Why Are Hair Serums A Must Have Haircare Essential In 2022?

Why Are Hair Serums A Must Have Haircare Essential In 2022?

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Hair serums are all the rage these days. By protecting hair strands from damage done by UV rays, pollution and styling tools, they have earned the reputation of a must have essential in 2022. A hair serum for women protects the strands, thus maintaining healthy hair. Hair serum is a simple and effective way to protect your hair from environmental aggressors. You can control frizz and improve the texture of your hair to enhance hair health by religiously using good hair serums. Many a time, you must have heard hair stylists raving about the incredible haircare benefits of serums. The best hair serum helps control frizz, repairs damaged hair follicles, promotes hair growth, adds bounce and volume to hair. Incorporating hair serums into your regular haircare routine will help maintain healthy hair and a problem-free scalp. This blog will discuss why hair serums are a must-have product in your haircare routine and how to use it.

What Are Hair Serums?

What Are Hair Serums?

Similar to facial serums, hair serums provide an instant boost in hydration and nourishment that can be used to manage frizz or untangle messy hair. While some hair serums protect your hair from the UV rays or heat of styling tools, others provide benefits for scalp care, growth, and overall hair health.

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How Is A Hair Serum Good For Your Hair?

There are many serums on the market. You can customize your hair serum according to your hair concerns. Finding the right product that meets your needs for shine, texture, damage repair, and tangle prevention are important. There are hair serums to repair damaged hair and prevent hair fall, adding volume and thickness to your hair. Serums have several benefits, some of which are listed below.

  1. Hydrates your thirsty strands.
  2. Provides nourishment to dry hair.
  3. Restores damaged hair.
  4. Imparts shine to your lackluster hair.
  5. Tame frizzy, unmanageable hair.
  6. Protects hair from environmental aggressors.
  7. Effective heat protectant before using styling tools.
  8. Nourishes the split ends
  9. Detangles your frizzy hair, making your combing session hassle-free, adding volume and bounce to your hair.
  10. Repairs the damaged strands, improves strength and elasticity of your hair, fighting hairfall.
  11. Serums replenish the strands with the lost nutrients, nourishing your hair.

Some serums provide instant benefits, but the best hair serums offer long-term hair benefits. Suppose you are looking for long-term hair care benefits. In that case, we recommend using our best hair serum for hair growth- Anveya’s Hair Growth Vitalizer Serum, as it contains science-backed hair-growth vital ingredients - Redensyl, Anagain which stimulates the hair follicles, promotes hair growth, and increases hair volume by increasing hair diameter. Applying the right serum to your hair regularly can help repair damaged hair. Serums can be used as styling agents.

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Hair Growth Vitalizer Serum
  • Revitalize dull hair
  • Promotes hair growth
  • strenghten hair follicles
  • volumizes thinning hair


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Types Of Hair Serums

Types Of Hair Serums

Different types of hair serums are formulated to take care of your hair care needs. Let’s dig deeper into the different types of hair serums.

1. Intense Moisturizing Serum

This intense moisturizing serum is ideal for dry, frizzy hair with flyaways and split ends. This serum makes your hair soft, smooth, and frizz-free. It conditions your dry hair, making it more manageable. This hair serum protects hair from the sun and provides essential moisture.

2. Hair Growth Serum

Hair growth serum is formulated with active hair growth ingredients which nourish and hydrate the scalp, and improve blood circulation, thus maintaining a healthy scalp and promoting hair growth. Hair growth serums improve the elasticity of your strands, increase the tensile strength of your hair, prevent hair fall and promote hair growth.

3. Hair Straightening Serum

Hair straightening serums are specially formulated for hair styling. These serums help reduce frizz and straighten hair. These hair serums are made with humidity-resistant ingredients and provide smooth, straight hair that lasts a long time.

4. Hair Maintenance Serum

The hair maintenance serums will not only give your hair a smoother look but also treat frizzy hair. These serums are great for controlling frizz, smoothing rough ends and adding shine to the hair. Anveya’s Hair Bae Hair serum is known for its nourishing properties. The carefully curated formula is perfect for daily use, as it hydrates hair fibres, reduces hair breakage and strengthens hair cuticles, repairing the moisture barrier of the scalp.


Hair Bae Hair Serum


• Deeply Hydrates
• Reduces Hair Breakage
• Strengthens Cuticles & Increases Resistance
• Reduces Frizz By 11%

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5. Hair Fall Serum

Hair fall serums are specially formulated to control hair fall. Anveya’s Ban the fall serum aims to help women battle against hair loss. A mild, effective formula to specifically deal with hair thinning, widening middle parting, bald patches and other related worries. The hair oil in serum adds strength to the hair, preventing hair fall and hair breakage.


Ban the fall


• Reduces hair loss in women
• Strengthens hair from the roots up
• Increases multiplication of hair follicles
• Soothes the scalp promoting denser hair

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6. Hair Volumizing Serum

Hair volumizing serums boost the hair volume in an instant. Anveya’s Hair Volumizing Serum adds volume to the hair in a matter of 60 seconds. Unlike other hair serums, the formulation doesn’t make hair strands appear damp or dull. The one of a kind serum is infused with ingredients to coat each hair strand to form an extra layer. This serum with Keratin, improves volume and shine, adding a lively bounce and radiance to hair. Being high in antioxidants, the hair volumizing serum nourishes and strengthens your hair, promoting overall hair health.

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Instant Volumizer Serum

• Add instant and long-lasting volume.

• Achieve noticeably thick and shiny hair.

• Act as a heat protectant.

• End your lifelong struggle with limp,flat hair strand.

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    How Do Hair Serums Differ From Hair Oils Or Hair Mists?

    Hair serums are different from hair oils and hair mist. The consistency of hair oils is very thick. Oils penetrate deep into the hair strands and scalp to moisturize from within. This contrasts with serums which coat your hair with a protective layer but hydrate topically. Hair mists are water-based products that have the lightest consistency. You can spray it to add freshness and shine to dull hair. Finally, hair serums are considered the holy grail for hair because of active hair care ingredients that hydrate, nourish, protect and strengthen hair. Using the right amount of hair serum will not make your hair greasy.

    How To Use A Hair Serum?

    Find the right serum for your hair concern. Check the ingredients on the label of the hair serum to be sure that this is the right product for you. If you are struggling with hair dryness, look for hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and olive oil. For hair nourishment, you should look for argan oil, peptides, Vitamin E, and grapeseed oil. Choose a serum containing revolutionary hair growth ingredients such as Redensyl and Salsphere present in Anveya’s Hair Growth Hair Vitalizer to fight hair fall. The best hair serum for hair growth should contain active hair growth and hair-vitalizing ingredients. Properly using your hair serum is key to getting the best results. We will discuss applying hair serum correctly to help you get the most out of it.

    • Apply hair serum on washed, clean, damp hair for maximum benefits.It seals the moisture inside the hair shaft, forming a protective layer over the strands and protecting your hair from pollution, UV rays and styling tools.
    • Serums should be applied on the tips of your hair and then work your way to the mid-lengths. Too much serum can weigh down your hair, leaving it greasy.
    • Do not apply on the roots to avoid product buildup. The tip of your hair is more prone to dryness, so apply the serum generously on the tip.

    Pro Tip: Take the required amount of serum in your palm, and rub it between your palm for 4-5 seconds to allow the serum to liquefy and glide smoothly through your strands.

    How Much Hair Serum Should You Use?

    We should use hair serums moderately; otherwise, it can lead to product buildup. A small amount will be sufficient for thin or oily hair. You may need more if your hair is thick and dry. If you have extremely dry hair, look for ultra-moisturizing and heavy formulas.

    Hair serums can be an elixir for your hair, which helps to maintain healthy hair by forming a protective layer on your strands, keeping your strands hydrated and promoting hair growth. Invest in the best hair serum which contains active ingredients according to your hair care needs to maintain healthy and shiny hair. Hope this article gives you complete information about the hair serums, its types and how to use it to harness the benefits of hair serum. If you have any doubt regarding the same, please feel free to connect.




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