your scalp, cleanse it and make hair look fuller. It gives an instant lift to your tresses along with better hold and long-lasting volume. However, we advise you to not use it every day. You can go for it once in a while and whenever you do, apply it the night before so that you can get up in the morning with voluminous, lively hair.

    5. Follow the no-heating tool rule

    Follow the no-heating tool rule

    It is always advisable to air dry your hair instead of using a heating tool for the same. The regular usage of heating tools will damage fine hair and make it more brittle. You can maybe go for hair spray for the crown portion and let the rest of your hair air dry. In this manner, you can volumize hair with no damage. It’s a win-win situation.

    Follow these tips religiously to sport voluminous and bouncy hair any day without having to depend on a 24\7 glam squad. While there are a number of styling tricks such as teasing and a ton of other ways to get that extra boost, these are the tips you can imbibe in your daily hair care routine for an actual change. 




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