How Has The Pandemic Aged Your Skin? Know More About Quarantine Skincare

How Has The Pandemic Aged Your Skin? Know More About Quarantine Skincare

So, you've also been suffering from maskne, given up on your skincare routine, and don't care enough to shower daily? Well, we can relate! The new normal not only took a toll on our physical health but our collective behaviour regarding anything and everything. The happenings around the pandemic flummoxed many, and the world came to an absolute standstill. Almost 2 years into it, and finally things have started looking brighter, but unfortunately, a certain amount of damage is already done.

Women who never missed their appointments to the salon are now ok with unwaxed legs and bushy brows because, let's face it, where are we going anyway. This sense of complacency has had a major setback on our skin and hair care routines. We no longer have the urge to slather layers of serums, moisturizers, facial oils and follow it up with a jade roller massage.

The stay-at-home and work-from-home situation has certainly affected our appearance in more ways than one. Apart from slacking on our skincare and personal care routines, the quarantine life has led to weight issues, mental health-related problems, aggravation in hormonal issues, and much more. Today we will discuss a few pandemic induced skin woes and how to gain the motivation to battle them.

Skin Concerns Caused By The Quarantine 

Covid-19 has affected our lives in a plethora of ways. The struggle to keep up with the "new normal" has been real! The pandemic's intervention in our tried-and-true skincare regimen has affected our appearance goals in several ways. Some common complaints are common across the board, and we have taken it up as our responsibility to discuss them in detail.

1. Dry Skin 

Being indoors in the air conditioner at all times and the lack of Vitamin D can certainly dry out the skin. Our certified dermatologist explains that the air inside is certainly dry and can lead to the disruption of the acid mantle, or moisture barrier of the skin, making it dehydrated and lacklustre. The onset of dryness can further progress into eczema, rosacea and dry patches on the skin. It is best to have an air purifier handy in such a scenario, as it keeps indoor pollution at bay. Apart from that, using a good moisturizer several times a day is also recommended to make sure that your skin looks smooth and glowing at all times.

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2. Acne breakouts 

Maskne is a real thing! People who used to flaunt glow-rious, pimple-free skin are now complaining about zits and acne flareups because of wearing masks for long hours. Having a fabric barrier of the skin locks in the sweat, dirt, grime, which, when coupled with friction, causes acne. While there is no way you can stop wearing a mask; a few things can be done to save your skin. First, buy a set of light cotton masks that are soft against the skin but provide protection at the same time. If your profession requires you to wear a mask for more than 4 hours a day, then be sure to use a new and washed mask daily. Masks occlude the skin, which then leads to pore congestion, which is why using something like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide in your skincare routine is certainly going to help.

3. Dullness 

Most of us have taken a back and relaxed seat when it comes to our skincare regime. People don't have the time and energy to go through the whole shebang of layering 7 skincare products on their skin, which is now showing up in our appearances. In case you have ditched that Vitamin C of yours, you will have to rummage through your vanity, pull it out and incorporate it into your skincare regime again. While we understand the pandemic has taken away our will to do anything extra and be on survival mode, it's time we start bucking up to get back into the old world. We know it's difficult to get yourself out of bed, brush your teeth, grab your coffee/ tea and then force yourself to sit in front of the computer screen. Still, that extra 5 minutes spent on applying vitamin C and sunscreen in between these steps will certainly revitalize your skin and protect you from blue light.

4. Hyperpigmentation And wrinkles 

If you think you have aged 5 years during the 2 years of the pandemic, join the club. The physical, mental, and emotional toll that the pandemic has caused is inexplicable, and all that is now showing up on the skin. All those hours of sitting in front of the computer, sedentary behavior, ambient lighting has affected our skin in more ways than one. All these cumulative factors can cause your skin to lose its luminosity. Thank God for beauty brands because finding a blue-light blocking sunscreen is no longer a task, and a simple search on the internet can help you find the best one and incorporate it into your beauty routine.

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Dealing With Pandemic Skin 

The whole Covid-19 ordeal was a rude awakening for all of us, making us realize the transience of this world. No matter how much we hate it, it is important to take it in our stride and move on. With the world reopening, one zone at a time, post-vaccination, we need to keep up with the pace. You need not go back to the office with a dull face and dim attitude. With the right kind of products, mental care efforts, and health, we will certainly get back to old normal bright-eyed, and happy.

It's time we start our beauty ritual religiously so that when it's time to go back, no acne, hyperpigmentation or dullness will stop us from stepping out and being on-the-glow!

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